Disclaimer: I don't own Dukat or Kira. I haven't even seen the episode I took the quote from, it just seemed to fit.

I just had this interesting little idea after I heard that Cardassians court through outward signs of aggression. No wonder Dukat always seemed drawn to Kira…she must have seemed like she was flirting like crazy with him! This is a One-Shot written from Dukat's POV

Misinterpreted Affections

By StarShipDelta

There she goes again, storming across the promande as though to tell the whole Universe she's angry with it. She looks my way; her cold glare burning into me, as though thinking every evil thing she can in my direction.

I wonder if she realizes she's utterly, completely irresistible when she does that.

She is so much like her delightful mother, but she has a spark, an enticing, vicious, bloodthirsty little edge that Meru never did. Every time we meet she has some sharp, cutting little remark or insult, attempting to damage the ego of whomever she speaks to with all the grace and tact of a Klingon Targ turned loose in an antiques shop. If turned right that quick tongue could be so delightfully biting yet still subtle…

On Cardassia we don't engage in the sickening affectionate displays like humans do, or in the violently aggressive manner of the Klingons, instead we show our interest through outward signs of irritation and dislike towards the person in question. I wonder…I wonder if she realizes that. She claims to know so much about us. I can only guess that she does. That could only mean one thing….

My curiosity grew. So I found a way to bring it up one day.

"Major…what do you really think of me?" I asked innocently

She turned that glorious burning glare on me.

"I'll tell you what I think. I think you're an evil, sadistic man who should have been tried as a war criminal years ago…put up against a wall and shot!" She snapped back.

Although I didn't show it, I allowed myself a slight smile.

I was right. She's turned on.