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Title: Jealousy and Realization

Chapter: 5: Sharing Pain


Conscience/ Self Doubts




Zavier carried Sunako into an adjoined room she could have sworn wasn't there before. But it's there now and that's all that matters. Kyohei's eyes drag open, and he sees Sunako perched idly next to an elegant and tiny coffee table, her gaze was pulled to Zavier. Kyohei's blood boiled when Zavier purposefully slipped his hand into Sunako's grip, and caressed the flesh between her index and thumb.

Sunako followed her beloved's gaze, and was locked with eyes of pain and anger. It didn't matter their color, their size… Only that she remembered them.

"… Kyohei…"

Zavier stopped stroking her flesh, and gripped her tighter, "What did you just say?"

Sunako blinked at the elegant looking young man, "Let go of me."

The man seemed flabbergasted, he flashed a strong gaze upon her, and she was love struck once more, "Being the chosen Queen of our family, I should have known you would be difficult…"

He motioned for her to stand with him, and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"What I must say is a complete pain in the ass, is that I am restricted from simply," he pushed her hair away from the side of her neck, kissing her bare skin seductively, making her eyelashes flutter sleepily.

Kyohei rattled the chains that bound him, "Get off her!"

Zavier chuckled as he withdrew, "I cannot suck her blood. There is only one way to transform her into The Vampress. She must decide between the two men she loves, it's the prophecy of our family-"

"She'd never go with you! She- I lo-"

"What? You think you love her?" Zavier laughed again, but Sunako went rigid, eyeing the worried blonde before her, "If you loved her so much, none of this would have been possible. I could only do this if she returned your feelings without any possible doubt. So you may love her, but you make her doubt it."

Zavier turned his attention back to Sunako, tracing her jaw with the tips of his fingers, "Think about it, my love. With him, what will you really get? He doesn't really care about anyone, especially not you. Has he ever proven any signs of his feelings? Never definitely. If you go with him, he will be done with you as soon as you have lost your youth-"

"That's not true! Sunako I-"

"With me," He turned her head away from Kyohei's attention, "With me, you could become those which you love truly. A vampire. With me, we would be careless, kill when we want, eat when we want," He traced her neckline in a practiced manner, drawing her lips to his, "Love when we want…"

Sunako let out a helpless gasp.

"Snap out of it Sunako! You're stronger than this. You can't do this! You can't! You can-"

"She must choose!" Zavier snapped, "So shut up. You are merely a mortal," His tone switched to a calm one, "If you wish to be with me, go to him, and desire his blood. You will be able to drink your fill if you truly desire it to be so."

Kyohei let out an uncertain breath as Sunako approached. She brought her face to his neck, the tip of her nose touching his neck, and leveled with him. Their eyes met in a strong gaze.

"Sunako… I…"

They inclined their heads sideways, "I know…"

It was the last thing that left her lips, as she brought a hand to his jaw line, and pulled into him, his lips reached her supple ones, and his tongue penetrated her mouth as it trailed against her bottom lip.

She was awake. No mistaking it, it was Sunako who kissed him back. Her tongue rolled over his. Then they heard gasps.

They broke apart in a startled way. The others had woken up, and Zavier was on the floor, coughing and sputtering like a bad engine.

"How… Could you… Choose that?" Zavier screamed as he heaved, "We were meant for each other! Not this… Mortal!"

Sunako dropped her hand from Kyohei's jaw, as everyone just stared at her curiously as she picked something up from behind him.

She walked over to the man who once entranced her, and brought her head down to his, "How could I not choose him? I… I lo-"

"No!" He never let them say it, he would deny it forever.

"NO! You tricked me! That's the last time I will be tricked into love! A mere mortal is all I need, not some brainwashing demon!"

"We are vampires! And I'll make you one, or die trying!"

"Door number two then!" And just like that, Sunako drove the piece of wood that was behind Kyohei through his chest, penetrating his heart. Somehow she felt the same feeling inside herself… It wouldn't ever stop hurting…

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