Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, or anything like that. They're property of Marvel Comics.. yadda, yadda, yadda.. Also, this takes place some time between Scott's "death" at the end of "the 12" nonsense and X-Men: Revolution.

Her name is Jean Grey Summers, and she's been staying in this place for a month or two now. She and her husband, Scott Summers, had been calling this their residence for quite some time before the X-Men had called them back into action.

Their attempts were laughable, probably. Scott was like the son of Charles Xavier -- founder of the X-Men -- and when a father is in trouble, he calls upon his own. It didn't really matter that the two of them were trying to live somewhat of a normal life.. even trying to have a baby.

The X-Man known as Phoenix was still only beginning to grasp the fact that her lover wasn't going to return. That any attempts at being normal were now void -- and the love of her life was forever gone.

And forever?

Well, it's a long time.


"It's a good thing I'm rich," the voice of Jean's longtime friend Warren Worthington -- the original member of the X-Men known as Angel -- began over the phone. "Because if I wasn't, these long-distance phone calls to Anchorage, Alaska would definitely break me."

"Are you trying to tell me something, Warren?" Jean replied. "I know where you're going.. and I love you for it, really. It's just .. so .. hard." The woman who'd seen the cosmos began to cry, but she continued to talk. "Warren.. I.. feel so .. alone. There are billions of minds pouring into mine .. and it even takes some effort to keep them from overwhelming me. So do you have any idea what it feels like for a telepath to feel alone?"

"Kind of like how it feels for an Angel to be without his wings?" Warren said, concern in his voice "Jean.. I'm worried about you. We all are. Hiding up there in Alaska isn't going to solve anything. We all want to be there for you .. but when you're only accepting calls from Hank, Bobby, and I .. it's a little hard."

"Warren, I .."

"No, Jean. Scott was my family.. just like you are. I loved him, and I love you. But do you really think he would want you to hide up in your old cabin -- ignoring most of your friends and family? ..And do you really think Scott would want you --"

"-- I'll talk to the Professor when I'm ready, Warren."

"Scott's death wasn't his fault, Jean."

There was a pause, but Jean finally replied. "..I know, Warren. I know."

"Jean," Warren began, "I know all about loss. I love Betsy to death, you know that.. but our love doesn't compare to what Candy Southern and I had. She's lost to me just like Scott's lost to you. Aside from that, I've lost myself. But I got through it .. with the help of my friends. Apocalypse destroyed me once, and now he's claimed Scott. Jean?"


"..Don't let him claim you, too."

"..Thanks, Warren. Listen.. I'll talk to you later, all right?"

Moments later, their phone conversation had ended. After returning the phone to it's proper resting place, Jean let out a long sigh. She stood, walked to her room, and collapsed upon her bed. She was tired of facing the reality -- it was time to sleep.