Our hunger has grown for years.

We have waited for so long to take a bite, to taste what is ours to taste.

Parker, we HATE Parker.

He resisted us when we offered him everything.





We could have given him everything as he wanted it, changed the world for him.

But he resisted us.

He was foolish and should have died for it.

We should have killed him.

But Parker is too smart for his own good. He fried us, trapped us in space, and sold us out to those shield agent fools.

But he isn't as smart as he thinks.

Because he refused to learn, we tried to teach him, but he would not listen.

Because we always come back. No matter how hard he tried, no matter how much we made him bleed and cry. No matter how many times we used his loved ones to prove our point, he never learned. And we always came back.

The Symbiotic being looked through the Skylight and could see into the living room thanks to the moon light. He seeped a tendril into the lock and crept inside, silently. He could smell Parker everywhere, but it was strongest to his left. He followed it and came to a closed door. Once again he used his precise tendril to pull the door ajar.

There he is.

Peter was asleep in bed with his arm around his red head wife, Mary Jane Watson. Or Mary Jane Parker now. He remembered the wedding as his demonic eyes scanned the room. He was there; he sat at the back on the groom's side and smirked at Peter throughout the procession. Peter looked so pale when he saw him, but he only saw Eddie Brock. Not their true self. A large toothy grin grew on his face as he slowly entered the room, and he almost spat in disgust. Obviously they were enjoying their honey moon from the smell of sex that made Venom cringe his features. But that didn't matter, they would be dead soon.

He would have been caught by now if he was anyone else. But Parker's spidersense couldn't detect him.

They were so helpless to his impending attack. Venom would web Parker down, and make him watch as he killed his precious wife. She would die first.

He hissed a silent chuckle as he approached Mj's side of the bed. They were on top of the covers but thankfully clothed in night wear. He was grateful for that as the last thing he wanted to see was a pair of naked humans. Disgusting

Venom reached towards her with a full hand of talons, when he froze. There was something, something else. He could sense it. But what was it? He pulled his hand back and sniffed deeply. Parker, the wench, us. That makes three. Why can I sense four?...unless… Venom returned his gaze to MJ and had to stifle a chuckle. So he got the wench pregnant did he? So there will be another Parker to deal with. Three for the price of two. He chuckled and raised a mighty hand, ready to strike…but couldn't. What if the brat grew up to have powers, like their father…and us? It would take up the Spiderman role as it grew older. Venom drew his fist back and grinned to himself as he simply left. We could teach the brat what Parker will never comprehend. Parker has lost his chance, but the child could learn from us. We couldn't teach the child the true beauties of life, and of death. Our revenge will be all the more sweeter. We can't have parker, but we will have his brat!