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"Uh, help…them?" Robin asked obviously confused. "I don't think that's such a good idea Star, whatever's going on between them…" Robin paused to look at the auburn haired beauty who was clearly worried about her friend's future relationship and the only thing he could ask himself was how he got himself into such situations. Robin let out a long drawn out sigh before nodding down at his girlfriend. "Alright…we'll help them."

Chapter 17 'Riding in style'

At six o'clock on the dot there was a pounding on Raven's door and though she knew who it was she couldn't help but feel a little bit apprehensive about opening it. She wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, to go out on a date with Beast Boy when she so clearly was going to try to mess with his mind reading ability for the entire night. First dates were supposed to be sweet and romantic, or at least that's what she had read anyway. For some reason using revenge tonight didn't exactly feel right.

Not that he doesn't deserve it. She thought before mentally scolding herself. She had to keep her thoughts away tonight, nothing serious if she was going to try to get him to confess.

When she opened up her door the changeling was standing there with a bright smile on his face and his hands behind his back.

"You ready m'lady?" He asked.

"Yeah, did you finish your planning?" Raven asked in her typical monotone.

Beast Boy nodded happily. "Of course, I've got a great evening all planned out Rae!" He paused for a moment before looking at her with a nervous grin. "Before I forget, uh…this is for you," he replied pulling out a single long stemmed rose and holding it out at arm's length for her.

Raven looked him quizzically before slowly taking it in her hand and allowing a small ghost smile to grace her features.

"I looked at all of the bouquets and stuff…but I kinda thought you wouldn't want something too flashy…or big…but if you want one we could totally go back and-."

"Beast Boy," Raven began cutting him off, "It's perfect, thank you."

The shapeshifter's eyes lit up at this comment. "Great! Um, you ready to go?" He asked.

She nodded at him, using her powers to levitate the single rose over to her dresser and lay it down before stepping out of her room completely and shutting the door. "So, where did you decide on us going?" She asked.

"Can't tell you that Rae, it'll ruin the surprise," He stated as if it was the most obvious answer.

"Right…well won't I have to know in order to teleport us-."

"No need," Beast Boy replied continuing the lead the dark girl to their first destination.

Raven looked at him skeptically, perhaps he was waiting for some kind of signal from her. Maybe he didn't really have anything planned and was only telling her that in hopes of getting some kind of answer as to where she really wanted to go.

"You just need to trust me on this Raven," he responded noting the unsure expression her face displayed.

"It's not that I don't-." Raven paused noticing that the door they had ended up in front of just so happened to be the garage. "What are we doing here?"

The green teen smiled at her briefly before pushing the large door open quietly. "We need a ride," he stated as if it was completely obvious.

"But you don't have a vehicle," the empath replied. "Cyborg has the T-car, Robin has the R-cycle, you can fly so I don't see why…you didn't buy a moped did you?" She asked in a tone that clearly wondered just how dumb he could be.

"Nope," he responded as he wondered over next to Cyborg's pride and joy. "This is our ride."

Raven raised a single brow at him. "That's the T-car."

"Very observant Rae," Beast Boy said with a chuckle. "Come on hop in!" He exclaimed opening her door.

"Did…Cyborg say you could borrow it? Because I don't think I've ever seen someone besides Cyborg driving it…and if they have Cyborg's usually at least present in the car," Raven said folding her arms across her chest.

"Dude, Cy and I are best friends we share all kinds of stuff so I don't think taking his car out for a little spin is going to cause a problem," he stated with a dismissive wave of the hand.

Raven knew better than to agree with that statement. The T-car was Cyborg's baby, he spent hours polishing it, and she couldn't even imagine how much money had gone into all of the technical gadgets for it. But it was Beast Boy's funeral, she'd tried to persuade him, besides she was actually curious to see what he had planned without her help.

"Whatever," she said with a roll of her eyes as she slid into the passenger's seat.

The changeling flashed her a quick smile again as he shut her door and ran around the car hopping into the driver's seat and rubbing his hands together excitedly.

"You…do know how to drive this thing right?" Raven asked.

"Of course! I mean…how hard could it be?" Beast Boy questioned with a shrug.

Lucky for him the keys were already hanging from the ignition. Cyborg usually kept them there just because it made it easy to get up and go when a villian was attacking the city. And really, who in their right mind would take the car without asking for his permission first?

Raven glanced around as the car started up, she half expected Cyborg to come charging at them like a bat out of hell. When nothing happened she looked back up to Beast Boy waiting to see if he would actually go through with it.

The garage door opened, his gloved hand shifted the car into reverse, and ever so slowly the T-car exited the garage.

"So you actually can drive," Raven replied sarcastically with a smirk.

"Told you I could," he quipped back. "Now…which one of these do-hicky's do the rockets go to?"

Raven's eyes widened a bit she glanced around the dashboard. Driving the car was one thing, playing with Cyborg's gadgets were a completely different story.

"Oh, here we go!" Beast Boy exclaimed before pressing the large yellow button that displayed a picture of a rocket ship.

However, he forgot the simple detail that the car was still in reverse, which sent him and the half-demon soaring backwards across the lake.

Raven knew she needed to keep her thoughts at bay tonight but she couldn't help wonder if this was some kind of bizarre foreshadowing of the rest of the night. If this was how his first idea had worked out she wasn't sure if both of them would live to see the end of this date.

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