A/N-This is just a poem I thought of when I was outside one December night several years ago. It was published in my church newsletter and if I had known about this section on it would have gone up ages ago.

The Master Jeweler

The world is like a jewelry shop

With colors that brightly shine

Diamonds on the snow in winter

Emeralds are the grass in summertime

Clouds race across the sky like pearls

The Milky Way, a silver necklace

Worn by the sky as she twirls

The Sun, a golden diamond,

The rarest gem of all

Mirror the rubies and the Topaz

The gentle gems of fall

Rhinestones dot the sky

On a velvety blanket of black

The moon, diamond of the night

Always glittering a pale clear light

When I think of who created

The diamonds, emeralds, pearls

The rubies and the topaz too

The silver necklace for me and you

I think He must've made the

Whole world

For who else but He

Could've made the beauty we see?

So let Him in,

Let Him set up His place

The Master Jeweler's stall

He'll make you a gem

You'll shine from within

With a heart freed from sin

The Master Jeweler is Lord of all.

A/N-like I said just something that I wrote. R&R