Trillian by Willow

Summary: A little instant messaging with Josh and Sam. A pointless fic, but I'm bored and none of my Trillian buddies are online.
Spoilers/Episode: Anything up to season 7, Mr Frost
Characters: Josh and Sam
Rating: G

Duke8911: Josh?

Duke8911: Hey, you there?

Duke8911: Guess not

Joshua760: I'm here

Duke8911: Evening. How r u?

Joshua760: I'm good. You?

Duke8911: Confused

Joshua760: Nothing new there then ;-)

Duke8911: Not funny

Duke8911: What the hell was Toby thinking?

Joshua760: You got me. Leo thinks it has something to do with David.

Duke8911: That would make sense i guess

Duke8911: You and him ok now?

Joshua760: No

Duke8911: Josh you have to talk to him

Joshua760: I've tried He doesn't want to know

Joshua760: he won't see me

Duke8911: What does CJ say?

Joshua760: She isn't talking to me

Duke8911: What did you do?

Joshua760: I don't know

Joshua760: When I talked to Toby he was pissed cos i left

Joshua760: CJs pissed at me cos Toby is

Duke8911: What did she say?

Joshua760: That Toby was under a lot of strain and I didn't help

Duke8911: Oh

Joshua760: Oh?

Joshua760: What does that mean?

Duke8911: You think maybe she meant the fight you had?

Duke8911: Sorry I know that wasnt just you

Joshua760: Yeah

Joshua760: Probably didn;t help

Duke8911: Not an excuse though

Joshua760: Davdi was an astronaut

Duke8911: I know

Joshua760: You remember when the shuttle was late and David was on board?

Duke8911: Not a day I'm likely to forget

Joshua760: He stayed in DC instead of going to see David when he got back

Joshua760: When David got back i mean

Duke8911: You were critically ill

Joshua760: Yeah.

Joshua760: Donna thinks that's telling

Joshua760: I mean she thinks David dying and me leaving are connected in Tobys mind

Joshua760: Doesn't make sense to me but Donna tends to be right about these things

Duke8911: She does

Duke8911: Why do you think he waited?

Joshua760: To come clean?

Duke8911: Yeah

Joshua760: Leo got served

Duke8911: Ahh

Joshua760: Yeah and i'd been accusing him of sabotaging the campaign

Duke8911: Why?

Joshua760: Hes possibly the only campaign liaison in history who didn't liaise

Duke8911: Now you know why

Duke8911: his mind wasn't on the job so much as it should have been

Joshua760: I feel bad

Duke8911: You should ;-)

Joshua760: thanks for that

Duke8911: I was kidding

Duke8911: Don't do that

Joshua760: What?

Duke8911: the blame thing

Duke8911: CJs wrong

Duke8911: You're not to blame for Tobys decision

Duke8911: fighting with you isn't why he did it

Duke8911: Josh? You still there?

Joshua760: I was waiting for you to finish

Duke8911: You know I'm right

Joshua760: Yeah

Duke8911: Answer your phone!

Joshua760: Thats you?

Duke8911: Yes

Joshua760: Why?

Duke8911: I want to hear you say it

Joshua760: okay...

Duke8911: Good

Joshua760: Feel better now?

Duke8911: So you and DOnna?


Duke8911: You and Donna

Joshua760: Again.. ?

Joshua760: Stop calling me!

Duke8911:-) Then answer the question

Joshua760: Yes

Duke8911: Yes?

Joshua760: me and Donna. Yes :-)

Joshua760: Sam

Joshua760: Sam?

Joshua760: SAM!

Duke8911: Sorry I fainted

Joshua760: Funny man!

Duke8911: What happened

Duke8911: You and Donna

Joshua760: She sent me a birthday card

Duke8911: ok

Joshua760: It seemed polite to go round and say thanks

Joshua760: We ordered takeout

Joshua760: For my birthday

Duke8911: So you had a good birthday?

Joshua760: Best ever :-)

Duke8911: Maybe in future you can celebrate then?

Joshua760: Wouldn't think so

Duke8911: No

Duke8911: Congratulations btw

Duke8911: About time!

Joshua760: I know.

Joshua760: We're not telling people

Duke8911: Why?

Joshua760: just not yet

Joshua760: Except you


Duke8911: I'm going to go for a bit

Joshua760: She's online

Duke8911: I know. speak to you soon