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The morning sun shone brightly through the transparent curtains of the young teenager's bedroom. The birds chime their sweet morning tunes of pure bliss. A sleeping girl rustled in her sleep causing her bed sheets to fall off her bed. Suddenly she awoke with a start! Her hair a mess and a look of disgust sweep across her face. She wiped the sweat from her brow and calmly sighed to herself, "Thank goodness! It was only a dream."

With a smile on her face she slowly picked up her clock to check the time. It read '7:31 A.M.'

"AHHHH!!!! I'M LATE AGAIN!!" MiyukiChan cried out as she hurriedly undressed and grabbed her bra from her chair. She rummaged through her drawers searching for her school uniform. Once found, she slipped on her skirt, shirt and tied her yellow bow.

MiyukiChan grabbed a piece of buttered toast as she sped out the front door with her book-bag in her right hand. "Itekimasu!!!!!"

It was the beginning of any other day for our tardy MiyukiChan. But today was going to be a bit different. ( ^.^ )

MiyukiChan scrambled down the street while taking a quick look at her watch as time seemed pass by faster as she went along. She continued to tell herself in her head "I'm Late! I'm Late!" as if she hadn't already established it! The piece of toast that she had grabbed s few moments before began to slip from her mouth. And as she tried to catch before it fell to the ground. . . BANG!! MiyukiChan was found sprawled out on the ground with the classic swirly eyes.

"Ita ta ta. . ." MiyukiChan said as she rubbed the back of her head in pain. She looked up to see what had run into her. (More like what SHE had run into) A sign read 'The Higurashi Shrine' Her face faulted as she never remembered passing by a shrine on her way to school in the morning. Out of curiosity, MiyukiChan ascended the steps that lead up to the shrine, in hopes of finding someone who could give her directions to her school.

She was out of breath by the time she reached the top of the steps. "I'm glad I don't have to climb a flight of those everyday! Then again, I'd be glad if I could wake up on time everyday," a sweat-drop formed as she thought to herself. She continued to walk around and found her way to the front door of the house.

*knock knock* She waits. . . *silence ----* Waits. . . *sweatdrop* She decides to ring the doorbell. *ding dong* Waits another several moments. . . *sigh--* "I guess nobody's home. . ."

Lost. Confused. Slightly irritated. And most likely INCREDIBLY LATE!! *sigh----*

MiyukiChan sulked for a few minutes sitting on the Higurashi's front step in hopes that someone would come to the door. As MiyukiChan was lifting up her wrist to check the time, it dawned on her that her watch had fallen off somewhere around the area. Lazy as she was, she didn't bother to go looking for it and figured that she'd get a new one. Luckily she hadn't lost her grip on her schoolbag when she ran into the sign. With that in mind, she pulled herself to her feet and roamed about the shrine for a while.

"Go-Shin-Boku. ." (The Sacred Tree for you Viz Readers) she read aloud to herself. MiyukiChan took a few steps back to gaze upon the incredible height of the tree that stood before her. "Sugoi. ." She continued to walk around and came upon a hokora (small shrine) that caught her attention. She slowly crept into the dark structure; not even noticing the sign at the front of the entrance way. If she would have, she probably wouldn't have entered knowing that it was the 'Hone Kui no Ido' (Bone Gobbling Well) MiyukiChan, tending to be frightened easily, walked down the creaky stairs, with only her curiosity to back her up. She noticed a hole surrounded by a wooden structure that was at the bottom of the stairs. She reluctantly peered into the dark chasm that looked as if could go on forever.

"NYAUUU!!!" Buyo purred as he rubbed up against MiyukiChan's leg. She jump out of fright and ended up falling straight down the well! "IIIYAAAaaaa-------" MiyukiChan cried out as she fell down into the depths of the well not knowing when the bottom would finally reach hers.

"BUYO!? NEE-CHAN!?" Souta had come home from a sleepover at his friend's house since it wasn't a school day and heard a scream come from the Hone Kui no Ido. Jii-chan and his mother had gone on a few errands that morning, so he figured that Buyo had frightened Kagome and it was her scream that he had heard. Souta walked over to the hokora in search of a scared elder sister or a fat, round cat.

"Buyo!?" he cried out. Souta poked his head through the entrance and found Buyo licking himself next to the well. Next to the chubby cat was a brown schoolbag. "Buyo! What are you doing down here? You didn't need to scare Nee-Chan like that!" Souta picked up fat cat while trying to pick up the schoolbag at the same time. He wasn't too successful so he shoved the cat up the stairs while carrying what he thought was his sister's school bag. The young boy and obis cat departed from the Hone Kui no Ido without even knowing that a stranger at come and left through the well.

To Be Continued. . . .

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