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Chapter 1: No Chance In Hell

Stephanie sat in her office Monday night at Raw looking idly off into space. She had piles of papers to go through, but this massive workload was intentional. She needed the distraction. But the distraction just wasn't working the way she wanted it to. She still couldn't stop thinking of Chris.

He had dumped her the previous Friday, only three days ago, and she hadn't seen or heard from him since. That first night she had stayed up waiting, waiting for him to call her and tell her that it was all a joke, some weird twisted joke to test her patience, to test her love for him. She'd held the phone in her hand and stared at it, willing it to ring.

But it hadn't rang.

Because he never called.

A knock on Stephanie's office door startled her out of her thoughts. She looked over at the door and her heart leapt into her throat. It had to be Chris, coming to let her know that he was there and he was still hers and it was all just a cruel joke someone had dared him to play. "Come in," she called.

"Steph?" Vince McMahon peeked his head into her office and smiled at her. His smile quickly faded when he saw the disappointed look on her usually happy face. "Honey, what's wrong?" he asked, trying to appear to be concerned as he walked over to her. "Why are you crying?"

She put her arms on her desk and buried her face in them, crying. She didn't want her father to see her this way, and she especially didn't want her father to know why she was this way. He would just get that stupid little grin on his face and say something along the lines of, "I told you so." And that wasn't something she needed to hear.

"Steph?" he said, wondering if his acting skills were working right... Of course they're working right! he thought. I'm a McMahon, damn it! He smiled quickly at that thought before pulling his daughter to her feet and into a huge hug. Yes, he would play the role of the concerned father comforting his heartbroken daughter, no matter how far from the truth it actually was.

"Oh, Daddy," she cried, leaning on him and putting her arms around him. She felt like she was 15 all again, when she'd had the biggest crush ever on Shawn Michaels. At that time, Shawn had been 26 and not particularly interested in her, what with all the women flinging themselves at him. He'd called her a kid and told her that she would always just be a kid to him. Needless to say, she had been hurt beyond belief and had run straight into her father's arms. And now, 14 years later, here she was all over again in a very similar predicament. She felt miserable and pathetic.

"What's wrong, Princess?" Vince asked, patting her back softly. "Who did this to you? Who made Daddy's Little Girl cry?"

"Something horrible happened on Friday night," she whispered, tears still pouring from her eyes.

"What? What happened?" he asked, as if he didn't already know. Of course he already knew. He had planned it all, the whole thing. Two and a half years ago, he had worked as hard as he could to set up his daughter with Chris Jericho. It had been obvious even to him that they were crazy about each other, though neither one had the nerve to admit it. So Vinnie Mac had taken it upon himself to complete the arduous task of making them realize their true feelings. When they had finally started dating, Vince had been so ecstatic, so happy that Daddy's Little Girl had finally gotten the happiness that she deserved...

"Chris... He broke up with me," she whispered, squeezing her eyes shut tight. Her voice sounded as though uttering those words had been the most painful thing to do ever.

"Aw, I'm so sorry, Steph," he lied, hugging her even tighter. The truth? He wasn't sorry about it at all, considering the fact that he was the one who had initiated the whole breakup in the first place. He wanted Chris Jericho out of his daughter's life, because Jericho was, quite simply, a poison. Chris Jericho had given Stephanie confidence, the confidence she'd never had since being turned away by Shawn, and she had actually had the nerve to stand up to her father! And Vince... Well, suffice to say he hadn't liked this confident streak of independence and defiance in his daughter. So he devised an intricate plan to break them up, and his plan had worked, if his sobbing, broken-hearted daughter was any indication...

"I just don't understand," she sobbed, her voice catching. "I thought he loved me..."

"Of course he loved you," he said in a comforting voice. "What makes you think he didn't?"

"He said he didn't. He said he never had," she said, sniffling. She pulled away and wiped her eyes, but of course the tears never stopped. "He said it was all just a game that he was tired of playing."

"He said that?" he asked, pleasantly surprised. Score one for Chris! he thought. It seemed like Chris had added some creativity and whatnot to his act when he'd dumped Stephanie. See, that's what I like about him. Through it all, he's an entertainer. Even when he's ripping someone's heart out with his bare hands, the man is focused on being an entertainer. Even when no cameras are rolling, he's...


"Oh, sorry, sweetheart," he said quickly. "That damn Jericho is going to pay for doing this to you. In fact..." He turned for the door. "I'm going to go find that son of a bitch right now and rip him a new one!"

"Daddy, no!" she exclaimed, absolutely terrified. "I don't want you to hurt him..."

"Why not?" he asked indignantly. "He hurt you first. I believe very much in retribution."

"But if you hurt him, that might destroy whatever shred of a chance I might have left with him!" she shrieked.

"Shred of a chance? Oh, Princess..." He gave her another hug, but a huge smile had spread across his face. She thought she still had a chance with Chris even after all he'd said to her last week? Pathetic. But he loved the idea of Chris breaking her heart again and again by turning her down over and over and over. Ah, this was better than he thought! He looked down at his daughter and let her go. "Steph, don't torture yourself by thinking that he's coming back."

"I'm not torturing myself," she protested. "He might come back."

He cupped her face in his hands. "I am your father. Listen to me," he began.

"I'm... I'm listening," she whispered.

"Good. Chris. Is. Not. Coming. Back. To. You," he said, making sure to emphasize each word. Her eyes filled with tears again. "Ever," he added in a low voice, just for added effect. When her bottom lip quivered and the first tears of a fresh batch spilled from her eyes, he had to bite his lip to keep from smiling. God, this was good! In no time at all, she would be the broken woman that she once was, the one with no confidence whatsoever, the one who admired and respected her father and ignored his many shortcomings.

And that was all he really wanted.

He let her go and gave her a comforting pat on the shoulder. "It'll be ok," he promised, then turned and walked out of the office, grinning from ear to ear. He owed Chris Jericho another thank you, and this time he was going to get it face to face. But it would have to be short, because Vince McMahon was a very busy man. He had a whole business to run, countless people to manipulate and control, and plenty of happy lives to ruin. Yes, he was a busy man, indeed.

But not too busy to pay the man who had broken his daughter's spirit and her a heart a little visit.

He swaggered down the hall until he reached Chris Jericho's locker room. He raised his hand to knock, but really, what was the logic in that? He owned everything anyway. He barged into the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

Chris Jericho was sitting in a steel chair with his eyes closed. Sleep? Perhaps he had been, and perhaps he hadn't been. Either way, his eyes snapped open when his door slammed shut. His eyes were bloodshot. He hadn't slept in three days. He looked at Vince and his eyes narrowed. Boss or not, he was pissed off at him, and he wasn't afraid to let it be known. "What the fuck do you want?"

"You look like shit," Vince observed with obvious pleasure. "You look like a monster truck ran over you, backed up, running over you again in the process, and then went forward and flattened you to the ground again."

That's what it felt like happened to his heart, that was for sure. But he wasn't about to say that. "I get it, Vince," Chris replied, sounding tired. He ran a hand over his unshaven face and through his unkempt hair. "I look like a pile of dog crap."

"That's an understatement," Vince cracked. "But anyway, I have a reason for being here."

"Enlighten me, then. Are you here to ruin my life again?" Chris asked. He looked thoughtful. "Oh wait, you can't. There's nothing left for you to ruin."

"Nope. I'm just here to express my extreme gratitude for your HUGE role in breaking my daughter's heart," Vince said gleefully. He was just eating this all up. "You should see her now, Chris. From what I hear, you really pulled quite a number on her."

"That's not something I wanted to do, assclown," Chris retorted. He could still remember the way her face looked when he'd told her all those lies... Yep, definitely the hardest thing he'd ever had to do, and the absolute last thing he'd ever wanted to do...

"Apparently, she still thinks you're going to come running back to her," Vince said, smiling. "It was so funny to hear her talk about her 'shred of a chance' with you as she called it."

"She...thinks we still have a chance?" Chris asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

"Of course she does. My daughter loves you," Vince said with a shrug. "But, as my entrance music says, there's really no chance of you and her getting back together. No chance in hell."

Chris sighed and looked away, remembering her voice, the way she had sounded when she had asked him for one last kiss. That kiss... He knew that it was the last kiss he'd ever share with her. It had been so... He couldn't explain it. He just couldn't explain it.

"Silence from the self-proclaimed King of the World? That's a first," Vince said. He grinned at Chris. "Thanks, son-in-law... Oh wait, you'll never be my son-in-law unless you marry Shane, because you sure as hell have no chance with Stephanie. And before you get any freaky ideas, Shane is quite happily married."

"Just leave me the hell alone," Chris said quietly. If he couldn't have Stephanie by his side, he wanted to be by himself. That was it.

"Nice doing business with you. Maybe... I'll give you a call in a few days with a new assignment," Vince told him.

"No more fucking assignments, Vince. I'm done," Chris said vehemently. "I'm at the end of my rope. Jericho is out."

"That's what they all say," Vince chortled. "But you'll come around. I'm sure of it." Laughing, he exited the room.

Chris folded his arms across his chest and felt a stupid tear roll down his face. He wiped at it angrily, but his anger quickly turned back into the sadness and resentment he had been feeling since Friday night.

He was hurting...

His heart was still breaking into more minuscule pieces by the second...

Vince McMahon, the old lying bastard, was still hounding him...

But most of all, he missed his Stephy.

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