You always jeered at the
Stupid wankers who lost limbs
And claimed that though the
Limb was gone, they could still
Feel the missing part-
Until the night,
Shotgun in hand,
You came into your enemy's
Back yard, murder in the space
Where your soul once slept.

You would have done it too, easy!
If not for the sudden phantom
Lazarus rhythm
Pounding in your ears.
All because
Your enemy sat crying on
Her mother's back steps,
Showing you a face
That she dared show no other.

That stranger's face made you
Feel something unfelt
Since you yourself wept in an alley,
For having a heart that
Wouldn't stop dancing
Only to have it mercifully
Stilled by dark-haired death-
Freeing you, (Or so you thought)
From such inconveniences.

Awkwardly you sat down
Beside your enemy;
Disoriented by the
Sudden phantom
Lazarus rhythm
In your ears-
This wasn't how
You'd planned it to end!

She was supposed to give you
One final fierce dance
Before you blew her heart out
In a red vaporous cloud as
Your own head exploded in
Welcome release.

Your phantom Lazarus
Heart betrayed you once more
The night your enemy
Returned to the dance
After you thought you'd
Lost her forever.

Gently you took her coffin-torn
Hands in your larger ones,
Remembering your own
Terrified clawing to the surface,
The Lazarus dance resuming
Silently as all good phantoms should
Until the spell was
Broken by her so-called friends.

Angry, you'd left on your bike,
When you should have held
Your ground,
The roar of the engine drowned out
By the din
Of your treacherous
Phantom Lazarus heart.

In the end your enemy
Took your hand,
On the edge of the Abyss,
Your phantom Lazarus heart
Deafening you
As she finally told you
What you wanted to hear.

You knew she was lying.
But it allowed you to do
What you needed to do;
As your eyes exploded
In twin bursts of fire,
Still dancing to the rhythm
Of your phantom
Lazarus heart.