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Chapter 1 bad aftertaste

It started out as a normal day in titans tower, Cyborg was working on the T-car, Starfire was cooking up one of her new 'creations' for supper, Robin was in the gym training, Raven was in her room meditating, and Beast Boy was busy playing Mega Monkeys 4.

"Friend Beast Boy?" Asked Starfire entering the main room with a large bowl of some type of green substance inside. "Do you wish to try?" She asked holding out the bowl in front of him.

"I-." Began Beast Boy.

Starfire didn't give him a chance to protest she quickly took a spoonful of it and shoved it into his mouth. "Good yes?" She asked.

Beast Boy grabbed his throat and waited for the sour taste to come, but surprisingly it actually tasted…good. "Starfire…this is…actually good." He said. "What's in it?"

"Zorka berries from my home planet, carrots, pudding, and the insides of a pig." She said proudly.

Beast Boy looked at her confused. "Then…why was it green?" He asked.

"I believe it is because of the food coloring I found on the top shelf." Said Starfire.

"Oh…wait did you say that there's…THERE'S MEAT IN HERE!" Yelled Beast Boy jumping up and running out the door towards the bathroom.

"Man what got into him?" Asked Cyborg looking down the hall as he entered the room.

"I believe I have made him sick because of this." Said Starfire looking down at her feet sadly.

Cyborg laughed a bit. "Nahhh…he's just being his weird self." He said plopping down on the couch.

Starfire shrugged and returned back to her creation. "Friend Cyborg…does food on this planet normally glow?" She asked.

Cyborg turned around, his eyes almost bulging out of his head. The green goo was glowing with a strange purple aura. "Not that I know of…I'd throw that stuff out if I were you." He said.

Starfire nodded. "But I do not know what could have caused it to glow…I used normal ingredients and the zorka berries have never-."

"Starfire…did you say that BB ate that stuff?" Asked Cyborg.

Starfire gasped. "I hope I have not damaged him." She said looking fearfully at the glowing object.

"BB will be fine…hopefully." Whispered Cyborg.

"You are right." Said Starfire smiling and dumping the green goo into the trash can.


Beast Boy ran through the hall as fast as his legs could carry him until he ran into something making him loose his footing and fall backwards. He sat up rubbing his head and looking around. "Crap." He said seeing what he had ran into…or who. "Raven…sorry I…the pig…Starfire she…and I…gotta go." He said standing up and running down the hall.

Raven sat there confused. "Ummm…okay." She said grabbing her book and standing up.

She walked down the hall and into the main room. Everything seemed just like it always did. Cyborg was flicking through the channels on TV and Starfire was throwing some food into a large bowl.

Raven sighed and walked over to the couch and sat down opening her book up. And that's when she saw something strange. "Why is there something glowing inside of there?" Asked Raven pointing to the trash can.

"It's Starter's newest recipe." Said Cyborg not taking his eyes off the game. "I don't think she intended to make it glow…actually I don't even think she intended to make it turn green."

"Starfire…what did you put in there?" Asked Raven.

"Zorka berries, carrots, pudding, the carcass of a pig, and food coloring." Said Starfire.

"Do we even have food coloring?" Asked Raven.

Cyborg shrugged. "Don't know."

"It was on the top shelf." Said Starfire. "I-friend Raven what is wrong?" She asked watching Raven's expression change to a look of pure horror.

"Starfire…that wasn't food coloring that was an Azarathian potion." She said trying to contain her anger.

"I am sorry friend Raven I did not mean too." Said Starfire sadly.

Raven sighed. "It's okay Starfire." She said. "It's a good thing you got rid of it before anyone ate any of it."

Cyborg looked away from his game and back to Starfire who looked very nervous.

"And…what would happen if someone did ingest it?" She asked.

"I'm not sure I've never used it for anything." Said Raven turning back to her book and scanning a few lines before looking back up at the alien. "Why?" She asked. "Please tell me you didn't eat it."

"What would be the effects on a human?" Asked Cyborg.

Raven looked at Cyborg giving him a look that clearly said 'you're really not dumb enough to eat that stuff are you?'

"BB ate it." Said Cyborg sighing.

"Figures." Said Raven.

"What is going to happen to him?" Asked Starfire clasping her hands together in a worried manner.

"I don't know." Said Raven. "We'll find out sometime, who knows it may not do anything."

"Why do you even have that stuff if you don't know what it does?" Asked Cyborg.

"It was given to me when I was little by Azar to help me concentrate better during my meditation." Said Raven. "It may have effected me in that way…but if Beast Boy took it, who knows what it could do to him."

"Do you think we should tell Robin about this?" Asked Cyborg.

"Tell me what?" Came Robin's voice from behind them.

"Nothing." Said Raven calmly. "Starfire just used one of my potions from Azarath to make some type of food."

Robin shrugged. "Okay…so everything's okay?" He asked.

"Yes friend Robin everything is wonderful…why do you ask?" Asked Starfire smiling cheerfully.

"I don't know…Beast Boy ran past me in the hallway saying something about him going to throw up." Said Robin.

The three of them looked at each other nervously. "I-I'll go make sure he's okay." Said Raven standing up.

"Awww…how sweet of you Rae." Said Cyborg laughing.

Raven glared at him. "Shut up…I'm just his friend and unless you want me to seriously hurt you I'd suggest you never say that again." She snapped.

"Right." Said Cyborg watching her walk out the door.

Raven gripped her book tightly as she walked through the hallway. This is all my fault. She thought to herself. No, I didn't give the stuff to him Starfire did…but I should have kept it in my room. No one would have gotten it in there. She could no longer fell her hands they were squeezing the book so tight she couldn't feel her circulation. Ugh…why do I even care? It's not like I actually care about that stupid elf…did I just call him an elf? Raven shook her head and turned around the corner quickly walking over to the bathroom door.

"Beast Boy…are you in there?" Asked Raven.

There was a mumbling sound from inside which sounded like he answered yes.

Raven sighed. "…Are you okay in there?" She asked.

"No." He mumbled.

"Do you want me to get Cyborg…Robin…anyone?" She asked.

"My head hurts." He moaned from inside the bathroom.

Raven groaned. "I'm coming in." She said opening the door to see the changeling laying face down on the hard tile floor.

"Ummm…something wrong?" Asked Raven watching him roll over and look at her.

"Can you heal headaches?" Asked Beast Boy.

"I can try." Said Raven looking at him confused. "But can I ask you why you're in the bathroom laying on the floor?"

"Well, I originally came in here because Starfire stuffed meat down my throat…then after I was in here I got a headache and…that's where you came in." Said Beast Boy.

Raven nodded and held her hand over his head a faint blue glow appearing on her hand. "Feeling any better?" She asked.

"Yeah I think it's-whoa something's…"

Raven watched as Beast Boy fell back onto the floor unconscious. "Beast Boy?" She asked. Thinking quickly she pulled out her communicator. "Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, get in here quick."

No sooner had she clicked off her communicator when the door burst open. "What happened to him?" Asked Cyborg.

"I don't know." Said Raven. "I think he's sick."

"Cyborg take him to the medical bay." Said Robin.

He nodded and hauled the green boy over his shoulder. "I'll call you guys if I find anything." Said Cyborg walking out of the room.

"Friend Raven." Whispered Starfire. "I think I may have caused friend Beast Boy to become sick."

"No." Said Raven. "It's my fault." She said walking out of the room.

"…Did I miss something?" Asked Robin quirking a masked brow at the tamaranian.

"Robin…I am a horrible person." Said Starfire.

"Starfire…what are you talking about?" Asked Robin.

"I gave the green food to friend Beast boy to eat and now I fear he is sick because of me." Said Starfire.

"Why would he eat it?" Asked Robin.

Starfire folded her arms across her chest. "Robin, you do not like my cooking?" She asked.

Robin laughed nervously.


Come on, come on, man you have to wake up…

Friend Beast Boy I did not mean to harm you, you must wake up…

Beast Boy, I know you're in there…wake up you moron…

I don't know who did this but they're going to pay…Starfire's cooking's not that bad…Slade…I bet it was Slade he's going to track us down one by one…I must find Slade…

Beast Boy shot up and looked at his friends surrounding him. "Could you guys not talk so loud…you're giving me another headache." He said.

"Friend! You have awakened!" Starfire exclaimed happily.

"Beast Boy…none of us were talking." Said Robin looking at him confused.

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