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Chapter 1

He stood on a cliff overlooking the land down below. He saw the river running through the valley as it snaked its way around the land, feeding it with some much needed moisture. The land flourished under his rule, it sported different shades of greens showing off the richness of the land.

He was tall of slender build. He was handsome for a demon of his stature and position. His markings included two purple stripes on each side of his cheeks, wrist, hips, and ankles. They were smooth and very well defined. He had a dark blue crescent moon on his forehead showing the prominence of his bloodline.

His face remained expressionless, his eyes void of any emotions. He presented himself with a cold and uncaring heart, as he would destroy anyone that got in his way. He wore a silken hakama and haori of white. He had just a bit of red on his haori as there were three red hexagon that were located just below his collar bone and inside each one there was a white flower.

He wore his father's ancient armor. It was black as it covered his chest and vital organs. The front and back armor plates where held together by a golden/blue sash that he had wrapped around his waist several times.

His tail was long and fluffy. It rested on his right shoulder along with his white pelt. The pelt served as a cover for his tail since it blended well with it.

He became Lord of the Western Lands when his father pasted away 224 years ago. He was considered one of the youngest demons to ever take over their fathers land. He was ready to be this Lord but he was still untrained in this area. He had to lay his trust in his father's oldest and dearest friend, Lord Tususki from the Northern Lands.

Over the centuries he had not steered him wrong. He was almost like a father figure to him and he took his words very seriously. He would always advice him on which direction he needed to take his kingdom but at the same time he let him make his own decisions, on what he wanted to do.

He was currently deep in thought as he watched the birds flying down into the valley. The wind was gently blowing as it was moving his hair around with it. His fluffy white pelt was flowing behind him as he stood on the cliff admiring the view.

He turned as he headed back to his kingdom, his time for self-mediation long gone as he had to get back to his own duties. He was holding court this day for the most prominent demon Lords in the area and surrounding kingdoms. It was their once a year meeting that they held and it was his turn to host it.

He had to drive his servants hard to make sure all the preparations were made on time. He wanted every thing to be perfect for this meeting. He sometimes wished he had a mate that way she could take care of all the details of what the menu had to include.

He gave a small growl deep in his throat. He didn't have time for a mate. He was way too busy with his kingdom to even start looking for a mate. He knew that someday he had to find one. He would need an heir for the Western Lands. He would need to make sure that his father's lands were well taken care of if something were to happen to him.

He shuttered at the thought of leaving everything to that dumb witted half-breed. He had no common sense and his only interest was in a dead clay pot that roamed the land. She should have never been brought back from the dead. He had gotten word on how she was resurrected and he shuttered at the thought. His brother definitely had weird taste in the female company he keeps.

Finally after a day of arguments and settlements that would keep all of the Lords in line and keep the peace in the region, he was free to tend to his other duties. He left his guest to do whatever. The courts concubines will entertain all those who needed entertainment for the night.

He walked into his office and saw the amount of paperwork that was waiting for him, his duties never ceasing for even a moment. He was currently sifting through the mounds of paperwork looking for the most important things that needed his immediate attention, when he heard a knock on his door.

A low growl escaped his lips in frustration. He hated being disturbed for any reason. He calmed down as he yelled, "Enter!"

The door opened to reveal an elder Inu Youkai. He was tall and very well defined. His hair was as silver as his but his markings were different. His stripes were magenta in color. His eyes were the deepest of blue. He looked to be in his mid 50's but in reality he was over 1000 years old.

He walked into his office as he rose from his desk to greet him. Very few people got his respect, he was his father's closets friend and his most trusted advisor. They greeted each other as he motioned for him to sit in the chair in front of his desk. They both sat down as they eyed each other.

Sesshomaru could tell that something was wrong as he waited for Tususki to speak to him. When he didn't start talking he broke the silence by asking, "To what do I owe the honor of this visit, Tususki? Is there anything I can help you with?"

Tususki looked up into the golden eyes of his friend's eldest son. He knew him to be very strong and wise. He has proven himself to be a great Lord to the Western Lands and was keeping his lands safe from this half-breed that seemed to be terrorizing the area.

Tususki sighed as he said, "I have come to you today to remind you that under the current laws, that were enacted when the four Lords came together to protect their lands from invaders, that you have an obligation to sire an heir for the Western Lands, or at least have a mate that will bring about such an heir. I know that you have been busy fighting against this hanyou that seems to be wreaking havoc through this area like the rest of us, but you must understand that unless you take a mate and soon the other Lords will take matters into their own hands."

Sesshomaru was taken by surprise by this bold statement. He knew of his obligations to the rest of the Lords of the lands. He would take a mate but he didn't have the time to look for one. "I understand my responsibilities to the governing Lords, and once this threat is done then I will find a mate. I have not had the time to look for one and I don't see the need for one at the moment."

Tususki looked at the young Taiyoukai in front of him. He was young compared to him, he was strong and very well polished. He was every bit his father's son as he said, "I understand that Sesshomaru, but the other Lords will enforce this law.

If you do not chose a mate then they will either chose one for you or will oust you from your current position. I would rather that my friends land stay with his bloodline, than have someone else put in this position that could threaten the peace that is currently over the lands."

Sesshomaru couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had to deal with so much and now he had to deal with finding a mate that would meet the approval of all the Lords of the land. He was deep in thought when Tususki continued with his train of thought.

"The mate that you chose must produce a powerful heir for this region. Remember that she would have to be approved by the governing Lords before you mate with her. She must prove her worth to be your mate." Said Tususki with a note of sadness in his voice.

"Why would I have to have their approval to mate with a female? I have my own requirements that are a lot stricter than theirs. I can find a female worthy of being lady to this land without the rest of the Lords interfering with my decision." Said Sesshomaru with an edge to his voice. He was pissed that some arrogant youkai would tell him what to do.

Tususki chuckled as he said, "Yes, I know that you can chose the right mate, but some of these pompous old fools want a strong blood line. They want to make sure that if you produce a strong heir that they have a matching male or female for an alliance, making their position even more powerful."

Sesshomaru understood his words. 'So these pathetic demons want a union with my kingdom. They think that I would chose some dim witted demoness to be my mate therefore making their area that much more powerful, or that I would allow a pup of mine to mate with one of theirs. It had been that way when my father had mated with my mother.

She was the daughter to the Lord of this region when my father proved himself to be stronger than any other demon in the area for her hand in marriage. Her father ensured that the lands were very well protected by the strongest demon creating a stronger blood line.'

"Rest assured that I would do what is right for the Western Lands. I will chose a strong mate that will produce a strong heir, but I will make that decision and not those demon Lords that wish to control this Sesshomaru." Said Sesshomaru as he eyed his father's friend sitting in front of him.

Tususki understood what he was saying as he said, "I understand my friend and I have something that might help you in your task. Your father gave it to me for safe keeping until the time that you needed it to find a mate." He reached into his haori and pulled out an old medallion as he handed it to Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru looked at the medallion, it was very old and held great powers. The medallion had a picture of a giant dog on one side. It looked like him when he transforms into his true form, when he turned it over on the other side there was a crescent moon. He could feel the power that radiated from it. It seemed to pulse in his hand as he held it. He looked up from his inspection of the medallion as he eyed the old Taiyoukai waiting for an explanation.

"This medallion will enable you to find the strongest female that is destined for you and would produce a strong heir for the Western Lands. It will start to glow and pulse when you have found her. Listen to it and you will find your mate. Your father used it when he had mated with your mother all those centuries ago. All you have to do is carry it with you and when you see a female it will react when it finds your mate." Tususki looked at Sesshomaru, he saw the look of doubt in his eyes as he looked at the medallion.

Sesshomaru did have his doubts that this medallion would work to find him a mate, but since he didn't have the time to look for one it wouldn't hurt to carry it to see what it thought would be a perfect match for him. He looked up from the medallion as he looked at Tususki and said, "Very well, I will carry it with me, but the final decision will be mine on who I chose to be my mate."

Tususki bowed his head to Sesshomaru as he stood to leave, but before he left his office he said, "Sesshomaru, don't take too long in finding a mate. You only have one year to find one or else the governing Lords will do it for you."

"Why one year? Why do I have to find a mate so quick?" asked Sesshomaru with an edge to his voice. He hated being pushed into something that he really didn't want to do right now.

"Because the law clearly states that you must be mated by the end of 225 years of ruling the land. It will prevent the lands from ending up without an heir and the rest of them fighting over who will take over once the current ruler is gone." Said Tususki. He knew that Sesshomaru knew nothing of this law and he had already been Lord for 224 years. Unless he found a mate within the next year he would lose everything.

Tususki turned and left Sesshomaru to his thoughts. The young pup had a lot to think about. He was very sure that he would look up this law and see if he could get out of it, but he knew better. The law was iron clad and he had no choice, he hated to remind him of this but he had to make sure that the Western Lands remained in his bloodline. He owed it to his dead friend.

Sesshomaru looked on as he saw Tususki leave his office. He had told him some very disturbing things and he had to go and find this law to read what it actually said. He sat back down and finished going through all the paperwork on his desk as he got rid of the most important things that needed his attention.

Once this was done he headed out of his office and headed for the library. He looked on the shelves of his vast collection of books as he looked for this law that Tususki had told him about. When he found the appropriate book he pulled it from the shelf and started to read what this law said.

Once he finished reading what the law had to say he sat back in his chair and sighed, 'I have no choice. I have to find a mate within the next year or risk losing my kingdom to those fools. She will have to prove her worth in a test of strength and knowledge. So not only will the female have to have all of his requirements but she would have to be strong and smart.'

He sighed this was not going to be easy. It was well know that the females in this time were not educated at all. The education was left for the son's of the Lords. He had yet to meet a demoness that held these qualities. The demonesses he had meet so far only wanted one thing, they wanted to bed him for his title and nothing else. They had no desire in being his mate. They only wanted the title they would receive when they became the lady of the land.

He was very picky about the mate he would take. He had Rin and the mate he would pick would have to be a mother to her. Most demoness in the castle didn't want anything to do with the young human child. He protected her because it was the Tenseiga that had compelled him to save her that day. There was a reason why the sword had chosen her and he would protect her until she came of age.

His life suddenly became more complicated. Not only did he had to deal with Naraku but now he had to deal with finding a mate that was worthy of the Western Lands. He was tired, this was just too much information for him to absorb in one day. He decided to retire for the night as he walked out of his library heading toward his bedchambers.

Maybe having a mate was not such a bad idea after all. He could use the comfort of one once the long day had ended. As of late he was not sleeping as much. He really didn't need it, as he would go days without sleeping. He would rest his body to let it regain some of its energy so that he could continue with his duties the next day.

He laid in his bed as he looked at the medallion that he had in his hand. 'Hmm, maybe this thing will help me in finding a mate that would be a suitable mother to Rin and a mistress to the Western Lands. If father had used it to find my mother then I could use it to find my mate.' He would carry it with him until he could locate a suitable mate.

Morning came and Sesshomaru had not slept at all during the night. His body was rested which is all he required. He got up and got dressed. He was going out to patrol his lands and make sure that Naraku was nowhere near his lands.

His guest had finally left his castle and he was free to do his other duties. He went to find Rin to tell her that he was leaving. He walked out into the garden as he saw the small girl picking flowers. He smiled inwardly she was always picking flowers for him.

Rin looked up from what she was doing when she saw her Lord coming her way. She got up and ran to him with the flowers she had picked for him. She was very happy to see him as she ran towards his tall form and yelled, "Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! Rin has picked these flowers for you."

Sesshomaru looked at the little girl. She always had a bright smile on her face and her eyes always held such life in them. She was a special little girl and he didn't know why he had kept her instead of giving her away to her own kind. Maybe it was that toothless smile she gave him when she was trying to take care of him when he was hurt.

He accepted the flowers that she had for him. He always did as he said to her, "Rin, I have to go away for a little while. I want you to behave and listen to Jaken."

Rin smiled as she said, "Rin will be good. Rin will listen to Jaken."

Sesshomaru turned to the toad that was his servant and said, "Jaken, I will be leaving to patrol the lands. You are to stay and protect Rin from any harm. Is that understood?"

Jaken was shaking from fear. He knew that if anything happened to this young girl his Lord would eat him alive. "Yes my Lord, I will look after her. You can trust this Jaken to take care of the girl."

"Good, because you know what will happen if you fail in your duty to protect Rin." Said Sesshomaru with an edge to his voice.

The toad understood his threat and he would protect the girl from any harm.

Sesshomaru turned and left the garden. He was heading out on patrol and he couldn't take the young girl with him. He could always travel faster without her along and under the circumstances he needed for her to be safe. Naraku had already tried to take her from him and he was not willing to let any harm come to her.

He continued walking until he left his castle and put a protective barrier around it to protect it. He had no particular area in mind as he walked his lands. He traveled to different parts of his lands and the medallion he was carrying had not reacted at all to any of the demonesses he had met.

'Maybe, I'm looking in the wrong place for my mate. I have been looking to all the noble houses on my land for a suitable mate and checking to see if Naraku is anywhere near my lands. Maybe I need to head in another direction to see if I can pick up anything on that hanyou.' Thought Sesshomaru as he left another settlement and headed in another direction.

He was currently standing on a cliff looking down over the land that was before his eyes. Everything looked calm and peaceful. He didn't sense any danger nearby as he continued to travel. He masked his scent and his aura to prevent anyone from detecting him.

He caught the scent of his brother as it drifted in with the wind. He headed in that direction to see if he had any knowledge of where Naraku might be.

After traveling for about 20 minutes he finally found him and his little group of friends. He was currently in an argument with the strange human female. He had her reduced to tears as she was yelling at him.

He smirked when he saw the girls anger flair and subdue his arrogant brother. He had wondered how much more she would take before she would subdue him.

He kept his distance from them as he followed. He was trying to get information that would lead him to Naraku. He saw the young human girl with the strange clothes stiffen as she said that she detected jewel shards in the area. The group took off in the direction that the ningen indicated as he followed.

He was curious to see what his brother and his group were going to be doing to retrieve this jewel. He didn't have to wait for very long when they came across the demon that had the jewel shard.

He saw as his brother, the monk, and the Taijiya take off to fight the demon as they left the other human female alone in the forest. They were having a hard time with the demon. He saw them all go down as the girl stepped out from the safety of the forest and aimed her arrow at the demon. He saw her aura flare as she let her arrow go.

Sesshomaru eyes opened wide when he saw the power that the arrow held as it flew through the air and hit the demon in the chest. It purified the demon on the spot as it yelled in pain before it disappeared. The girl walked over to where the demon was standing and retrieved the shards that lay on the ground.

He observed that the shards were black, meaning that they had been defiled. He knew that the shards were tainted with malice as he looked on with interest. The human female had gone over to where the shards laid and picked them up. Once she held them in her hand the shards instantly purified. The jewel fragments had gone to a pure white in color indicating that they were pure again.

He had no idea that this human female was a priestess and a powerful one. 'So my half-breed brother is not as dumb as I thought. The company he keeps are strong fighters and the girl is able to detect the jewel shards. She is powerful for a priestess; I never knew that she held this kind of power.

Sesshomaru came out of his musing to notice that the medallion he was wearing was glowing inside his haori. He pulled it out as he looked at it. It was glowing a golden color. "Why is this thing reacting? Who does it think should be my mate?"

There were only two females in the area and it was hard to tell which one it was reacting to since both females were currently located in the same place. He would have to see which one of these two females it thought should be his mate.

He watched as his brother and his group left to go and find a suitable place to bed down for the night. He followed making sure he masked his aura and his scent from his brother. He didn't want to fight him at the moment.

He had given up a long time ago on taking Tetsusaiga away from his brother once he discovered why his father had given it to him. It was a fate worse than death and unless he had the sword with him he could turn full youkai and destroy everything in sight. He didn't want his family name being dragged through the mud so he had decided to let him keep the sword. Plus he had Tokijin and that's all he needed.

He watched as the group settled down for the night. The medallion was still glowing a golden color but the females had not separated and he couldn't tell which one it was glowing at. He was getting frustrated. 'Don't these females ever separate to do anything?'

He waited patiently and then to his surprise the females separated and went in different directions. He followed the Taijiya wondering if the medallion was reacting to her. She was strong for a female and she had fighting skills. He saw her stop as she was collecting wood for the fire. He looked at his medallion but the glow had gone away from it.

He frowned, 'Is this thing telling me that it's the other human that is suppose to be my mate?' He headed toward the other female as he found her near the river getting some water in some strange containers. He stopped, as he stood on a tree branch and looked at what she was doing. He looked down at the medallion and sure enough it was glowing gold again. It was glowing more brightly the closer he got to this human female.

'Curious its telling me that this strange female is the one that is suppose to be my mate. But how can she be my mate? She is weak and not that strong, she will never be able to with stand the trial that the other youkai Lords would put her through. But she does have a certain kind of power that is deep within her. She is untrained and with the correct training she could become much stronger.' He mused as he looked at the young girl.

He remembered seeing her before. She was a lot younger back then. But what most caught his eye was that she didn't back down from him. He had smelled her fear but she still held her ground and this intrigued him.

His ears caught the sound of something very pleasing as he looked at the girl. She was humming a song. He heard the inflections of her voice as she carried a perfect tune to the strange song she was singing. When she was done she headed back towards her friends. He eyed her from a distance as he watched everything that she was doing.

He saw that she was paying attention to the little kit that was with the group. She tended to him like a mother would and saw to all of his needs. She was sitting by the fire as she held the child in her lap and was teaching him how to read. He could hear all of her encouragement to the kit as she continued with her lessons.

He heard his arrogant brother yell, "Why are you teaching him how to read? You know that it's not going to do him any good in this life. The only thing he needs to learn is how to fight so he could protect himself and quit hiding behind you so you could protect him!"

He saw the female get angry as she yelled back and said, "Just because you don't want to learn how to read and write doesn't mean that Shippo should suffer. At least if he could read he won't be taken for a fool when he is told to sign a piece of paper that might take his land away from him! There is no shame in being educated and if you want I can always teach you."

Inuyasha just, "Feh!" as he leaped into the trees and headed away from the group, he had spotted Kikyou soul collectors in the area and he was heading in that direction.

Sesshomaru saw the sadness in the girl's eyes when she saw the soul collectors. He saw her take a deep breath and continued her lessons with the kit.

'This is impressive. A female that is educated. Females in this time are not educated, that right is reserved for the males of the strong family lines.' Thought Sesshomaru as he continued to watch the girl with interest.

He settled in the tree as he continued to watch what this female did for the remainder of the evening. He saw as her friends tried to console her for the way the hanyou was acting. He saw her put up a good front as she said that she was all right with it but he knew better. He could smell the sadness in her scent and this scent was not very appealing.

She didn't smell like the other females from around here. Her scent was very pleasing to his nose, as it smelled of sandalwood and honey.

Once the kit was asleep he heard her talking to her friends, "Hey Miroku, Sango, I think I will go back home for a few days and restock on supplies and medicine. I'm running low on these things plus I have some test that I have to take."

"Sure Kagome, we could all use a few days rest from hunting jewel shards. With the three that we got today that puts us ahead of Naraku in finding the rest of them. You can take Kilala, she will take you to the well in the morning." Said Sango as she eyed her friend with interest.

"Umm, Sango would you mind if I took her now so I can go home without Inuyasha knowing about it. You know he is going to get mad when I tell him that I want to leave. He always does." Said Kagome with concern in her voice. She wanted to leave before Inuyasha came back to camp. She couldn't stand to be near him once he came back from seeing Kikyou.

Sango turned to Kilala and asked, "Kilala, can you take Kagome back to the well tonight?"

The little cat demon agreed as she transformed into her bigger form and Kagome got on. She turned to her friend and said, "Sango, please look after Shippo for me. I know that you can protect him from Inuyasha. He is going to be mad when he comes back but I don't care at this point. I will see you in three days time."

Kilala then took off heading toward the well with Kagome, as her friends looked on with sadness in their eyes.

"I wonder when Inuyasha will learn that he hurts Kagome every time he goes after Kikyou." Said Miroku as he saw Kilala fading form in the distance.

Sango looked at the monk and said, "I don't know. Some times people don't realize what they have until they lose it. By the time Inuyasha realizes what is happening Kagome will be gone and he will not be able to do anything about it. He can't have the both of them and he knows it, but he does try."

Sesshomaru heard enough as he took off after the strange human. He wanted to see where she was going. He followed at a distance not wanting the cat demon to detect his presence.

He saw the cat land in a clearing where there was an old well. The girl got off the cat as she said her thanks and told her that she would see her in three days time. The cat purred gently as she turned and went back towards her owner.

Kagome watched as she saw Kilala returning to the group. Tears were coming out of her eyes as she turned and walked towards the well.

Sesshomaru watched with interest as he saw the girl walk over to the well. She sat down on the ledge of the well and then jumped down. He saw a bright blue light as he landed next to the well and looked in. He was expecting to see her at the bottom of the well but to his surprise she was gone.

'Is this a magical well? Where did she go?' Sesshomaru thought as he continued to look down into the well. He jumped in to see if he could follow her but he just landed softly at the bottom of the well. 'Very curious, it only allows the girl to travel through it.'

He jumped back out of the well as he stood there and looked down. He would have to come back in three days time to see if she comes back. He left that area as he headed back toward his brothers group. He knew that his brother would be mad and he wanted the entertainment.

He arrived back at his brother's location as he settled on a tree branch to watch what was going to happen. He saw his brother come back in the early morning hours to find that the wench was gone. He was right, he was mad that she had left as the rest of the group tried to prevent him from leaving and going after her.

"Inuyasha, you must give Kagome time to calm down. You know we were running low on supplies anyway and that last fight took a great deal out of us." Said Miroku as he watched his friend.

"She had no right to go home when we still have to get the rest of the jewel shards. We are now ahead of Naraku in the amount of shards we have collected. With her being gone for three days he could pick up more." He said with frustration in his voice.

"Well maybe the next time you will think about the jewel shards before you go running off to meet Kikyou in the middle of the night. You know how upset Kagome gets when you run off like a puppy when she summons you.

You don't care at all about Kagome! She is just a jewel shard detector to you and I don't know why she even stays to help us." Said Sango with rage. She was about to let go of her anger as she grabbed her Hiratsu and got ready to pound Inuyasha with it.

The hanyou seemed to rethink his position within the group as he settled down to wait for the wench to come back. He knew that Sango could do serious damage if she really wanted to and it was his fault that Kagome had left. He knew that she would always get upset every time he would run off to meet Kikyou.

Sesshomaru had enough as he got up from the tree branch he was sitting in and headed back to the Western Lands. He had to go back to see that everything was all right and he needed to do some research. If this medallion was correct in what it was telling him, then he would have to find out as much as he could about miko's. He knew that this one was powerful and he didn't want to get purified trying to mate with her.

Then a thought struck him. She was human and he didn't like humans except the little girl that was his charge. He sighed his life just got a little more complicated. But he remembered that this strange female was going to be back in three days time and he wanted to be at the well to confront her when she came back. He wanted to know where she went when she went down the well.

He arrived back in the Western Lands in the early hours of the morning. He went straight to his library as he started to look for books on miko's. He pulled several books from the shelf as he put them on a table, sat down, and started to read.

It was in the middle of the day when he finally found the book that told him what he wanted to know. He was surprised at what he read. There were at least 7 different kinds of miko's. They ranged from healers to defensive miko's who used their powers to protect the people of the land from demons.

"But the rarest of all miko's was the one with the purest heart. It is said that this miko possesses all of the characteristics of the other 6. They are the most sort after by youkai for if a youkai was to mate with one of pure heart it will produce a strong offspring." Said Sesshomaru out loud as he read what the book had in it.

He leaned back in his chair and was deep in thought. 'This is very interesting indeed. I will have to find out what type of miko she is and then I will be able to determine if she will produce the heir I want. If she is the one destined to be my mate then I can stand mating with her until she produces a pup. After that I will not have any use for her. She can raise the pup and once its of age she can leave.'

He looked down at the book he was reading as he read the next paragraph. A cold chill settled on him when he read what it said, "In order for the youkai to mate with a miko of pure heart she must give herself fully. She must give her mind, body, and soul to the demon she mates with or she will never produce an heir.

Although this type of miko is the most rare they never give their mind, body and soul to a demon. They are distrustful of these demons for they know what they want from them. But if this miko accepts the demon as her mate she will be granted the same life span as the mate."

Sesshomaru didn't know what to think about this next piece of information. If this female was the miko of a pure heart he would have to seduce her. He would have to make her fall in love with him and give herself freely to be his mate.

He sat in his library and thought for a good portion of the day. He didn't know if he could seduce this female. He could barely remember what she looked like and this frustrated him to no end.

Then he had a thought. He would worry about what to do once he found out what kind of miko she was. She might not be this special miko that the book talks about. If this was the case then it should be easy enough to get her to mate with him and produce an heir.

He got up from the chair he was sitting in as he grabbed the book that told him about the different kinds of miko. He walked to a bookshelf at the back of the library as he reached up and grabbed a book and pulled it down. It opened to reveal another door as he opened it and stepped through. He continued going down the small hallway as he reached the end. He raised his hand up and pushed a stone on the wall. A secret door opened for him as he stepped through and closed the door behind him.

He continued going down the narrow passage as he reached another room. Upon him entering the candles lit to illuminate the room. The room was full of books that he kept hidden from everyone. These books belonged to his father and they were the source of his powers.

The books held the spells and incantations that his father used to get rid of his enemies. He walked around the room until he found what he was looking for. He pulled the book from the shelf as he sat down in the only chair and started to read.

After looking though the endless amount of books on his shelf he finally found what he was looking for. He would need to start working on this potion soon for it needed a day to sit before he could use it. The instructions were very simple and so were the ingredients. The most difficult part was how to administer the potion to the intended victim.

Not only did he have to figure a way to use it but the instructions also said that the victim had to be enraged before the potion was given. It was the only way to determine what type of miko the girl was.

He started on the potion to make sure he had it by the time the girl returned from wherever she had gone. He would have two days to think about how to effectively give it to her and how to get her mad enough before he did.

"I could always have Inuyasha insult her and then give her the potion." He said softly to himself. Then a thought came to mind as a slight smile appeared on his handsome face. A smile that was never seen by the demons living in the castle for he never showed his emotions. He started to formulate his plan on what he was going to do once the human female returned.

He left the room he was in as he made his way up towards his bedchambers. When he emerged from the passage he saw that it was in the middle of the night. He continued to walk as the servants of the castle greeted their Lord's return. They asked if he wished food to be brought up to his chambers but he declined the offer.

He stopped at Rin's room as he opened the door to look in on his ward. She was asleep as he walked over to her and sniffed. She seemed to be unharmed as he pulled the covers over her so she wouldn't get cold. He then walked out in silence as he shut the door behind him and went into his room.

He was tired but he knew that sleep would elude him again tonight. He would just rest his body so it recovered its energy for the things he would have to do. His left arm was hurting him today meaning that it was growing again.

Growing an appendage was a long and tedious process. It could take centuries to grow a new one. From time to time it would hurt and at times he could feel that he had his arm back again. He knew that this was just left over memories of when he had both arms but for now he would make due with what he had. If he hadn't underestimated his brother he would've never lost his arm, but such things are in the past and there is nothing he could do about it.

He laid in his bed as he continued to plot what he was going to do once the ningen got back. He knew what he wanted to do but it would be dangerous. If what he read was true then this potion could endanger the girl's life, but he had no choice he had to find out what type of miko she was so he knew how to proceed with the mating ritual.

He sighed it was going to be a long two days before he saw that girl again.


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