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Ok, MiyukiChan has just fallen through time....what is she going to do!!?? Enjoy! ^^


The atmosphere was eerily calm. The surrounding air was warm yet refreshing. MiyukiChan felt a slight itch around the back of her neck, and for one reason or another, MiyukiChan could not breath!

"AHH!!" she squealed as she pulled her face off the bottom of the well. She quickly swatted at what had awoken her from her rough landing. *SMACK* When she pulled her hand away from her neck she found a small creature in a daze flattened in her palm. *sigh* "It's only a bug. . ." her face faulted, "a bb...b..BUG!! IYA!" she screamed as the tiny flea quickly jumped onto her nose.

"My, my. You're a lively!" the flea demon responded as he took a rather large slurp of her blood. MiyukiChan froze in her place and turned a ghostly white color. "The bu.....bu..bug...It..TALKED!!?? IYA!" she shouted one last time as she smacked the demon off her face sending him flying into the dirt wall.

He sank to the floor and turned away from the girl. "Oi! Oi! Don't be so frightened!!" Myouga insisted. He had noticed this strange girl's attire which strongly resembled that of Kagome's except the colors were different. After he pondered that thought to himself he turned around to properly introduce himself. "Gomen Nasai. I didn't mean to---" Myouga's face faulted as he looked around finding that the horrified girl had departed from the well a few moments before. 'Strange girl--" he thought as a sweatdrop began to form on the back of his head.

*Hard Breathing* "That was a close one.." MiyukiChan sighed as she clutched her chest and took a look down the well. "Hopefully, that was the last time I'll see a thing like THAT! *shiver* I hate BUGS!" MiyukiChan's face faulted as she realized that she wasn't inside of the shrine that contained that old well but rather in small area of a forest. "EH!? Watashi wa doko desu ka!!??" She shouted at the top of her lungs. She plopped herself down by the side of the well and scanned the terrain hoping to see something familiar.

*sigh* "Now where have I ended up?" she thought to herself. She closed her eyes and tried to retrace her steps. "Hmm... now lets see... I remember going up to a shrine and finding a very large tree....then I entered a mini shrine and found an old well..." MiyukiChan thought to herself. Then her eyes snapped open and realized that someone or something had startled her causing her to fall down the well! "That's it! I'll just jump into the well again and find my way home!" she exclaimed while her eyes sparkled with hope.

"Yoshi! Here I go!" she said as she stepped on the edge of the well and about to jump back in. BUT she almost immediately froze in her tracks as she remembered the flea demon clinging to her nose. "I HATE BUGS!!" she proclaimed as she began to loose balance and eventually slipped off the side of the well. She ended up landing on a rock which in turn both broke her fall and ripped her sleeve leaving a nasty cut on her elbow. "ITAI!!" she squealed as she clutched her elbow in pain.

MiyukiChan took a look at her sleeve which now had a rather large hole in it revealing a bleeding elbow. "Blood...Why did I have to bleed!? I don't deal very well with blood!!" she complained as her eyes swirled. MiyukiChan ripped the off her right sleeve exposing the wound. She quickly ripped off her clean left sleeve and used it to apply pressure to her cut. MiyukiChan slightly winced as the fabric pressed against her elbow. MiyukiChan then realized that both her knees were slightly scrapped. She faulted again realizing that she was going to have to search for some help or at least some water to clean her wounds.

MiyukiChan laid out on the soft grass and stared at the passing clouds while clutching her right elbow. *sigh* 'Why me!? And of course, I had to get hurt within the first few seconds of actually waking up in this weird place!!' *sigh* MiyukiChan thought to herself and prayed that there weren't going to be anymore strange creatures like that...that BUG in this place! Another thing suddenly crossed her mind. "IYAA!! I don't have my book-bag with me!! All my papers and work! GONE!!" MiyukiChan wailed aloud standing up into a panic.

She quickly gripped her arm in pain remembering that she was still injured. *rustle* MiyukiChan quickly whirled around and looked towards a patch of thick shrubs. She knows that she heard someone or something moving around. "Haha--It's probably just a bird of small rodent in the bushes! Hahahah----!" She laughed nervously to herself. She walked a few feet before to fell to the ground from pain. "Ita.." Still clutching her wounded arm she lifted her head to see a tree that, well...stuck out more than the others! Her eyes widened as a smile grew on her face. She remembered that she had seen a similar tree at the shrine to was at. MiyukiChan pulled herself up and dragged herself in the direction of where the tree was.

From atop of a nearby tree, two golden eyes stared down the strange, new girl slowly heading in the opposite direction. He noticed that her clothing was similar to the girl that is always hanging around his half brother. A slight breeze blew by making his long hair flow like a sliver river in the wind. A smirk spread across his handsome face as he silently turned away and landed at the base of the tree he was just in. The tall, slender demon could smell a strong and very scent. Blood.

He walked over towards that old well and sure enough the scent of blood was strong. He eyed where the blood was. Some left on a rock near the well and there were a few patches spread out on the grass. He also spotted a torn piece of clothing that had fresh blood soaked into it. He knelt down and held it up to his nose and smelled it.

"Aa--Just as I thought that girl was injured...Well, well, well...this should be fun." Sesshomaru thought to himself as he licked his fingers which had MiyukiChan's blood on them.


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