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By: Miko Goddess Kagome

Chapter 1: Prophecy

Lady Gwen continued to scream as her second child came into the world. Crystal her first born had black hair and blue eyes on her forehead was a half moon with a star. The symbol show that she was the miko-goddess the heavens, on her right cheek was a blue tear drop. Kagome the second daughter of lady Gwen Kagome like her sister had black hair but her eyes were chocolate brown on her forehead she had a half moon with a heart. Her symbol show that she was the miko-goddess of love and justice. Gwen smiled at her two daughter when the midwife placed the children in her arms. Lord Tai just looked at his wife and daughters knowing the fate of his family was going to face he didn't have the heart to tear the children away from their mother. He sighed again and looked at his wife and spoke to her.

"Gwen my darling, are you well enough to journey with me?"

"I am...but"

"You know what we must do don't you?"

"Yes I know but its even harder to do since I finally see their beautiful faces."

"Darling I know but she must go…"

"Where will see go?"

"I found a shire in the future that we can insure Kagome will be safety until she is really to face her destiny."

"I don't know."

Tai ignored his wife's comment and he call for two guardians to enter the room. Two wolf demons entered the room one was a black wolf, the wolf was about the size of Kilala in her fighting form. The other wolf Youkai was in his human form he was handsome, very well built, he had glowing dark blue eyes and his hair was tied in a high pony tail, his hair reached his stomach and it was pitch black like the night's sky. The two demons bowed their heads and waited for their orders.

"You call for us Milord?"

"Yes Lee, you and Lightening are assigned to be my daughter Crystal's guardians."

"Yes Milord."

"As lightening you are unable to talk but, I give you the gift of speech so you can communicate with our children in the future…now me and my wife have to leave, and I want you two to guard Crystal while we are gone…is that understood?"

"Yes milord."

The two bowed again and the black wolf with was known as lightening glowed, when the light disappear the wolf looked over at Tai and gave him a confused looked.

"You are able to speak lightening."

"Thank you Milord."

"We will be leaving…Lee take Crystal to her chambers."

"Yes sir."

When the two guardians left the room Tai when to attend to her wife, he help her take a bath and get dressed. When the two were ready Gwen cast a spell on Kagome so her markings would disappear and she would look like a normal human. Gwen and her husband put on their capes and left their castle they flew towards earth to the shire that Tai had talked about. Upon reaching the shire Gwen began to cry, her heart ached she was giving her daughter to this family so they could raise her. All because of a stupid prophecy.

"It was said that the second daughter of the Goddess of light would give her child away to be to raise by whose who were not of their kind (aka not goddess/gods), she would travel through time to save a world unknown to those who lived in the legends. The first daughter would reunite with the second to help save the world. From great evil the would try to turn the whole world and heaven into eternal darkness."

Gwen at first didn't believe any of this but when she became pregnant she began to have visions of what would become of her children of they didn't follow their destiny. Gwen looked one last time at her daughter as she set Kagome down in a basket and kissed her goodbye. Gwen had attached a note and rang the bell, they hid in the shadows until she saw a lady take their daughter into the house.

(16 years later)

"Mother when will I descend upon earth to see Kagome? I miss her it kills me so many times when she's hurt and I can't help her. I know she will need my help, I just hope I can do it for her."

"Crystal my darling soon it will be time and she will need you to train her…you will do you best in helping her that is all we can hope for right now…you should get ready you will be leaving soon."

"Yes mother."

Kagome had just gotten up from bed, she didn't feel to well and her mother told to stay home. Kagome got dressed brushed her teeth and ate breakfast. She was gathering some things together that she would take with her to the feudal era.

"Ramen, medical kit, medicine, chocolate for Shippo, chips, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, bottles of water, yup everything is here…I think its time that I leave before Inuyasha comes and tries to drag me back."

Kagome looked around the house seeing if by any chance she could have forgotten some thing. She sighed, it was time to go back and continue her shard hunting. Kagome walked out of the house and into the hidden well, she looked down into the darkness of the well. She jumped in when she was surrounded by blue light Kagome knew that she was going back to the feudal era. When she came out she noticed that Inuyasha wasn't there.

"That's strange Inuyasha is usual here by the well waiting for me and yelling about how I'm stupid and late…oh well better for me."

Kagome walked towards Keade's village, when she was near the village Kagome was attacked by a orange puff ball.

"Kagome…I missed you."

"I miss you too Shippo. Where is Sango and Miroku?"

"Sango went to the next village to slay a demon she said that we was going to be back today."

"Alright then what about Miroku?…"


"Never mind I know where he is…"

"Hey Shippo why don't we go to Keade's and wait for everyone to arrive."

"Okay that sounds good."

Kagome and Shippo walked towards Keade's hut Kagome pushed aside the bamboo blinds. Keade was sitting on the floor by the fire she was currently making dinner.

"Kagome child how are you doing today?"

"I am doing good…Keade where is Inuyasha?"

Keade sighed how can she tell Kagome that the one she loved was out in the forest with my died sister. Kagome looked at Keade's face she knew what was going on.

"Its okay Keade I know Inuyasha is with Kikyo right?"

"Yes child Inuyasha saw the soul collectors and followed them."

Crystal was watching over her sister it hurt her to see Kagome was so hurt over the Hanyou Crystal knew that Kagome felt alone and it pained Crystal not to be with her sister. If only she could be down their to comfort her but she knew that it wasn't time for her to descend down to earth just yet, but soon she would see her sister face to face.

"Kagome if I could take all your pain away I would."

Crystal took a deep breathe she began to sing a song that would give her sister strength to face the dog demon until that time the Crystal would get some strengh to face her tough obstacles.

Deep in my soul,

The love's so strong,

It takes control,

Now we both know,

The secret's bared,

The feeling shows.

Driven far apart,

I'll make a wish,

On a shooting star.

There will come a day,

Somewhere far away,

In your arms I'll stay,

My only love.

Even though you're gone,

Love will still live on,

The feeling is so strong,

My only love,

My only love.

There will come a day,

Somewhere far away,

In your arms I'll stay,

My only love.

You've reached the deepest part,

Of the secret in my heart,

I've known it from the start,

My only love,

My only love.

There will come a day,

Somewhere far away,

In your arms I'll stay,

My only love.

You've reached the deepest part,

Of the secret in my heart,

I've known it from the start,

My only love,

My only love.

"Kagome soon we will travel together and all the pain will go away this is a vow that I am making."

Crystal continue to watch her sister Crystal knew that the song was doing her some good. Being twins you have a special bond that not even a mate can replace.

Kagome was sitting by the lake when she heard a lovely song even though the song was sad it was making her feel better. Kagome looked over at her face and she sighed again.

"I will become stronger…if not for me than for my Family and Friends this is a vow that I make."

Shippo walked to the lake and found Kagome sitting by the water he walked over to her.

"Kagome…Sango has come back from her journey."

"Thanks Shippo I am coming."

As Kagome walked to Keade's hut Sango was talking to Keade and Miroku was unconscious on the floor with a smirk on his face. When Kagome entered the hut and noticed Miroku she couldn't help but laugh at Miroku thinking that he would never learn.

"Hey Sango how was your trip."

"It was good the demon I fought was not strong…but I heard some rumours of a Jewel Shards in the east."

"Sounds good I think that whenever Inuyasha gets here we can start traveling I haven't unpacked anything yet so I am good to go."

At that moment Inuyasha had walked into the hut, Shippo sniffed the air and he gave Inuyasha a mean glare. Inuyasha just looked around the hut and didn't say a word. He sat by the fire and waited for any one to speak with him.

"Inuyasha, Sango heard a shard rumoured to be in the east I think that we should check it out…what do you think?"


"I guess that means yes guys…should we head out now?" (Kagome)

"Is every one packed or do we need a few minutes?" (Sango)

"I'm ready." (Miroku)

"Me too." (Shippo)


"Okay then lets get going." (Kagome)

They got there stuff and headed out of the hut so they could continue their journey to collect the jewel shards. They headed to the east Miroku and Sango led the way Kagome and Shippo walking behind them and Inuyasha following from way behind. The day went by and nothing happen so they set up camp for the night.

The next day everyone was a little moody Inuyasha yelled and annoying everyone. Miroku was being his perverted self, Sango and Kagome wanted to beat Inuyasha and Miroku's head in. Shippo was quiet he didn't want to get anyone mad so he just let everyone release their rage away from him.

They continue their long journey they killed a few lesser demons that had jewel shards and also some that were in their way or that were killing a few villages. They were about an hours walk to the next village when Kagome felt something.

"Inuyasha there is a jewel shards coming towards us and coming very fast."

"Guys get ready then."

Out of the trees appeared a dragon demon he was the size of Sesshomaru in his inu form they really had a big fight on their hands. Inuyasha ran towards the demon and swung his sword like a mad man. Sango threw her boomerang at the demon and Miroku threw his sutras at him.

Kagome fired a few of her arrows one missed and two hit the demon on his legs and on his back. The battle seemed to drag on for hours they were all tried and they all we hurt the dragon had a cuts and was bleeding but it wasn't giving up. Kagome fired again her last arrow she prayed that it would hit. The arrow hit the dragon in the chest he was begin to purify his eyes was turning red and he charged towards Kagome.

Crystal was sitting on her cloud she was watching her sister and companies searching for the jewel. She watch as a dragon had appeared and the group were fighting the large beast. She could see that her sister was going to get killed and the hanyou wouldn't reach her in time nor would the monk or the demon slayer to save her. Crystal flew as fast as her wings could carry her. She had to make it on time no matter what would happen to Crystal, Kagome had to be saved.

When the dragon was about to strike Kagome Crystal blocked the attack and placed a barrier around Kagome. Crystal conjured her sword and she began to strike the dragon down she never gave the demon an opportunity to strike her. With her finally attack Crystal surrounded her sword with her miko energy and she thrushes the sword into he demons body and he brushed into flames and was died.

Everyone stared at the women who had save Kagome, she had long black hair that reached to her mid-calf it was tied back. She had blue eyes and she had a symbol on her forehead, and a tear drop on her right cheek. But what made her more interesting was that she had wings. Was she a guardian angel that was to protect Kagome?

"Thank-you milady for saving Kagome." (Miroku)

"Do not worry about it monk…Kagome I would like to speak with you."

"Okay go right ahead."

"It would be best if we talk alone."

"Look here you wench Kagome isn't going nowhere you understand me."

Crystal's eyes began to darken and the sky turned black it was reflecting on it's master's emotions. Her body was glowing red anyone who dared anger a goddess never lived to tell the tale about it.

"What's going on?"

"You! Inuyasha Prince of the western lands, second son of Lord Inu-Tashio, Half brother of Lord Sesshomaru of the western lands…you will listen and listen well. I will not tolerate being disrespected or any of my family members by the likes of you…learn your place and grow-up. This is you only warning next time I will strike you down."

"Why you Bit…"

"I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you. Kagome please come with me."

Inuyasha didn't like that idea of Kagome going off with some strange person but the aura around the girl was strong and the sparks and the red glow didn't disappear yet. Everyone looked at Kagome then to the girl she seemed like she wasn't going to harm Kagome but in this day and time with Naraku and his minions one could only be too cautions. Kagome nodded her head and they walked away from the group so they could talk in a place that was more safe for them. Crystal sat on a flat rock and motioned for Kagome to sit as well.

"Kagome come and sit down with me, I will explain everything to you…first of all I am not mortal, I'm not a angel or youkai, I am a Goddess. The goddess of the heavens. My mother lady Gwen is the goddess of light, and my Father lord Tai is the god of death. When I was born me and my twin were separated after birth because of a prophecy. I came to earth to be with her so we could began a new journey and finish her old one."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"Kagome…you are my twin sister, you little one, you are the goddess of love and justice, I knew that this is too much information but it's true…"

"You have to be kidding. Me a goddess? I'm human, a mortal not a goddess…"

"Kagome give me your hand."

When Crystal took Kagome hands their were sparks in between their joined hands. Kagome could feel power and a strange connection between her and crystal.

"The spell that was placed upon you be lifted, reveal the Goddess you are. Goddess of time go back to the back to the beginning and undo the spell that was done. Reveal Kagome the goddess of love and justice, my twin, second daughter of Lord Tai and Lady Gwen."

Blue light surrounded Kagome and Crystal. Kagome could feel a surge of power flowing through her. When the light died down Kagome's hair was longer about mid-thigh length. On her forehead was the symbol of a half moon and a heart, her clothes had changed she had a dress with flowers at the bottom of her dress. Kagome look at Crystal her eyes glowed with happiness and joy.