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Her name was Kit. She was your typical, average 17 year old junior level student in high school. That is, until one day, her life was changed forever. Letting herself in the house after walking home from school, she plopped her backpack next to the door and put in a Bionicle DVD to watch. 'It would be so cool to actually see the island of Mata Nui for real,' she mused as she sat on the floor. When a scene of Gali attacking a Rahkshi with her water powers occurred on the screen, Kit found herself becoming the victim of a squirt of water—a squirt of water that seemed to come from the TV. She stared at the screen, stupefied. "I could be wrong," she said as she felt her wet face, "but I think I just got squirted." No sooner than she said that, something strange happened. The colors on the screen began to turn blue. "What's going on?" she asked herself as she tried to stop the DVD, but nothing seemed to work. Then, the picture began to fade into even more blue as it started to spin, forming a vortex. That's when Kit became aware of a new sensation—a powerful, magnetic pull that was coaxing her towards the TV. She immediately dropped down to the ground, hoping to avoid as much of the pull as possible and tried to crawl away. But, the pull was too strong and, slowly but surely, it dragged her towards it. Suddenly, she felt as if she was lifted up into the air and was sucked in. In the vortex, Kit found herself spinning wildly, as if she couldn't control how she was moving. All around her, white wisps were spinning throughout the tube of blue with occasional flashes of light. As her ride continued, Kit found her vision beginning to blur until her world went black.

Kit groaned, opening her eyes as she heard the chirping of birds and the chattering of monkeys. The first thing she noticed was the green sunlit canopy up above. "Where am I?" she asked as she scanned her surroundings with wide blue eyes, "What happened?" All around her were trees and bushes of green. 'Well, wherever I am, it's definitely not California; this place looks like some kind of jungle or rainforest.' She got up and dusted off the dirt, leaves, and twigs that clung to her burgundy, hooded, three quarter-long sleeved shirt, blue denim jeans, and thick dark blonde hair that was cut to the bottom of her ears and tapered in the back. As she did, she felt something slide against the skin of her neck and discovered it to be a thread. She could tell from the way it draped down to her chest that there was something attached to it. She pulled it out and found a light purple colored crystal. 'How did this get here?' she asked herself. She did not recall ever having this little trinket when she was back home. With a shrug, she tucked it back under her shirt and cautiously made her way down a nearby path. As she trekked through the jungle, occasional twigs snapping under her white and blue striped tennis shoes, she couldn't help but admire its natural beauty; with the trees, the colors, and the sounds, it was just so incredible. "Could do without the humidity," she mumbled as she wiped her forehead, followed by a slap on her hand, "and the bugs."

Just then, she heard a rustling sound in the trees and looked up, but heard and saw nothing. "Must've been a bird or a monkey," she shrugged, and continued on her way. However, she soon heard more rustling in the trees, rustling that seemed to occur whenever she was walking—someone, or something, was following her from up in the treetops. For a minute, she just stood frozen, not sure of what to do, then, a blur of green dropped in front of her with an "oomph". She couldn't believe what she was looking at—a Le-Matoran. He groaned as he rubbed his head and looked up at Kit. Both girl and Matoran gasped and Kit tripped and fell when they took a step back, thus placing her at eye level with the little guy. For a few moments, the two just stared at each other, one in disbelief, the other in fear. A thought suddenly struck Kit—she knew this particular Le-Matoran. When she began to get up, he cowered. "It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, Tamaru." She tried to assure him, and mentally slapped herself for admitting she knew him when he didn't know the first thing about her. Tamaru's eyes widened in surprise.

"How do you know my name?"

"Uh . . . long story," was the only explanation she could come up with, even if it was lame, as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Where are my manners?" she mentally slapped herself again. "My name's Kit." Tamaru cocked his head in a curious manner.

"Kit?" he repeated, and she nodded.

"What brings you to this part of the jungle, Tamaru?" she asked, in hope of getting a friendly conversation started.

"I was just leafrunning when I happened to spotsee you," the Matoran explained in a rapid voice, his composure more relaxed.

"I was curious as to what sort of strangeweird creature you were, so I quickfollowed in the trees." Kit had to take a few moments to figure out what exactly Tamaru said, remembering the Le-Matoran's knack for talking very fast, even by Le-Koro standards. Suddenly, the two of them heard a buzzing sound and Tamaru lithely leaped back into the trees while Kit ran onto a nearby cliff just off to the side. The buzzing was getting louder, but she couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from. "Behind you!" she heard Tamaru call, and she turned to see something big heading right for her. Reflexively, she dropped as low to the ground as she could. As her attacker flew over, the buzzing became a deafening roar and a powerful wind nearly took her over the edge. When she looked up in the sky, she was in for another surprise. Her attacker turned out to be none other than a giant dragonfly-like Nui Rama and it was banking over for another attack. Kit found herself running as fast as her legs could carry her towards the nearest tree and quickly ducked behind it. The Nui Rama banked away at the last minute, but not before it noticed the Le-Matoran on one of the branches. It banked once more and attacked this time its target was Tamaru, who found himself using all of his agility and wits to keep dodging the Rama.

"Hey, leave him alone you overgrown bully of an insect," Kit called out to the Rahi, but it ignored her.

Suddenly, Tamaru lost his balance and fell, but caught the branch just in time. However, this gave the Rama the opportunity it needed and it flew in, claws stretched out to grab him. Kit knew she had to act fast, but what could she do? Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a rock, she grabbed it and hurled it at the bug. The rock met its target, just above the Rahi's brow, and, dazed, the Rama crashed to the ground. "Did I do that?" Kit asked aloud, disbelief in her voice.

"You muchsure did," Tamaru answered as he slid down the tree. "You've got a quickgood arm."

Unfortunately, the Rama wasn't quite finished with them yet. Its dazing spell over, it got up and released a horrible screech, causing both Matoran and human to cover their ears. In the distance, they spied a whole swarm of Rama responding to their comrade's call and Kit knew they were in serious trouble.

"Should we run?" she asked her small companion, even though she already knew the answer. Tamaru nodded and they took off, Kit on the ground, Tamaru in the trees. Try as they might, the swarm was gaining on them. One Nui Rama was coming in towards Kit, and she instinctively shielded her head with her arms. However, the Rahi just flew over her, like she wasn't even there. At first, Kit didn't understand what their game was, but when they started congregating near or in the trees, it dawned on her—they weren't after her, they were after Tamaru. She watched in horror as the bugs somehow got the Le-Matoran to fall to the ground and thronged around him, claws slashing. "Tamaru!" she cried as she fought her way through the swarm. Finally locating Tamaru, she immediately registered how scratched up and limp he was when she huddled him into her arms, receiving a few scratches and scrapes from the Rama herself, and took off running with the Rama in hot pursuit. She just ran and ran with one thing in mind—get as far away from those things as possible and get Tamaru to place where he could get treatment for his wounds. She looked over her shoulder to see that the Rama still hadn't given up the chase. When she turned back around, she discovered they were heading for the edge of a cliff and stopped. Next to them was a waterfall and down below was a river into which it fed. Kit looked to the Nui Rama swarm, then back at the edge, and sighed, realizing they had no choice. "Hold your breath, Tamaru," she said and, with a yell, she jumped as far into the river as she could. She nearly lost her hold on Tamaru when they entered the water, but managed to hang on as the powerful current carried them downstream. Schools of Ruki fish scattered in fear as they passed through, and a larger fish with razor sharp teeth swam right for them. Kit saw the Makuta fish coming, dodged it just in time, and swam further downstream.

Meanwhile, two Ga-Matoran, Kotu and Kai, were fishing in the river. A slight tug on her fishing line caught Kotu's attention, and then the reel started spinning as whatever it caught on tried to get away, almost taking Kotu with it. "Kai I got a bite, and it feels like a big one," she called out as she started trying to reel in her catch.

"Pull it in, Kotu," Kai cheered, "Don't let it get away."

"Give me a hand, will ya?" Kotu replied, and Kai wrapped her arms around her friend's waist and helped in the pulling.

Together, the two managed to summon enough strength to toss their catch out of the water with a powerful tug of the fishing rod. Needless to say, they were a bit confused when they heard their catch call out, but it was nothing compared to their surprise when they discovered what it was that they caught. Lying on her side where she landed, Kit coughed out a little water while the Ga-Matoran stared at her, wide-eyed. "What is it?" asked Kai.

"I don't know," Kotu replied, "It's not like any Rahi I've seen before."

Rolling onto her back, Kit revealed Tamaru, still secure in her arms. Kotu and Kai gasped and approached Kit, but still kept a safe distance. "Are you ok?" asked Kotu.

"Yeah, thanks," Kit replied and almost floored herself when she recognized the Ga-Matoran Rahi tamer.

"What about the Le-Matoran? Is he breathing?" asked Kai, prompting Kit to take a look at him.

"Yeah, I think so," she answered, seeing that his heart light was still on, "Where's the closest place I can take him?"

"That would be our village of Ga-Koro," Kai answered.

Kit couldn't believe her ears, "I'm really that close to Ga-Koro?"

"Uh huh," Kotu nodded, "and if anyone there will know what to do, it's our Turaga, Nokama."

"Please, which way do I go?" Kit pleaded.

"That way," Kai pointed up a beach just outside the jungle. "Just go straight along the beach."

Suddenly, the group heard a loud buzzing sound in the sky. Kit didn't need three guesses as to what the fast moving black 'cloud' was.

"They're coming back," she said. "Those bugs don't know when to quit, do they?" and she took off.

"Wait!" Kotu called to her, "What's going on?"

"I'll tell you when I meet you at your village," Kit called back, leaving the two Ga-Matoran to ponder about the Rama and run to Kai's canoe.

Despite the fact that her legs were already tired from her last run and the swim in the river, Kit willed herself with all of her might to keep moving. Running on the beach was proving to be a bit of a challenge for she stumbled in the sand and almost fell a few times. Up ahead, she could just make out what looked like a giant lily pad—with a hut on it. Up above, dark gray storm clouds had completely covered the sky, the low rumbling of thunder could be heard, and it started raining. Tamaru groaned in her arms as a few raindrops fell on his Rau. "Hang on Tamaru, we're almost there," she pleaded with the Matoran. Just then, a Rama managed to catch up to her and used its huge head to ram Kit over a small cliff, sending her crashing to the ground. Her stomach hurt and she groaned in pain; she felt like she could barely bear to move. A flash of lightning erupted in the sky just as she gazed upon Tamaru's form, which was a little ways before her. He didn't even stir. "Tamaru!" she cried, and, groaning from the pain in her stomach, managed to crawl her way to him. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder and he moaned weakly. "Tamaru," she said quietly as her eyes began to water with tears, "this just can't happen." She couldn't believe it, refused to believe it; she had been on Mata Nui for barely a day, and it looked like she was already about to lose someone. In the sky, the Rama began to dive toward the ground. Hearing them approach, Kit looked up to them, at the village of Ga-Koro in the distance, and back at Tamaru. "Tamaru, Ga-Koro's not that far away from here; get yourself there," she said. Tamaru looked at her as if she was crazy. "I know you're weak from your beating, but if I can keep the Nui Rama busy long enough, maybe you can make it," she explained, and looked the young Matoran in the eye. "After that . . After that, just trust me, ok?" she finished, and turned to face the Rama with narrowed eyes. "Lousy, miserable bugs," she murmured to herself, "If I had a giant fly swatter right now I'd show them." She spotted a long, big branch lying next to her, picked it up, and held it in her hands like a sword. 'Not exactly the fly swatter I had in mind, but I guess it'll have to do,' she thought. Tamaru watched in awe as this person he barely knew and who barely knew him just stood there, placing herself between him and the Rama swarm.

"Kit?" he managed to utter.

"Get to Ga-Koro, Tamaru; it's the only way," Kit replied, then she addressed the approaching swarm. "C'mon you stupid bugs; come and get me!" and the swarm charged.

As the Rama dove in for their final assault, Kit did her best to stay put. She could feel her legs and arms shaking and it was taking all of her self-control not to bolt. Two thoughts were running through her mind. She found it a bit interesting that though she knew Tamaru's character, she was placing her life on the line to protect someone that she barely knew as a person. Plus, though she was hoping for the best, deep down she knew that chances were she was not going to survive the Rama's attack. But, that didn't mean she was just going to abandon Tamaru to the Rama, or go down without a good fight first.

"Kit, no," Tamaru fearfully called out to her as he weakly reached out a hand.

Just when the Rama were almost upon her, two tall figures appeared in front of Kit.

"Water!" one called out as it raised a hand holding an axe to the sky and the second one followed suit calling out, "Wind!" holding what looked like a sword.

In the sky, the clouds started forming a vortex with bolts of lightning in the center. "We call upon the power of the storm," the two figures called together, and a bolt of lightning streaked down from the heavens and, in a blast of light, struck the ground, where it exploded with a raucous roar. The force and light were so intense; Kit was knocked down to the ground, shielding her eyes as she fell. Then, the clouds cleared away, letting rays of sunlight and patches of blue sky be seen. On the former battlefield, wounded or stunned Rama littered the beach, and, a little further away, laid Kit and Tamaru. Both woke up and looked at each other. Relieved at seeing that Tamaru was awake, Kit gave a small smile.

"Well, they're gone," she said, and the Le-Matoran nodded in agreement.

Footsteps could be heard approaching them. They turned to find the two figures that were responsible for their rescue, and, sitting up, Kit found herself staring wide-eyed at two of the Toa—Gali and Lewa.

Believe it or not, this is just the beginning of Kit's amazing adventures. Her journey is sure to be filled with heartpounding perils and endless excitement. She will discover new friends, evil enemies, creatures beyond her wildest dreams, and incredible powers. And along the way, she will unlock the mysteries of the strange, yet wonderous world of Bionicle.

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Next time--

The sound of pebbles hitting rock caught their attention. Gali immediately grabbed Kit and positioned her behind her. Tense moment after tense moment, the human and Toa kept their eyes locked straight ahead, where the sound came from. Soon, a skritch, skritch sound could be heard, and the source of the noise revealed itself.