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The door to their room was opened, and out filed the doctor, looking much more tired than earlier, followed by two nurses pushing carts filled with various equipment and blankets and such. Once they were out of the way, Phil came out into the hall, looked into the waiting room and beckoned for Barbara, Lloyd, Mandy, Pim and Rich to follow.

First came Barbara and Lloyd, then Mandy. Rich was slumped over in his chair, sleeping, while Pim was elbowing him. But, it was almost two in the morning. Mandy picked up speed once she entered the room, rushing over to Keely's side and placing a hand on her cheek. She smiled, and then asked Keely "Hey Nugget, how are you feeling?"

Keely was sitting on the bed, propped up on a few pillows, holding Mackayla in her arms. She used one hand to wipe a few strands of hair out of her face, then told her mother "I'm doing well, Mom. This," she said, handing the baby to Mandy, "is Mackayla Danielle Diffy."

"Aww… Keely, honey, she's precious. " Mandy held Mackayla for a few minutes, before she woke up and began to cry. Mandy turned around and handed Mackayla to Phil, who was peering over Mandy's shoulder, watching his daughter sleep. When Phil took the baby, Keely pulled the covers of the bed up to her chest and reclined a bit more, closing her eyes.

Barbara then came up beside Phil and leaned down towards the baby, whispering "Awww" as she watched Mackayla wiggle around a little bit, then close her eyes.

Phil looked a Barbara, whispered softly "Here, you can hold her," then transferred Mackayla from his arms to Barbara's. Mackayla slept softly through all of this, not even stirring. Barbara looked up at Phil, smiled broadly, then whispered "What's her name, honey?"

Keely, who was still in the bed, half-asleep, sat up, rubbed her eyes then told Barbara "Her name's Mackayla Danielle Diffy."

Lloyd put his arm around Phil, gave him a quick hug, then pulled back and said "I'm sure you'll be a great dad, son."

Rich was awake by then, and they both came into the room where Barbara was holding the baby. Pim came up on one side of Barbara, Rich following shortly behind, and smiled. Barbara held out baby Mackayla and Pim took her gently and cradled her in her arms.

Pim, still holding Mackayla, lowered herself down until she was sitting on the edge of the bed Keely was in. Rich quickly pulled up a chair and leaned over next to Pim so he could see Mackayla.

"Pim, Keely and I have a question for you and Rich too." Phil started. "We'd like you two to be Mackayla's god parents."

Pim looked at Rich, who nodded, then back at Phil and said slowly "I think we'd like that. Yes, we'd like that very much."

The quiet moment was interrupted by Mandy groaning a loud yawn, then looking at her watch and saying "My, my! It's almost three in the morning!"

Barbara then turned to Lloyd, and said "Honey, we'd better get going. You have early shift at the hardware store." He nodded his head in agreement. Barbara headed over to the bed where Keely still was, hugged her warmly, then sat down on the edge of the bed facing her and said sweetly, "Keely, honey. You and Phil will make wonderful parents. She's so lucky to have you two for a mom and dad." Barbara then leaned over towards Keely, hugged her, then stood up to leave.

Lloyd came up next to Keely after Barbara, patted her hand and said "She's beautiful, Keely. I know that you and Phil will be great parents." Then, he kissed her on the cheek and followed Barbara to the door.

They headed out the door, and Barbara called over her shoulder, "We'll be back by in the morning!"

Next, Mandy came up next to Keely and hugged her repeatedly, not really wanting to leave the room. Finally, Keely said "Ok Mom, you know you'll be by here in less than twelve hours." So, she hugged Keely one last time, hugged Phil, who was sitting in a chair next to the bed, then headed out of the room.

At that point, Mackayla started crying, so Pim and Rich reluctantly handed her back over to Keely. Keely rocked her, Phil rocked her, Keely changed her diaper, and they tried everything. Finally, Keely snapped her fingers and said "She's hungry!"

Phil and Keely both looked up at Pim and Rich, signaling it was time for them to leave. Pim sat there and stared back at them, then realized it was time for them to go, partly because it was after three in the morning.

Just a little while later, Mackayla had been fed and burped, and had just fallen asleep in Phil's arms. Keely took her from him, and scooted over on the bed, then patted the space next to her, telling Phil to get on. He got on the bed and she snuggled up against him with her back against his chest and his arms around hers, still holding Mackayla.

Phil leaned his head down so his mouth was right next to her ear, then whispered softly to Keely, "She's gorgeous. Just like her mother."

Keely chuckled quietly, so she wouldn't wake Mackayla, and then Phil continued, "I'm so glad I waited."

Keely's face contorted up into a very confused look, then she asked Phil "Waited for what?"

"Those shoes." He replied.

"Oh yeah," Keely said smiling.

Keely turned around, still holding Mackayla, and kissed Phil right on the lips. And he kissed her back, with one arm wrapped around her, the other cradling their daughter, he thought about how thankful he was for her, his wife, his daughter Mackayla, and, of course, that last pair.

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