Whoever told you to face your fear never faced a fear before…

Dirty Little Secret

Chapter One

"I've…lost…three pounds…ever since I…joined track…and…field," The blonde panted as she jogged with her tiny olive green shorts and her coral pink tank top, "I can…even…fit into…my old…bikini now."

"But its…fall…not…summer," The redhead came to a halt as the whistle sounded across the field.

"Great practice! Students, please remember, if you want to be on the track and field team, get your parents to sign your permission forms, however, if you are eighteen, you can sign it yourself. If you're showing up just for your own benefit, that's fine too. Have a good weekend, and remember, practice on Monday, early in the morning!" The coach grinned. Unlike the stereotypical coaches that usually appeared on television shows or movies, Coach Carlton was short and not muscular at all. He was a tad bit on the chubby side.

"So are we still on for tonight, Evian?" The redhead questioned looking up at the blonde.

"Totally, we haven't had a girl's night out in like, forever" The two high school seniors walked away from the school's track field and entered the school, "But first we have to pick up my brother; he had blade practice today in the gym."

The redhead sighed, "Beyblading…"

"I know, eh?" Evian rolled her sea green eyes. They took a seat on the empty bench outside of the gym. "It's stupid, to talk to a spinning top, ordering it around, I mean…seriously…"

"And have you noticed? Only losers join – except Tala, your brother's not a loser…and that Kai guy."

"My brother's a total loser. He's worse than a loser. No, he's a disgrace to losers. And Kai's like, half a loser." Evian spoke, "Apparently he's like claustrophobic or something. He's in my calculus class."

"I heard he's really smart though,"

"Totally, but I think he cheats. And his sister, Mariah, is like, a total bitch."

"That Chinese girl? Isn't she his step sister?" The two quieted down as soon as the large gym doors opened as the students of the Beyblading club just poured out of the large gymnasium.

"Ew, they're like all sweaty," The redhead whispered in disgust. Like always, Tala was the last one to exit the gym.

"Oh, I feel special," He grinned upon seeing his sister and her friend, Evelyn, waiting. "You guys didn't' have to wait."

"I wouldn't have," Evian said, "Mom made me. Sort of. Well, not really. I don't like walking home alone. And don't come near me, ew, you're all wet."

"It's called perspiration. It's natural. If you'd taken biology this year, you would've known."

"I know what it's called, moron." Evian led the way out of the school. "Besides, I hate biology."

"You hate everything." Tala made a face.

"I do not. I really like…English."

"Yeah right. You almost flunked that course last year. And you hate reading." He shook his head. Evian was picky, and who would've known better than Tala himself? He was after all, her twin brother…unfortunately. They looked nothing alike in appearance. Most people who met them usually assumed they were a couple, which was a pretty disturbing postulation.

And their personalities…they were just…incomparable. He was outgoing, she was not. He was smart and she was…a blonde, nevertheless.

"Guys, its Friday, which means, it's illegal to talk about school today, and the next two days." Evelyn cut in. "Anyways, I'm going to take the bus home, so I should probably get going. And Evian, remember, six o'clock sharp!" The curly redhead waved and ran the opposite direction.

"Hot date or something?"

"No. The mall, because I seriously need a new pair of jeans, and a movie maybe."

"Don't you have a calculus test on Monday?" Tala asked.

"Totally. But you can help me study, right? I mean, I did help you with your chemistry assignment."

"You just did the title page – in pink, which Mrs. Mohan just happened to like." He rolled his eyes.

"Still…you owe me, big time."

"Fine, but not today; hockey's on tonight, remember?"

"Oh, right. You and your hockey."

"And I 'invited' a few friends from blade practice."


"Okay, well not friends since I hardly know them, but just…members of the same club…ish…thingy…you get the point, right? Or is the blondeness totally getting to you."

"Oh, shut up. You have red hair."

"So does Evelyn, so if you talk shit about my hair colour, that automatically means your shit talking about Evelyn's hair, and that means I'm going to have to tell her, and that means she'll hate you for eternity."

Evian made a face, "So whose coming? That really fat guy? Oh my god, he's so ugly."

"Like you?" The redhead joked, but the sense of humor earned him a painful whack on the head. "So­­-rry! Jeez, you hit like a girl."

"I am a girl. So who's coming?"

"Not like you know any of them. This guy from my English class and his sister; some guy named Jeremy, and Marshal of course. Plus mom and dad are going out for the night, right? So that's a bonus."

Evian heaved a sigh, "Bring on the beer…"


x x x

The pink cardigan? Or the black one? Evian stood in front of her closet with her hands on her hips, hoping to make a decision soon. She had already passed the 'what-to-wear-on-a-Friday-night' part; now she just had to finish it off. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed the pink one. She looked at herself in the mirror, somewhat satisfied. Her tight jeans hung on her hips without the support of a belt. Her forest green t-shirt clung on to her shapely figure, showing off her somewhat large breasts, just the way she wanted. It wasn't that she was sluttish, every girl did it – even tomboys – it's just that no girl ever acknowledged it.

Perfect! The doorbell rung from downstairs, "Coming!" She called from her room. Tala was probably still out picking up Marshal and Jeremy. It must have been Evelyn and Miriam at the door, just waiting for her. She raced down the stairs, her blonde her bouncing behind her and her side bangs rebounding on her face every time. She pulled the door open, and her smile turned into a look of confusion.

That was okay, because whoever was at the door at the same facial expression: utter mystification. He stood there, ready to say something, yet he didn't. He had messy slate hair and seemed to be moderately a few inches taller than the blonde. Hey, wasn't he from her calculus class? Totally. And wasn't that his sister, right beside him?

"Uh, is this the right house?" He asked.

"…no? I don't know?" She wasn't the best when it came to situations like this. Especially this one; what the hell was the guy from her calculus class – and his step sister – doing here, at her front porch? Something…

"You're Evian, right?" Mariah asked, smiling, breaking the stillness. Her bright pink hair was tied in a ponytail. She was dressed in a black three-quarter top, along with a pair of faded jeans.

"You are…Tala's girlfriend?" Kai asked, making an educated guess. Unlike most guys his age, his wardrobe actually consisted of 'normal' clothing. Maybe that was because his mother was a nurse, and his step father was a lawyer; he came from a decent family. He was technically an exact replica of Seth from the popular television series, The O.C. Or at least he dressed like him. Evian knew nothing of him except his name…and the fact that he was super smart.

The blonde went red, "No…no! I'm his sister…"

"Ohhh…you're his sister?" Mariah asked. "Really? I thought Evelyn was his sister, you know…the hair…"

"Yeah…come in. He'll be here in like a second or something. He went to get his friends." She moved aside, letting the 'strangers' in her home. They stood by the door way, and she felt uncomfortable, "Yeah, um, why don't you guys like have a seat? Maybe I can get you guys something while you're waiting?"

"No, we're fine." Mariah said. "So were you going somewhere?"

"Yeah, to the mall, and maybe downtown. I'm actually waiting for Evelyn and Miriam. They're supposed to pick me up. Evelyn's always late though."

"You're always late for calculus." Kai countered. "Every morning."

"I don't really like math." She shrugged. "And I don't really like getting up in the morning."

"He can relate. Kai sleeps like a baby, I swear. I have to get him up every morning since our parents go to work early in the morning," Mariah shook her head.

"Really? But you're always on time," The blonde looked at the boy from her math class.

"Thanks to me. I even make him his lunch! He seems self-regulating, but trust me, he's so not; he's always dependent on other people." Mariah grinned. There was some laughter between the two girls; Kai just sighed, there goes his reputation, down the drain…then again, he really didn't have one to begin with, not with Tala's sister anyway. There was a second doorbell. Everyone's attention was to the closed door.

"I'll get that…" Evian opened the door for a second time, and luckily enough, Tala was finally here, possibly with that Jeremy guy along with Marshal, who was holding a case of twenty-four.

"Hey, you guys are already here? Oh, and this is Evian, and she is my sister, not whatever you guys thought…if you guys thought something…not that you should think anything…we're blood related," Tala paused for a second, "In other words, we came from the same uterus." He rolled his eyes.

Mariah laughed, grinning at the blonde. "No, I think your sister came from the cool side of the uterus." That earned a snicker from everyone else, except Tala, of course.

"Aren't you going out with your friends or something?" Tala asked, closing the door behind him, leading everyone to the kitchen. Abruptly, the phone rang across the two story house. Tala picked up the phone by the refrigerator, "Hello, Macaffery residence?" There was a quick pause before he turned to face the blonde – the only blonde in the room, "Evelyn says she can't make it tonight; family dinner."

"No way, gimme the phone," The blonde grabbed the phone in disbelief and waited until everyone left the kitchen for the living room. She heard the television turn on. She leaned against the kitchen counter, "Hello? Evelyn?"

"Yeah, listen, I'm so sorry, but I totally forgot about this thing tonight. My aunt invited us for a family dinner, and I have to go, my parents are making me." Evelyn sounded fairly distressed about it. But it was understandable. Pssh…family dinners, who invented them anyway?

"That's okay," Evian tried not to sound too annoyed, she was, after all, really looking forward to having fun today. And it was worse since she got all ready for no incentive. "We can go tomorrow, or maybe next Friday or something."

"Thanks so much! Babe, you rock! I knew you wouldn't get mad! I'll call you tomorrow, alright? Kiss, kiss! Bye!"

"Bye!" The blonde placed the phone back to its receiver and exhaled out noisily. What to do now? It wouldn't be fun with just her and Miriam. They were a threesome. She pulled on the fridge handle, got out the carton of chocolate milk and poured herself a glass.

She made her way to where everyone else was, all hyped about the game, which didn't even start yet. There was five minutes left until it initiated.

"Alright guys, remember, my 'rents will murder me if they find out about the twenty-four, so one of us has to stay 'clear-headed' while the rest of us get drunk off our ass." Tala warned, "Uh, Mariah, you – you don't drink, right?"

"Right…I guess I'll be the 'babysitter'." She rolled her eyes and plopped down on the sofa.

"I'll help," Evian grinned as she took a seat on the couch with her feet up.

"So you're not going out tonight then?" The pink haired girl asked.

"No. You know, family dinner." Evian made the long story short. "Oh well. I was feeling kind of tired anyway."

"So you like hockey?"

"Not really, no." The blonde professed. "My brother's a huge fan though. I swear I think he actually cried during the NHL lockout last year."

"I think Kai did too. I think everyone did. I'm not a huge fan, but it's not too bad, once you get used to it." Mariah spoke.

"Alright, shut up everyone, the game's just about to start!" Marshal, the brunette with hair crazier than Tala's, shouted, raising his right arm, a beer bottle tightly held in his other hand.

Someone switched off the lights, and someone turned up the volume on the television. Evian was bored already. By the second round, the score was a tie, with two a piece for Toronto and Tampa. Every time Toronto scored a goal, Tala along with his friends would literally jump off the couches and act like caged animals. The only thing that intrigued the blonde was the mass of the extremely good looking hockey players.

"I'm going to get some chips from the kitchen, anyone want anything?" Evian got up and combed her hair with her fingers. Everyone's eyes were literally glued to the television screen. "…anyone? Okay, I'm not going back to the kitchen once I come back; your loss."

Exiting the living room full of hockey zombies, the blonde entered the kitchen, the sudden bright lights hurting her eyes. She opened the cupboards and pulled out a bag of Doritos. She searched for a bowl, and as soon as she found one, she transferred the chips from the bag into the green coloured bowl.

She grabbed a piece of chips and put it in her mouth as she closed the bag that contained the left over chips and stashed them back in the cupboard.


The blonde turned around immediately upon hearing an unfamiliar, but bloodcurdling sound.


There it was again. It sounded like…an earthquake, but with less resonance. The blonde stared up at the ceiling; that's where she assumed it was coming from: upstairs. It was loud enough for her to hear from the kitchen, but it probably wasn't audible from the living room because of the television, plus, in their state of mine, Tala and the others probably wouldn't have heard it even if the television was turned off.

Speaking of the guys…maybe it was one of them, upstairs, trying to find the washroom, or just…trying to scare the not-so-living day lights out of her? Either way, she was still shit scared just to take the stairs and go check. Instead, she quietly walked into the living room and stood behind the couch. Her brother was there, his best friend Marshal, the Jeremy guy, that guy from her math class was also there, and Mariah.

With courage, or so she thought, she walked back into the kitchen to retrieve the bowl of chips. She stood there for some time and gazed up at the ceiling, with the bowl of Doritos in her hands.

"Excuse me,"

The unexpected voice made her gasp.

"Can I get a glass of water or something? It's getting kind of stuffy in that room…" The slate-haired teen didn't feel that welcomed by the look on the girl's face, but of course, it was all just a misunderstanding.

"Yeah, sure," She pulled out a glass from the cupboards, "Filtered water or tap water?"

"Whichever." He said, making the decision for the blonde a bit more challenging. Evian quickly turned on the tap and held the glass under. She appreciated the fact that he wasn't as loaded as the other guys. He probably didn't even finish an entire bottle.


"Thanks." He took the glass and took a few sips. It was then that he noticed she seemed hesitant about something; she kept her eyes on the ceiling. "What?"

"What?" She asked.

"Something up there?"

"Oh, no; my dad recently painted the kitchen. I was just…admiring…his work of art." She mentally cursed at herself. She was admiring a white painted ceiling? Plus, her dad never even touched a tub of paint in his life. That was the worst lie in the history of dishonesty. She smiled uneasily and felt even more like an idiot once she realized the look she was receiving from her twin brother's 'blade buddy'. Excellent; now I'm on HIS list of 'Abnormal Dummies' and he doesn't even know me…


That was chapter one. Not to sound egotistical or anything, but I actually like this chapter, plus it was just super fun to write. Now I have to pay the price of writing a story instead of doing my calculus homework. Help? Lol. R and R!