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Summary: There's no rest for the wicked! On a dark and stormy night, Nymphadora Tonks isn't the only one who can't sleep! RL NT SB friendship fic.

It was pissing it down. A lone street lamp hung in the centre of Grimmauld Place, it's light blurred by the rain falling heavily in sheets. Cars driving steadily through puddles could be heard in the distance. But in the street, there was no one around; no one but a young witch with pink hair, plastered to her head with rain, her pale face grimacing in displeasure. Her expression brightened slightly as Number Twelve came into view. Far from being warm, and cosy…the sight still brought comfort to the woman. This was her destination; her home-from-home.

Once inside the dark house, the young woman shook her dripping head, sending icy droplets flying. Her nose ran from cold, and the smell of rotting wood from the leaking ceiling tickled her nostrils. The witch paid it no mind and headed up the stairs hoping to find comfort in the stormy night.

She tiptoed down the corridor, in and out of the shadows, with surprising grace. I feel like a panther, she thought, before bumping into a rogue doorframe. Ah, perhaps not. Stopping at a paint-chipped door, she took a deep breath. Her lungs burned from keeping so silent. She felt the sudden urge to laugh out loud, and told herself to get a grip. Hesitating for a moment longer, Nymphadora Tonks lowered her pale hand to the brass doorknob, and began to turn…

Remus Lupin opened one eye instinctively. The storm raged outside the old Black manor, but this had not stirred the man. He blinked in the darkness, focusing both eyes onto the bedroom door. From the amber glow of the streetlight, Remus could barely make out the doorknob turning slowly, intent on opening. The old brass handle squeaked loudly in the silence of the room.

Remus' hand went for his wand, which lay on his bedside table.

"Shit!" came out an anxious whisper. He paused above his wand, before returning his empty hand back under the covers.

"Tonks? Is that you?" he called out softly. A pause.

"Er…yeah," came a hoarse response. Remus frowned and sat up slightly, letting the covers fall into his lap.

"What are you doing?" Again, a pause. The wizard glanced at his father's old Muggle timepiece. 3:24am. He gave a small sigh of annoyance.

"I…I had a bad dream," Tonks' small voice piped up from the other side of the door. Remus sighed again.

"Come on in," he said in resignation. The doorknob squeaked again, and this time the door swung open to reveal a sheepish Tonks, dressed in fluffy blue pyjamas with white clouds on and her old sneakers. A rather old, bedraggled teddy bear hung from her hand by its arm. It looked like Remus felt.

"Hi," she grinned. Remus blinked at her. "Sorry to bother you." She fell silent.

Remus rolled over onto his side, with his back towards the young witch.

"Close the door, there's a draught."

Her smile faded immediately, though it went unseen. She shuffled over to the bed, kicked her shoes into the corner and hovered over Lupin like the Grim Reaper.

If only, the man thought.

"Can I get in?" she asked timidly.

"It's that or the floor," he replied in a yawn. Tonks grinned again and grabbed the covers to climb in, as a rumble of thunder shook the old house. She gave a nervous giggle. Lupin rolled over quickly.

"Tonks you're wet!" he exclaimed.

"It's raining, Lupin," she responded matter-of-factly. It suddenly dawned on the man that Tonks had left for her own home at the end of their meeting that evening; only hours before.

"Who let you in? Is Sirius awake?" Remus hoped not. If he was then he, Sirius, should have to put up with his cousin's poor sleeping habits, not the exhausted werewolf.

"I let myself in. Would have bunked in with Si but I thought he'd be asleep."

"I was asleep!" Remus pointed out heatedly, in a hushed voice.

"Oh…sorry…Well, good night."

The young Auror snuggled down next to the man. He scowled as she kneed him in the back.

"Sorry," she repeated in an unnecessary stage whisper. Once the witch had settled, Remus lay still, listening to the storm rage outside, and wondering if the roof would still be there in the morning. It'd be just my luck to be stuck in Oz with Tonks, he thought with a smile. He glanced over at her, to find her dark eyes staring at the ceiling. She flinched with every flash of lightning.

"Do you want to talk about your bad dream?" he asked gently.

"What? Oh, no."

They lay silent for a brief moment before he heard her inhale.

"Thank you… I mean, for asking…And for letting me sleep in your bed."

"S'ok," he replied sleepily, feeling his heavy eyelids close again.

"Well, good night."

Tonks rolled over in a complete circle, twice, before belly flopping onto her front and letting out a loud sigh.

Remus had just settled into slumber once more, when Tonks decided to roll once more for good luck, managing to elbow him hard in the ribs as she did so.

"Oh! Senor Flump!" she squealed, picking her teddy up from the floor. She settled on her side this time, and emitted another sigh before lying still.

Lupin hesitated before allowing his itching eyes to close again. They shot open immediately.

"I wonder if Sirius is awake? Remus? What do you reckon?"

Remus neither knew nor cared. He grunted in response, hoping to portray both of those sentiments to his guest.

"My feet are cold," Tonks told the man and, before he had chance to respond, she placed the both in between his knees. "It's ok if I leave them there, right?"


"Yes. Fine. Ok."

Tonks patted his head lightly before settling back down. Blissful silence followed…but not for long.

"I hate sleeping alone."

"I love sleeping alone," he countered, barely even opening his mouth.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No…I…I'm very tired Nymphadora. It is now, almost, four o'clock in the morning and I would appreciate it if we could sleep now…please."

"Ok," she sang chirpily. " 'Night Remus."

"Good night, Nymphadora."

"Say good night to Senor Flump."

"Good night Senor Flump."

There was peace at last.

Remus felt Tonks' head droop onto his shoulder, her damp dark hair smelling of mint and rain. He allowed his own head to rest on hers and fell into a gentle sleep.

It was a good four and a half minutes before Lupin's eyes opened again.

A low growl shook the bed.

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

The noise occurred again.


"No, Tonks, that is not thunder."

Remus felt the mattress shudder slightly.

"Is that your stomach?"

A little giggle confirmed his query. Remus let of a loud breath through his nose.


"My God, Tonks, that's not normal!" he exclaimed.

"It happens Lupin, deal with it."

He tried; Merlin how he tried. But he was tired, and slightly damp, and more than a little annoyed by the whole situation.

"I'm sorry Tonks," he huffed, sitting up. "I can't cope any longer. You're going tohave to leave."

Tonks sat up in shock, her mouth open in indignation.


"I don't care. Go wake Sirius up. Go sleep on the sofa. Sleep in with Kreacher. Just let me sleep!"

Tonks climbed out of the warm bed, into the chilly air of the room. She stomped over to the door.

"Well someone's a little cranky!" she pointed out heatedly. When Remus failed to respond, Tonks' face fell, disheartened.

"Can, you throw me Senor Flump?" she spoke up timidly. The bear hurtled through the air and hit the far wall with an almighty thump. Tonks gave a gasp and scowled in anger. Throwing the bear back at the man (and giving a satisfied smile as he let out a small cry of pain) she turned on her heels and slammed the door loudly as she left, leaving Remus to chuckle himself to a lonely but well-needed slumber.

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