Chapter 42

It took Kagome and Sesshomaru four days to finally recover from the battle. They had weakened so much that their pups were beginning to think that they would not make it.

After the second day they had sent word to Tususki and Inuyasha that their parents had survived the final battle but they were greatly weakened. Tususki and Inuyasha arrived at the western castle to see if they could help Sesshomaru and Kagome.

But their efforts were in vein as they had recovered on their own. They were still weak but they were getting stronger. They were preparing for the visit from the humans that had sent those priests to destroy them. They knew it was just a matter of time before they showed up.

The word had already spread throughout the Western Lands that the Lord and Lady of the Land have meet their demise. They were gone and their people felt their loss. You could feel the uproar going over the land. They wanted vengeance on the ones that killed their Lord and Lady. They had cared for them deeply and wanted them back. The land was in turmoil over their loss and the people were rebelling against the human priests that did this.

The minor human lords were gathering their armies to go and fight these fools. These foreigners had gotten rid of the demons and they were going to make them pay. They were happy the way they were and then these idiots had to come in and ruin everything they held dear to their hearts.

Sesshomaru and Kagome heard the uproar of the lands. They knew that the humans were going after the priests that had killed them. They couldn't let the lands get destroyed as they set out to calm them.

They quickly made themselves known as the new Lord and Lady of the West and quailed any uprising. It was hard at first but when they said that they had known their previous lord and were asked to take care of the lands if something was to happen to them, the humans relented.

They showed them that they cared for the people of the lands as they normally did. Kagome would walk among the villagers and when she would play with the children they saw her caring heart. She quickly won the humans over as everything settled back down.

It took the foreigners two weeks to finally get to the western castle. It was not easy to find if Sesshomaru did not let them find it. It was very well protected. Only a select few knew of the castles location. They had set up a fake castle and kept the location of the real one a secret. When the humans were finally escorted to him they found a powerful Lord that had taken over the territory and were surprised at the way the humans protected him.

Sesshomaru's soldiers surrounded the intruders as they brought them to their Lord. Sesshomaru stood tall as he looked at the humans in front of him. He was in his human form and he looked just like his brother.

His hair was black and it came down to about the middle of his back. He wore a dark blue hakama and haori with a golden sash. His impressive height scared the foreigners as he stood there staring at them with cold blue eyes.

He stood there for a moment longer, eyeing the intruders, as he said, "You are trespassing on my lands. State your business."

This person standing in front of them had taken command of the West. The humans had come from the East in hopes of getting control of the Lands. This Lord was very powerful and in a short period of time he had complete control over this region. They had been captured the moment the entered the Western Lands and were brought straight here.

The foreigner that was in charge cleared his throat as he said, "We came here in hopes of getting a trade agreement with you so we could do business."

Sesshomaru raise an elegant eyebrow, as he said, "No you came here in hopes of getting the Western Lands. But as you can see I have complete control over this region and I'm not about to let you have it.

You are foreigners and know nothing of the way we do things here and if you think you could go to the north or south and take over their territories then think again. My brother has control over the South as my ally has control of the North. We will not give up these lands to the likes of you."

Sesshomaru noticed the shocked look on the foreigner's faces. They didn't think that anyone knew what they were planning. They had traveled here in hopes of controlling the Western Lands. The Western Lands had a wealth that they could only dreamed of. The person that controlled these lands controlled the rest, because the other two lands would listen to the Lord of the West.

They were surprised that he had a brother that controlled the South and their ally controlled the North. He looked behind the man standing in front of them as they eyed the other two humans standing there. Two of them looked almost alike and the other was slightly older than the other two, so they gathered that these were the other two lords that he spoke of.

They started to think that maybe they could take them out. They did have powerful priests with them as the leader of the group turned to the others and whispered his commands. The priests nodded their understanding of his order, as they got ready to attack.

Kagome was standing behind Sesshomaru and the others as she observed what was going on down below. Her mate was busy talking to Tususki and Inuyasha to notice that the priests were about to attack.

Kagome leaned over and whispered to her daughter what she was going to do. Her daughter nodded her understanding, as she got ready to help her mother. Kagome stepped forward as a low growl escaped her lips to get her mates attention.

She saw the priests attack as she countered with her own powers. Her powers had grown in strength again as she protected all there in front of the castle.

Sesshomaru had heard his mates warning as he quickly turned around to see an attack coming his way. He saw his mate counter as she protected everyone there. He noticed that his daughter had put a barrier around the humans as he stared at them with hard cold eyes. When the youkai looked at their lord they noticed that his eyes had gone blood red with anger. These fools had no idea what they had done.

Kagome stepped forward as she slowly raised her hand. She was muttering a spell under her breath as she let it go. She had grabbed the leader of the group as she raised him high into the sky.

Her temper was getting the best of her as she said, "How dare you attack the ruling lords of the lands! Do you think that they are so weak as to let foolish foreigners such as yourselves attack them?"

The human that was hanging in the air looked at Kagome as he mumbled under his breath, "You're a miko!"

Kagome smirked as she said, "No I'm not just a miko, I'm a pure heart miko. I'm much stronger than the former Lady of the West."

The foreigners were shocked to hear this as another one of the priest asked, "If you are more powerful than the former Lady of the West why didn't you fight against them?"

Kagome turned to the priest that was talking to her as she said, "Because the former Lady of the West had a kind heart. She cared for everyone on the lands and took care of them. She didn't care if they were humans or demons she took care of them no matter what. You came here with your prejudice and took all that away from the people of the West. You destroyed the demons their wishes and now you will have to deal with us. We will not be as easy as the Demon Lord used to be. We will have no problems killing the likes of you to keep our lands safe."

Sesshomaru was listening to everything that was going on. These fools had dared to attack him in his own home. He looked at them with heated eyes as he signaled his soldiers. He looked at his mate as he said, "Release them."

Kagome complied with his wishes as she let the fool drop to the ground with a thud.

Sesshomaru then turned his attention to the humans that were in front of him and said, "You are to leave our lands and never return. I am giving you your lives. Trespass on our lands again and we will show no mercy. Your kind is not wanted here."

Sesshomaru signaled his commander as their soldiers formed a circle around the intruders. They escorted them all the way out of the castle grounds. They continued to follow them until they left the Western Lands.

Their plans for taking over this region were now void. They had no choice but to go back to the East and maybe workout some trade agreements with these new lords. The foreigners knew they were defeated as they left the Western Lands.

Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Tususki were still in control of the lands and everything is as it should be.


In the months that followed Sesshomaru got his lands under control. He squashed any uprising that was happening in the lands as everyone fell into the new human rule.

The foreigners had returned to the Eastern Lands and had contacted the ruling Lords of the North, South, and West. They wished for a trade agreement with them so they could buy their goods.

Sesshomaru was in his study thinking about what these humans wanted. He had called for his mate to come and see him. When she arrived he asked her opinion on what they should do with the foreigners.

Kagome thought about what her mate had asked. She looked at him as she said, "Sesshomaru I still think that having a trade agreement with the foreigners will benefit us in the long run. If you go with the humans that I told you about the last time then the three lands will be set for the future."

Kagome continued to think as she got another idea. "Mate I could give you the knowledge to speak to these humans. I have been working on a spell to transfer information from one person to another. I think that I can do it if you will allow me."

Sesshomaru raise an eyebrow in surprised. He didn't think that such a thing was possible as he agreed to her request.

Kagome got up from her chair as she walked over to her mate. She placed her forehead on his as she let their crescent moons touch. She concentrated on the information to transfer as she started to glow a dark blue in color. She transferred the information he needed plus something else that she was currently thinking about. When she was done she stepped away from her mate as she looked at him to make sure he was all right.

Sesshomaru grinned as he received the knowledge from his mate. He also got the other image that she had sent as he smiled at her. He quickly reached and grabbed her around her waist as he pulled her into his lap.

Kagome squealed with joy as she landed on his lap and she looked into his blood red eyes. She now knew that her spell worked because she saw the lust that he had in his eyes for her.

Sesshomaru was very aroused at the image that his little vixen of a mate had sent him. It brought his blood to a boil as he grabbed her and looked deep into her eyes. He spoke in French to her as he said, "So you think that you can subdue this Sesshomaru so easy by sending him that image. I will enjoy proving you wrong."

He leaned down and kissed her with such passion that Kagome just melted into his arms. She never noticed when he left the study and returned to their room. He started to show her who was the dominant mate in the Western Lands.


Two months had passed and they were back in the Eastern Lands. Tususki and Inuyasha had received the knowledge that she had given her mate. They could now speak to the foreigners and understand what they were saying.

Before they went to the East they had to settle the issue with the Southern Lands. Since the demons were now gone from the lands the rules for the Taiyoukai had changed. If Inuyasha was to make the decisions for the trades that the Southern Lands would receive he would have to have complete control over the lands.

They had meet in the Western Lands to discuss this issue, before the trade meeting with the foreigner, and settle the matter of the Southern Lands.

Tususki had agreed that the youkai laws no longer applied to them under these circumstances. They would have to draw up new agreements that would aid them in the future. The issue of the Southern Lands fell on Kagome. Since she was the Lady of the South the decision would have to be hers on what she wanted to do.

Kagome agreed to give the Lands to Inuyasha if he promised to take care of its people. Inuyasha agreed to her term and he was finally in charge of the Southern Lands as its Taiyoukai.

When the trade meeting was about to start the ruling lords made it known that they could speak their language and there was no need to have an interpreter. The foreigners were impressed as they set about to have new trade agreements made between the ruling lords.

They would stop every so often to ask Kagome's opinion on things when they had no knowledge of what they were talking about. She would explain to them what they meant and whether to go further in the trade.

By the time they were done. Tususki had made deals that would provide his lands with all manner of textiles. Inuyasha, for his lands, acquired all manner of foods, herbs, and textile that would improve his lands.

Sesshomaru being the demon that he was traded for the knowledge that they had at the time. He also got some textile, medicine, and foods that his mate had requested. They each walked out of the meeting getting what they wanted for their lands. They would continue to trade with these foreigners for many years to come.


As years passed knowledge and technology was slowly being introduced to the North, South, and West. The youkai lords continued to develop their lands but not too rapidly. They still worried about the trees and the forest that provided so many with some much needed warmth, housing, and light.

They were seeing the changes in the lands as it started to move into the modern age.

Kagome was still working hard on her research and making the medicine that would cure so many when the disease would finally show itself to them. They had so far met every epidemic that has threatened so many from their lands.

Kagome was beginning to be recognized as a great healer that had knowledge about every disease that was known in the land. She had a cure for just about everything that showed up. She did encounter some diseases that were not known in her era. These were particular to demons as she worked to find a cure to their illnesses.

Many demons would come to the castle so she could heal their illness. The healers that were with her often went to help tend to the youkai. They found many cures for the illnesses that plagued them. Some of the youkai they couldn't save from their disease and some died before they finally found a cure and got it under control.

She still had the biggest collection of herbs in the country and she used her knowledge of these herbs to make her medicine.

She would work long into the night until she would find solutions to their particular illness.

Sesshomaru started to notice that his mate was not in their room when he would come to bed at night. Sometimes she wouldn't show up until he was already there. When he would ask where she was she would simply state that she was taking care of a sick youkai that she had no cure for.

Sesshomaru was starting to get curious about the things she did around the castle. He would go days without really seeing her. The only time they would see each other, and it would be briefly, was in the morning when they woke up in bed together.

It had been months since they had let their inner inu out so they could be together. Before the Holy Wars they would often go out at night, as they would transform into their true forms and race across the lands. They would enjoy each other's company as they would run and play around the lands. It was the only time that Sesshomaru could forget that he was lord and just have fun with his mate.

He wanted to have these feelings again. His inner inu wanted to be with his mate as he longed for her. He waited until she came into their chambers and asked, "Kagome where have you been?"

Kagome looked at her mate as she sighed. She didn't want to tell him about her research and the trouble she was having finding a cure for the youkai that were sick. "I was trying to find the answer to an illness that the demons have and I can't seem to figure it out. The more I think about it the harder it is to find the answer that I'm looking for."

Sesshomaru walked up to his mate as he held her in his arms. He whispered into her ear, "Then maybe you need a break from all of this in order to think clearly. I sometimes find that if you step away from a problem and think about something else you will find the answer to your questions."

Kagome thought about what he had said and it made sense. She had been going none stop trying to find a cure that had so many sick. She looked at her mate as she purred, "Maybe you're right. If I take a break from this maybe I can think clearly again."

Sesshomaru growled as he picked her up in his arms as he said, "Good so now we can leave."

Before Kagome could protest his actions he had encased them in his golden globe as they streaked across the sky. They were unnoticed by all as they flew through the sky heading toward the north and the sanctuary that Tususki had given her when they mated all those years ago.

Kagome was not happy about being taken away from the sick as she started to protest. "Sesshomaru what are you doing? I can't leave the castle now when I have so many sick youkai there. What…" she never got to finish what she was saying as he caught her in a heated kiss.

She submitted to him as his growls soothed her. His high-pitched whine was calling for her inner inu as she fought to be released. Kagome lost her battle to keep her subdued as she came forth to be with her mate. Their eyes glowed a blood red as their inner inu were released so they could have some time together.

They transformed as they took off into the night so they could relax in each other's presence. Since the land was protected they didn't have to worry about someone seeing them in their true form. They stayed in the barrier as they enjoyed each other. They relaxed as they forgot about the worries of being Lord and Lady and just enjoyed their time together.

When morning came Kagome woke up to find herself in bed with her mate. She didn't remember much about last night but she did notice that she didn't have any clothes on. She knew that she was not in the castle as she recognized the house that Tususki had given her. She figured that Sesshomaru had brought them here last night in order for her to relax and think about something else.

She started to get out of bed when she was pulled into a hard chest and kept there. She sighed she knew she was not going to be able to leave her mates embrace when he was like this. She waited for him to go back to sleep. When she thought that he had gone back to sleep she tried to move again. This time however she was pushed on her back as sweet hot lips came crashing down on hers.

He was very demanding as she gave into his lust. She was pinned under him as he ravished her body and brought it back to life. They stayed like that for a couple of days when she finally felt that her mate had left their bed.

Kagome stirred as she sat up in bed and looked for her mate. When she didn't see him she went to the hot springs to get cleaned up. She was bathing when she felt strong hands encircle her body as she was brought into a hard chest. She sighed as she relaxed into his hold. His hands were roaming all over her body as he bathed her.

Once he was done they went and sat in the hot springs for a while. He was keeping her close as he was gently rubbing her back in circles. It was so relaxing to her that she closed her eyes in pure ecstasy.

Sesshomaru looked down at his mate as he felt how relaxed she was in his arms. It had been a while since they had been together. There inner inu were as calm as they were while they sat and relaxed in the hot springs. He had hoped that he got her mind off what she was doing so she could think clearly.

When they were done soaking in the hot springs they both got out and got dressed. Kagome prepared some food prior to them heading back to the Western Lands.

Kagome was walking in her gardens to clear her mind. Her mate's idea to come here was a good one for it cleared her mind on what she was trying to figure out about the illness that had so many youkai sick.

She reached her herb garden as she looked at all of the herbs she had there. She saw one particular herb that she never knew she had. Something clicked in her mind as she grabbed some of this herb. This herb was the missing ingredient that she needed to find a cure. She didn't have this particular herb in her gardens back home as she took some plants back with her so they could be planted there.

When they returned to the Western castle Kagome went one way and Sesshomaru went in another direction to get his work done.

Kagome went to the upper levels of her domain and found the other healers there as she said, "Here use this herb and mix it with the other herbs that we have. I think that this is what we need to cure that illness."

The healers did as they were told as they got the first batch of medicine ready. They tested it on a patient and to their surprise the youkai started to get better from the medicine they had made. They jumped for joy as they finally found the cure for the disease that was hurting so many.

They gave all of the sick youkai the medicine as they were all healing. When they were all cured they left the castle hoping to never see them again.

Kagome was happy that she was finally able to find the cure that had hurt so many. She made sure that she wrote down what the disease was and how to cure it in one of the many books that she kept.

The months passed and Sesshomaru continued to see that his mate would get up when he would and then she would come back late at night as they would meet about the same time to go to bed. He was now curious about what she did all day. So he decided to follow her to see what her day was like.

Once they had eaten together in the morning he watched as she walked away from him. The first thing she did was that she held court in the castle. Being Lady of the Lands she listened to the peoples concerns as she worked through their problems. She would send aid to those areas that needed the help or just offer her advice on what they needed to do to fix their problems. He was very impressed with his mate and the way she handled the humans and demons of the land.

When she was done there she went to take care of the sick. He saw as she slowly walked from patient to patient treating them. She took care of all their worries as she soothed their fears. He noticed the look of adoration from them as she treated them all.

She left that area and then went into the castle. He followed her still keeping his aura and scent hidden from her. He didn't want her to know that he was following her. He saw her going up to the upper level of the castle. He didn't know what was up there to make her want to go to that level. So he followed and when he reached that level of the castle he had to cover his nose to keep the stench out.

There was a strong odor of herbs in the air as he walked down the hallway. He would stop from time to time as he looked into the different rooms. He saw all manner of healers in the rooms as they worked on different things. He saw mostly males and very few females on this floor as he continued to walk and look for his mate.

He followed her aura to a room as he slowly opened the door. What he saw set his blood on fire. His mate was in a room full of youkai males. They surrounded her as she was explaining something to them. Seeing that many males around his mate he let a low vicious growl escape his chest as he let his presence be known.


Kagome had walked into the research lab and they finally told her that they had found a way to make the medicine that she had been wanting for so long. They had been trying to perfect the method on how to make it.

She was having problems making the majority of her medicines since she didn't have the proper equipment to do it with. She needed jars and tubes that would not break under extreme heat. So far she had been unable to find these things no matter how hard she tried.

When she had walked into the lab they had told her that they had figured out a way for her to make the medicine that needed high heat. She walked over to a table as they proceeded to show her what they had done. She was surrounded by male youkai, as she was amazed at their progress. Soon the medicine that she couldn't make would be produced from this lab if their idea held up to the heat.

She heard a deep and vicious growl near by as she sensed her mate in the room with them. She took a deep breath, as she stood straight and gave the healers their instructions on what to do next. She slowly turned around to see her mate standing by the door with blood red eyes. She knew he was mad at her for being in a room full of male youkai. But they respected her, her space, and never touched her.

The healers upon hearing the growl coming from the door quickly moved away from Kagome to give her more space. They saw her turn and walk toward her mate.

Sesshomaru was keeping his eyes on the other males. If they even touched her in anyway he would be sure to kill that youkai personally. Once his mate got to his side his hand slipped around her waist as he brought her closer to his body.

Kagome didn't try to pull out of his embrace for that was the sure way to get him to attack the males in the room. He growled once more as he picked her up in his arms and ran down to their chambers.

Upon entering their room he released his mate and put her down. He closed the door behind him as he faced her. He moved with speed as he pinned her to the bed and sniffed all over her body. His scent was still fresh on her body and she carried no others. This pleased him as his anger started to die down.

When her scent calmed him enough he looked into her eyes as he asked, "What are you doing up there with all of those males? And how long has all this been going on?"

Kagome sighed she knew this would eventually come to light. She had expected it sooner but he never paid attention to the things she did and she never hid her intension from him. "Those males as you call them are all healers. They are helping me make the medicine that I need to take care of the people of this land. They have been here for decades helping me with what I am doing. They are the ones that mixed the medicine to cure those with the disease that were killing demons slowly."

Sesshomaru heard what she said as he growled out, "Why didn't you tell me what you were doing? And what is all that stuff up there?"

The fire in Kagome's eyes lit up as she replied to his demands. "I never hid from you what I was doing. I have been having my research lab for over 75 years now and you never noticed. I don't have to tell you everything that I do. I have other interest besides making sure your castle stays clean and the children are feed. I have a mind that needs attention too not just my body."

She shoved her mate off her as she stood on her own two feet. She started to make her way out of the room so she could continue with her research.

Sesshomaru mind was racing as he heard what she had said, 'She has been having that place here for over 75 years and I never noticed what she was doing. I want to know what her interest are but I'm always too busy to pay attention to her.'

He saw her walking away from him as he grabbed her by the arm and turned her around so he could look at her. "Kagome, I didn't know that you had that place up there. I really want to know what your interests are. I may not understand a lot of it but I am interested in what you are doing."

Kagome huffed at her mate as she said, "Sesshomaru you were the one that taught me that you should always pay attention to the area that you are in. You should have noticed what I have been doing a long time ago. Unlike you I do take an interest to what goes on in the land around us. Oh and if you send that excess grain to the Southern region of our lands the people there could use it. Their harvest this year was not that good and they would need the food to feed the village this winter."

Kagome got out of his grip and left their room. She left her mate to ponder what she had been up to all of these years. He knew that she was mad at him. He should have been paying more attention to her. Her mind was something that he enjoyed battling with and it has been way too long since they have had a good conversation where their intellect was put to test.

He still had no idea what she was doing up there but he was determined to find out. He had an idea as he called for Shippo to come to his study. If anyone knew what his mate was up to it would be him. He was always with his mother and she would explain in detail to him what she was doing.

It didn't take long for Shippo to arrive at his fathers study. He saw the look in his eyes and he knew that something was wrong. He waited for his father to tell him why he was summoned.

Sesshomaru got his thoughts together as he said, "Shippo I want to know what your mother is doing on the top level of this castle."

Shippo eyes opened wide when he heard his father's request. He didn't know what his mother was doing up there all these years. He swallowed hard as he proceeded to tell him what she was working on.

Sesshomaru got all the information he needed, as he finally understood what his mate was doing. He sighed he should have noticed all of this before now. His lovely mate was still trying to prevent the death of many as she worked to get the cures for illnesses that were in the future.

He was snapped out of his train of thought as he heard his son continued, "Otou, Okaa is having a hard time making her medicine because she doesn't have the equipment she needs. She has been trying for years to get it but no one can make what she wants."

This was new information for Sesshomaru as he asked his son what his mother needed. Shippo explained what it was that his mother needed for her lab. He explained that she had drawn pictures for him showing him what these things looked like.

Sesshomaru asked if he still had the pictures. When his son said yes he asked if he could see them. 'This might be the thing I need to get on Kagome's good side again. If I can get these things for her maybe she will let me help her with what she is doing.'

Shippo returned with the pictures as he showed his father what his mother wanted. They were very detailed pictures as they had size and shapes of the things she needed. He took note that the things had to withstand high heat. He asked his son if he could keep the pictures to see if he could get what she needed.

Shippo agreed to his request since it would make his mother happy. He knew that Sesshomaru was trying to make up with her for not showing interest in what she was doing.

Sesshomaru set about trying to find the things that his mate needed to do her work. It would not be easy but he was sure that he could either commission someone to make the things she needed or he could buy them.

He had already commission some youkai in Tususki kingdom to make something for him. It has taken years but they finally think they have it right. Soon he would be able to travel there to get his gift for his mate. He only hoped that she liked it.

He has been looking for something special for years to give to his mate. Ever since Tususki had given her that rose he has been trying to find the perfect gift. He came up with an idea as he talked to Tususki and asked if he could commission his gardener for the project.

Tususki was eager to help him with anything he wanted if it was for Kagome. He agreed to his desires and they went to ask the gardener if he would agree to his request. The gardener had quickly agreed to help him in any way possible but he told the Taiyoukai that it would take a while to make what he wanted if he wanted it perfect.

Sesshomaru agreed that he could take his time with it for he wanted it to be perfect for his mate.

Sesshomaru then set his mind in finding what his mate wanted for her research lab. He searched all of his land but he had no one that could make the things that Kagome required. He knew that Tususki didn't have anyone on his lands that could do it so he turned to his brother to see if he had anyone on his lands that could fill his request.

Inuyasha was eager to help as he searched his lands for someone that could do the job. He finally found someone and got him to working on the project. He told him that he would be paid handsomely for his efforts but the youkai that would make it for him would not accept payment. He said that if the Lady of the West needed these things then he would be honored to make it for her.

Inuyasha contacted his brother and told him that he had someone that could make the required items. He also gave his brother a suggestion that he should build a place to house Kagome's Lab where they could all work freely.

Inuyasha had his own worries as he explained to his brother that if they were to have an accident in the castle it would affect everyone there, this way if they made a mistake no one would get hurt.

Sesshomaru read his brothers reply and his suggestion. He had to admit that it was a good one. He set out to contract people that could make this for his mate. He had a piece of land that was close to the castle where they could begin building the structure.

Soon he had everything moving to build the building for his mate's research lab. His youkai builders were very fast and accurate when it came to building this facility for his mate. While the construction was going on he had made some inquiries to other countries to see what they used to do their research with.

He received word back about the different types of things being used at the present time for research. He had no clue what they were as he started to form a plan in his mind. He would get his mate to tell him about these things so he could learn.

Slowly he started making inquiries to his mate about the different things she could use to make her lab work more efficiently.

Kagome was surprised that her mate was even interested in what she was doing and had learned a lot on his own to try to understand what she was doing. She would answer his questions and laugh when he got something wrong and corrected his way of thinking. Soon Sesshomaru had all the information he needed as he started to purchase the things for her new lab.

He was keeping all of this a secret from Kagome as he continued with his plans to surprise her.

Almost a year to the date that he had discovered what his mate was doing he had finished her new research lab. He received word from Tususki gardener that he had his item ready for him to pick up. He had everything set as he made plans to go to the Northern Lands to get Kagome's present.

The next morning after breakfast Sesshomaru had informed his mate that he was going out to check on a disturbance on his land and that he would be back later that day. She kissed him goodbye as he set off to the Northern Lands.

Sesshomaru meet with the gardener as he showed him what he had come up with. His creation was absolutely beautiful. The fragrance was exquisite, he had never smelled anything like it before and he was sure that his mate would love it.

The gardener told Sesshomaru that the plant would bloom any time the moon rays touched it. Sesshomaru was happy with what he had created for his mate as he left the Northern Land with the surprise that he had created for his mate.

When he arrived back in the castle the gardeners meet him upon his arrival. They had the perfect place for it as they took the plant from him and left to put it in the gardens. Once they were done they informed their lord where his gift had been planted.

Sesshomaru now had everything ready to show his mate. He had worked hard to see if she would approve of the things he had made for her. He went in search of his mate as he went into the upper levels of the castle. He finally found her in one of the rooms where she was talking to a female healer.

Kagome sensed when her mate was on the floor. She finished giving her assessment to the female healer as she walked to her mate. When she got close to him he said, "Kagome, if you have a minute I want to show you something."

Kagome looked at her mate with curiosity. There was a gleam in his eyes indicating that he was up to something. She smiled as she followed her mate so he could show her what he wanted.

She followed Sesshomaru out of the castle and into the woods. She was curious as she asked, "Sesshomaru? Where are we going?"

Sesshomaru looked over his shoulder as he smiled at his mate and said, "Don't worry we are almost there."

Kagome was curious because her mate had a gleam in his eyes that was just telling her that he was being mischievous.

They continued to walk for a short distance when they emerged into a clearing. Kagome's eyes opened wide when she saw the large building in front of her. It was all one level and she could tell that it was recently built.

They continued to walk as Sesshomaru lead her to the front door and opened it for her so she could step inside.

Kagome's breath hitched when she realized what this building was. She walked over to a table as her fingers ran over the jars and tubes that she had been trying to get for her lab. There were worktables along with bookshelves placed everywhere. There were chairs that were made especially high so you could reach the tall tables they would use to work on.

They walked the whole building and everywhere Kagome went she saw new equipment that had been placed there for her use. She turned to her mate as she asked, "Why? Why did you do this for me?"

Sesshomaru walked over to his mate as he wrapped his arms around her waist and said, "I may not understand everything that you are doing and with time I could learn. But I wanted to give you a place that you could do your work in comfort. I know that what you are doing is helping our people survive and I want to be a part of it.

I'm sorry that I have not taken an interest in what you do around the castle but I know that you are more involved with what is going on than I am. I was told that you were in need of supplies and equipment and I hope that this will help you. If I have missed something please let me know and I will find whatever you need."

Tears of joy were running down Kagome's cheeks as she jumped into Sesshomaru's arms. Her momentum took them down to the floor as she showed him how happy she was that he did this for her.

She kissed him with such force that it took Sesshomaru breath away. Her arousal spiked heavily in the air as Kagome ravished her mate on the floor of her new research lab.

Sesshomaru mind was racing as he had accidentally sparked his mate's passion. He had finally found a way to release that passion that she would normally have when she was pupped. He would have to remember this for the future as he let his mate due whatever she wanted. Which was mainly to pleasure him.

Of course Sesshomaru was never one to just take as he also gave to his mate and soon he had her withering under him. Their passion came to an end as he roared his claim over his mate.

They left the new lab sometime later as they headed back toward the castle. Sesshomaru leaned over and said in her ear, "Don't think that I will just settle for what we just did. I will have you again for the rest of the night until you can't walk anymore."

Kagome blushed at his comment as she looked up into his hungry eyes. He still lusted for her but he was keeping it under control. She smiled as a gleam came to her eyes that challenged him to do what he had just proclaimed. He growled she was challenging him to keep his word. The rumble from his chest indicated that he was going to enjoy that challenge and he was going to make her regret her dare. He pulled her closer to his side as they went and had dinner.

After they ate they went on their normal walk in the garden. It was one of the things they did together before retiring for the night. They were approaching the middle of their sanctuary when Kagome picked up a heavenly scent. She had never smelled anything like it before and she was wondering where it was coming from.

Her nose twitched as she tried to find the alluring scent. When they finally reached the center of her garden she found what was giving off that wonderful scent. There sitting in the middle of the garden was a new rose bush. The light of the moon was hitting it perfectly as she slowly approached.

She saw as the buds on the rose slowly opened when the moons rays hit it. The flower was black in color. It had silver streaks running along the pedals and if you look close enough you could see the crescent moons that the flower had. She bent down and took a sniff of the flower and she was in heaven. The scent was so wonderful that she just couldn't describe it.

Sesshomaru watched as his mate walked over to the rose that he had gotten for her. She seemed to like it as he walked up behind her. He reached down and took the most perfect bloom that the bush had to offer as he took the thorns off. He gave it to his mate as he said, "I give this rose to the woman that has shown me how to love. It is unique just like my mate as it blooms brightly in the night. The moon rose was created just for you. It is the only one of its kind just like you my love."

Kagome took the rose and smelled the heavenly scent. It was about time that he gave her a rose. She had been waiting for this for a long time. The rose was perfect and given from her mates heart made the flower bloom even bigger in her grasp. The entire bush was engulfed in a blue aura as Kagome put a protective spell on her special rose.

"Sesshomaru the rose is absolutely beautiful. It shows me how much you really love me to have given me such a perfect rose. I will protect it for as long as I live. This is the most perfect gift." Said Kagome as she looked lovingly at her mate.

Kagome wrapped her arms around his chest as they held each other in the moonlight. The night could not have been more perfect. She reached up as she gave a playful nip under his chin and nuzzled him.

Sesshomaru growled as he brought her closer to his chest and purred. He picked her up in his arms as he made his way back into their bedchambers. He had been challenged before and he was determined to win it. She will not be able to walk tomorrow by the time he got done with her.


The next 50 years Sesshomaru showed his true skills as a businessman. During this time he helped Kagome developed the research lab, as she was steadily making the medicine that was needed by the people of their lands.

Sesshomaru started thinking that once his mate had the recipe for the medicine that they needed to produce it in large quantities. The research lab was just not able to handle the production of the drugs that Kagome developed. He set out to build a pharmaceutical company that could manufacture the medicine for his mate.

He built it not too far away from where the research lab was located and soon they were mass-producing the medicine. They had to make sure that they had a good supply of herbs and plenty of it.

He set aside large portions of lands to grow all the herbs that would be needed to manufacture the medicine that Kagome developed. He had mostly youkai working for him as they took care of them in this area alone. He had humans that worked at his other companies that he had acquired during the years. He was known for paying his employees well and keeping them happy.

Their companies became world renounced as other countries would often contact them when they had a disease that they did not know how to handle. If she didn't have the medicine that was needed to fight the disease she would find the cure and produce it. They kept a small amount of all types of medicine on hand that they could send out in emergencies. Then the pharmaceutical would produce the quantity that they required to fight the disease.

Sesshomaru continued to expand his empire to other countries. He had companies all over the world and he had his children running a good portion of them. He gave them all regions that they could handle but the ultimate decision was left to him on whether to buy or sell.

Seishiro had mated with a lovely Inu Youkai named Michiru. She was a golden Inu with long blonde hair and piercing hazel eyes. She had two golden stripes on each of her cheeks and she had a wonderful disposition.

He had met her in one of his father's gatherings. They were still forced to have balls to acknowledge his rule over the lands. The most prominent youkai would be invited along with their mates and pups.

Seishiro had not been interested in mating at all. He was almost like his father in wanting to find the perfect mate. He had been standing next to his father as he was discussing business with one of the lower lord when a wonderful scent hit his nose. It stirred him like nothing he had ever felt before.

He scan the area trying to find where that scent was coming from and noticed Michiru standing next to her father. She was wearing a tan colored kimono with white sakura blossoms going along the edge of the sleeve and the bottom of her kimono.

She smelled like cherry blossoms that stirred his senses and desire, as he kept looking at her. Sesshomaru was not oblivious to all of this. He noticed his son's interest and smirked. He could tell that he was taken with her as he leaned over and told his son, "Why don't you go over there and introduce yourself. You will not know if she is right for you unless you take a chance."

Seishiro took his fathers advice and went over to her. They hit it off and within two days he was courting her. Soon they announce that they were to be mated.

Tomiko had grown into a beautiful Inu Youkai just like her mother. She was powerful in her own right and had a wicked temper. Many males learned their lesson when they would try to make advances on her and she would lash out with her claws. Many she killed, some she maimed, but none could exceed her in power.

Sesshomaru and Kagome had settled that their daughter would never find a mate that she would submit to. She was just too stubborn and had a free spirit like her mother to be tamed, or she had not found the right male to capture her heart to tame her.

Tususki had one son that still had not mated. It was his eldest son and heir to the North. He had a gathering in the North and had invited Sesshomaru and Kagome. It was a type of family reunion for he never had all of his sons, which he had four, together in the same place since his mate had passed away.

Tomiko instantly caught the attention of Tususki eldest son, Ryusaki. When he tried to approach her she immediately backed away from him. She didn't want anything to do with him at all.

Kagome saw what was going on and smiled. If anyone could tame her daughter it would be Ryusaki. He was just like his father in many ways. He had silver hair with brown streaks running through it. He was as tall as his father with two magenta stripes on each of his cheeks. His piercing blue eyes sparkled as he looked at her daughter. She could tell that he was very interested in her but she was wondering if her daughter would give him a chance?

Ryusaki was not one to give up that easily. She might have rejected his first advances but he was very persistent. He reminded Kagome of her mate when he was first starting to court her. He was very persistent until he won her heart. She kept a silent vigil, as she would watch what would happen between the two pups.

It happened about two years after they had first meet each other. They had been visiting in the West when they heard an explosion in the near distance. When they all rushed out into the gardens they saw Ryusaki and Tomiko battling together.

Kagome had to restrain her mate so he would not interfere. She had told him that if he could get her to submit to him then he would be the perfect mate for their daughter.

Sesshomaru growled his displeasure but gave in to his mate's request. She was right to a certain degree. If this male was strong enough to tame his daughter then he was a worthy mate for her. They all watched with interest as they observed their children battling. Tomiko made a fatal mistake and she went down hard.

Ryusaki had her pinned to the ground, as he demanded her submission to him. When she wouldn't reply he leaned down and whispered into her ear. Tomiko gave in and submitted to him and agreed to be his mate.

Tususki was happy because now all of his son's were mated and two of them had mated with Sesshomaru's daughters. Who would have thought that this would ever happen?

They mated a month later and have been together ever since.

Shippo was the only one of her pups that was not mated yet. He had grown into a handsome demon. His fiery red hair still told of the mischief he would get into. You would normally find him with his mother, as he would protect her from any harm.

Kagome was beginning to think that her son was not going to find someone of his own to protect. She loved him being near her but he had to find his own happiness.

He stayed by her side for many years. Then one day they traveled to the Southern Lands to visit Inuyasha and Nasume. There he met the girl of his dreams. She was another kitsune/Inu just like him and she was beautiful. Her hair was red with golden highlights in it as she had auburn eyes. One golden stripe adorned each side of her cheek.

She was working at Inuyasha castle as one of the servants. They hit if of well and soon they were inseparable.

Shippo made his wishes known to his mother. She told him that if he desired Tsukiko that he would have to speak to Inuyasha about releasing her. She also told him that he should ask her first if she would consent to be his mate.

He asked Tsukiko to be his mate and when she said yes he jumped for joy. Now all he had to do was talk to Inuyasha about releasing her. That was the hard part.

Shippo approached Inuyasha as he made his request to him. Inuyasha of course could not help but give the kit a hard time. They always fought like cats and dogs when they were around each other. But Nasume knew what he wanted and when she stepped in and threatened her mate with no more Ramein if he didn't give in to Shippo's wish he relented. He released Tsukiko with a smile on his face. He told him to take very good care of her and protect her.

Shippo smiled at Inuyasha knowing that he approved of his choice in mate. They went back to the Western Lands with an addition to the family. He mated his love a month later and stayed with his parents to live.

Shippo of all her children was the only one to stay close to her as the years continued to move on.


The years passed and soon they were approaching the year that they would have to leave Japan. 1941 was the year that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and went to war against the United States.

Kagome had warned everyone that she could of what was going to happen. Not wanting to be in the country when the United States attacked, they fled Japan with their families and friends. They went to Canada where they had brought a large amount of land and settled there.

They started to expand their business from Canada as their wealth grew. They built their homes there and started their lives anew.

Kagome built a hospital that specialized in children illnesses and diseases. They would not turn anyone away because they couldn't pay. She was known for her kindness but she was especially known to help the children. She did everything she could to make sure that they were well taken care of. Her research helped many recover from life threatening diseases that other wise would have taken their lives.

1946 came and that's when the Americans dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It devastated Japan and they surrendered to the Americans shortly after the explosion. They waited until it was safe to return to rebuild their home.

Before they had left Japan Kagome, Rin, and Nasume had put up powerful barriers that protected and hid their homes. Just before the attack happened Kagome used her powers to teleport back to each location and made sure that the barriers were fortified before the attacks.

Of course Sesshomaru had gone with her to make sure she was safe. He added his powers to hers as it strengthen the barriers and protected all those who stayed behind. When it was safe to return they went back and started rebuilding what they had lost.

Their lands remained untouched as they kept it hid from the population. They rebuilt everything they lost in the war and made it better.

Technology was growing in an alarming rate and with it came the pollution to the lands. Sesshomaru and his youkai partners developed alternatives to using oil for many things. They used water as a source of energy along with the sun.

Many youkai homes had this technology as it kept the air clean and the forest safe. They didn't have a lot of forests left but what they did have they protected. Mostly the forests were located in the mountain region for they could not develop that land the way they wanted.

They never shared this technology with the humans and kept it to themselves. It was their way of protecting the lands and not be dependant on oil to run their businesses.


The time came when Kagome started to feel nervous and she had to leave Japan again. She knew that her other self was getting ready to travel through the well and start her journey. She had to leave in order not to interfere with what was going to happen.

It was hard for her not to see her mother when she knew that she was alive and well. She would have to wait until the day that the well closed and then she would be reunited with her mother. She had waited over 500 hundred years so what's another few more years.

Sesshomaru understood her dilemma as they moved back to Canada until the well sealed. They would not risk interfering with what was about to happen or they would change the course of their existence.

Kagome remember very well when the last time she had visited her mother before going back to the feudal era. She had made a mental note of the day to make sure that she knew when she could come back home.

She started planning for that day as she would gather her own family and have a reunion there so her mother could meet her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

During the time that they waited for the well to seal Sesshomaru could not keep away from Japan. He would keep a silent vigil over the shrine, as he would visit from time to time to see what was going on.

He would observe, as his mate would come home in tears over what his brother had done to her. He remembered that it was his actions that had driven her into his arms and his love so he could not be angry with him.

When he knew that he was about to make his appearance in this era he stayed away knowing that he would interfere with that doctor that had wanted to keep his mate in the hospital.

He knew that soon they would return home and his mate would be reunited with her mother. He understood that this was something that she needed and she understood that she would one day lose her human family but that she would still have his.

He smiled as he thought of this. His family would be around for a long time and they would grow old together or until the end of time. They still had many years to be together and hopefully many more pups to come. They were still considered young, by youkai standard, and they could still have more pups. He would love to hear the laughter of pups around the house again. It has been too long since they had one. Maybe he could convince his lovely mate to have some more once the reunion is over with. He would love to get her into heat again.

He returned back to Canada as they would wait for the day they would return home again.


The time was coming when they would return home. Kagome had been planning a family reunion there but there was something that she wanted more than that. Her heart ached as she came to a decision and went to speak to her mate. She hoped that he would agree to her request. It meant everything to her and she would love to surprise her mother.

She walked into her mate's office as she waited for him to get off the phone. She smiled as she saw him adapt easily to the 21th century. Who knew that the Taiyoukai of the West would be sitting at home with a pair of blue jeans on and a T-shirt just relaxing?

When he finally got off the phone he looked at his mate with interest. He knew she wanted something that was important to her because of the way she was fidgeting in her chair. He saw her finally calm down as she made her request.

"Sesshomaru, you know that the time is coming for us to go back home and that I have been planning a family reunion. I wanted to ask if you would be agreeable to a wedding instead of a reunion. I know that it would please my mother if we were to get married at the shrine." Said Kagome as she looked up at her mate. She saw the look in his eyes and thought that it was a bad idea. He sat there not saying a word and this worried her.

Kagome started to feel guilty that she even asked him that question as she said, "You know what just forget that I said that. I knew that it was a bad idea. I can tell that you don't want to do this."

Kagome got up from her seat as she started to leave his office. She had a heavy heart knowing that he didn't want to be married in her custom, 'Why would he want to do that since I have already been mated to him for over 500 years?'

Sesshomaru had been in shock that she would actually ask him this question. He had no idea that she would want to have a wedding. He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw his mate leaving his office. He quickly got up as he rushed to her side. He grabbed her by her arms and turned her around so he could look at her.

Sesshomaru immediately caught the scent of her tears. She was upset because he had ignored her and didn't answer her question. He pulled her into his embrace as he purred. Once she calmed he said, "Kagome, I would love to have a wedding. You mated me over 500 years ago in my custom so I don't see why we can't have a wedding in yours. I didn't know that you wanted one it just caught me by surprise."

Kagome looked up into his eyes as she asked, "You're not mad at me for asking you if I can have a wedding?"

Sesshomaru leaned down and kissed her with all the love he had for her. He slowly pulled away and said, "Kagome you never ask me for anything. The times that you do ask me, I'm shocked but I will try my best to give you what you want. If having a wedding will make you happy then I'm all for it."

Kagome sighed as she tried to explain to her mate, "Sesshomaru, I want the wedding because I know its something that my mother has always dreamed of doing for me. I'm her only daughter and it would please her to see me get married. I do have to admit that I have dreamed about this for a long time but never had the desire to do it until now. I guess I was just waiting until my mother could be there."

Sesshomaru understood her reasoning it was natural for her to want her mother there for her big day. Back when they had first mated the ceremony was a test of her strength to see if she was worthy to be called his mate. When she passed her test she was accepted as his mate and introduced to the minor lords of the lands as such. He knew that this human custom was important to the females of this era and he would do anything to make her happy.

He leaned down and kissed her while he pulled her closer to his body. After 500 years he was still very passionate and lustful for her. He couldn't resist her taste and he weakened the moment he smelled her arousal. He picked her up in his arms as he made his way into their room. He might be getting married to her but it didn't mean that she would deny being with him in every way.


Over the next few months Kagome planned her dream wedding. Nasume and one of her secretaries were helping her with the details of the ceremony. They had called the shrine and they had reserved it for the wedding in two months time.

When they were asked who would be married at the shrine, which was their custom to ask to make sure they did everything that they wanted. They informed her mother that the person being married there was from the Gengetsu family and that they would appreciate it if they didn't say anything about it.

They had explained that the couple wanted a quiet wedding and didn't want the media to show up at the shrine. Kagome's mother of course would comply with their wishes and they would just say that the shrine was closed for a private wedding.

Throughout the years the Gengetsu and the Tenteisei family were well known in Japan. They were the most powerful and influential families that lived during that time.

They kept themselves hidden never wanting to be photographed or seen in public. The reason for this was because if the public didn't know what they looked like they didn't have to change their appearance. They had only done that twice since they have been hiding in the human world.

Everything they did was by lawyers or if they had to handle something themselves they would wear a different concealment spell that would change their features.

So Kagome was happy that the shrine was reserved in two months time. With Nasume's help they got everyone the attire they would need for the wedding. They had set up the caterers for the reception. They got the wedding cake order. They informed everyone when to be at the shrine and the purpose.

Everyone was happy that Kagome was finally going to get the wedding of her dreams. They all accepted the invitation and she counted about 150 people being there at the shrine to watch her and Sesshomaru get married.

It was the day before they were to depart to head home. It had been more than 25 years since she had been home. She was getting nervous about seeing her mother again. It had, after all, taken her the better part of 500 years and a lot of restraint on her part to be able to see her family again.

She was sitting at her desk as she was going over the details of the wedding in her mind. She checked to make sure that she had everything under control. She had the feeling that she was forgetting something and that it was important.

As she was going down the list she couldn't detect anything that was amiss. Everything has been confirmed and the times had been coordinated with the caterers for their arrival at the shrine. The only thing that she still needed to do was go and get her mother a dress for the wedding and they would be at her mothers house a week before the wedding took place. They should be able to go shopping and get one for her.

Kagome was so engrossed in what she was doing that she never noticed that her mate had come into her office to see her.

Sesshomaru walked into Kagome's office. He was looking for her to see what she was doing. He knew that she had a lot of things on her mind and he wanted to see if she needed any help.

When he walked in he saw her deep in thought. She never noticed that he was in the same room with her as he walked up behind her and nuzzled her. He was pleased when she returned the jester and purred her delight at his attention. He started to lick her neck as he said in a muffled voice. "Is there anything I can do to help you with the wedding preparations?"

Kagome was beginning to moan when she heard her mate's question. It was hard for her to talk when he went for her neck. It was one of her weak spots and through the years he had learned how to work her into a frenzy when he attacked her neck.

She moaned again as she said, "No… I don't think I need any help. Everything has been set and ordered. I don't think that I have forgotten anything."

Sesshomaru growled as he turned her around so she could face him. He was down on one knee as he pulled a small little box out of his pocket.

Kagome eyed what he was doing with interest as she saw him pull a small box out of his pocket. He often did things like this for her and she was always happy to accept his gift. He handed her the box as he waited for her to open it.

When Kagome opened the box she was expecting an ordinary ring, what she saw took her breath away. There in the small box was the most gorgeous wedding ring she had ever seen in her life. There was a large champagne colored diamond that looked to be around 5 carats. Surrounding the center stone were little blue diamonds. The engagement ring alone was priceless. Having known that champagne colored diamonds was hard to find he had to have paid a fortune for this one.

The wedding band in itself was beautiful. It had smaller champagne color diamonds with alternating blue diamonds in between. They whole thing was place on a white gold band that made the ring stand out even more.

Tears of joy were running down her cheeks as Sesshomaru removed the engagement ring and placed it on her finger. He looked up into her watery eyes as he said, "I give you this ring with all the love I have for you. You have been my whole world since the day you accepted me to be your mate. I have never known that being in love with someone could bring me such happiness and joy. You have made my life worth living and if I didn't have you by my side I don't know where I would be right now. Kagome Higurashi would you do me the honor of being my wife for all eternity?"

Kagome was overwhelmed with her emotions as she nodded her head yes to his question. Her voice had left her and she was deeply touched by his proclamation. She loved him with all her heart and their love was something that would not die not even if the world was to end this very minute. It would continue even in the after life, as they would stay together for all eternity.

Sesshomaru eyes beamed with joy as he leaned in and kissed her. He kissed her with such passion that it took her breath away. When he pulled away from her he said, "I knew that the ring was my job to get and I did my best to find the perfect ring for you. I wanted it to be special for the special woman in my life."

There was nothing that could have stopped the passion from exploding within her. She tackled her mate as they both went down to the floor. Soon you could hear the sound of their passion as they showed each other their love.


After being away for over 25 years Kagome and Sesshomaru were finally back in Japan. They loved their home in Canada but Japan is where their heart was. The newspapers and media got wind that they were coming back to Japan. They were waiting for them to step out into the airport terminal so they could interview them and take pictures. Sesshomaru and Kagome slipped by the reporters who where waiting for them as they made their way back to their estate.

Once there the place came to life as the servants welcomed back the Lord and Lady of the West. They both set out to do their duties as they got things in order. They were to meet Kagome's mother the next day in the late afternoon and they didn't want their visit to be cut short because of something that they had forgotten to take care of.

When they finally got to bed they were so tired that the only thing that they could do was cuddle in bed as they both held each other in their arms.


Like normal the first one to get up would be Kagome. She was an early riser and never missed a day of training. Even though they didn't have to fight any more she stilled loved to train to keep her reflexes sharp. Sesshomaru would always join her and then after they were done they would go and enjoy a hot bath together.

Through the years their daily ritual of bathing together never stopped. They still enjoyed their foreplay before relaxing in the hot water. When they were done they both dressed casually as they both had on a pair of blue jeans. Sesshomaru had on a black button down long sleeve shirt and Kagome had on a black tank top. They looked just like any other teenager instead of the Lord and Lady of the West with great responsibilities.

They dressed to blend into the general population as they went to have a light lunch before going to see Kagome's mother. Sesshomaru drove through town in their red Mercedes Benz S 500. They stopped at a couple of places and brought some things before they went and had lunch. Once they were done they were making their way to her mothers house and Kagome was starting to get nervous.

After 500 years of waiting she was finally going to see her mother again. For her mother it had been only a month since she had last seen her. The last time she was home they had to leave in a hurry because of what was going on back in the feudal era.

They finally got to the shrine as they both got out of the car. They made their way up the long steps that lead to the shrine. It was a strange feeling to be back home after they had seen how much the land had changed over the centuries.

The shrine itself had a lot more trees than it did when she was growing up. Sesshomaru had the title to the lands that surrounded the shrine and Inuyasha forest. They had to give up some of the lands for development but they kept a good portion of it and had built their home not too far away from her mother.

They could see their estate from here and it looked huge. It had many trees on its property along with lush green grass that was very well taken care of. Kagome still had her gardens that she enjoyed every day along with her herb garden.

They both took a deep breath as they continued to walk to her house. Her mother had managed to fix up the shrine and it looked beautiful. There were flowers everywhere and the house had a new roof put on. She could tell that her mother was happy that she was able to fix up her home.

Her mother had taken great care in restoring a large amount of the shrines on the grounds and brought them back to their original state. The place looked more beautiful than she had remembered.

They both picked up their noses as they sniffed the air. They found her mother on the other side of the house as she was hanging her laundry out to dry. No matter how much money her mother had she would always look for ways to save money. It was in her nature to do so and she couldn't blame her.

They both stopped behind her and waited until she was done. They didn't want her hard work to go to waste if she was to drop her laundry on the ground and it got dirty again. When the last of her clothes were put up to dry Kagome cleared her throat to get her mothers attention.

She heard as her mother softly say, "I'm sorry but he shrine is closed today. You will have to come back tomorrow," as she was turning around to greet the people that were standing behind her.

When she saw who it was her eyes went wide with disbelief. There standing in front of her was her little girl as tears of joy were coming out of her eyes at seeing her again. It had been a month since she had left and she had her doubts that she would ever see her in her lifetime.

When Kagome saw her mother the tears were already running down her cheeks. She rushed into her mother's outstretched arms as they held each other for a long time. Neither of them wanted to let go as they embraced. It was a heartfelt reunion as they finally let go of each other.

Mama looked at her daughter as she said, "Kagome you're finally came home." She turned her attention to the one person that was standing there quietly as he looked on in interest. "Sesshomaru it's nice to see you again. Why don't you both come in the house and I will make us some tea."

They all agreed as they turned and went into the house toward the kitchen. Mama got busy making the tea as Kagome and Sesshomaru sat at the table.

Kagome and Sesshomaru waited until Mama was done fixing the tea she was making as she put some homemade chocolate chip cookies on the table for them to have. To Mama's delight she saw as Sesshomaru reached over and grabbed a cookie and ate one. This was a first since the last time he was here he didn't eat human food as he had told her.

Mama finally had a chance to sit down as she asked, "How long are you going to be staying this time?"

Kagome looked at her mate from the corner of her eye as she said, "We can stay for a while. We have no pressing business right now and we have decided to stay and visit with you."

Mama was happy to hear this at least she would have her daughter home for a short time. She looked at her daughter and knew that something was amiss. She was keeping something from her but she decided to let it go for now and when they were alone then she would ask her what was going on.

They enjoyed a nice conversation until Mama said, "Kagome dear you and Sesshomaru can go up and rest while I get dinner ready. It will be ready in about an hour. I will call you when it's done."

Kagome agreed as she and Sesshomaru went upstairs to her room. Once they were alone Sesshomaru turned to his mate and asked, "Why didn't you tell your mother the truth?"

"I figured that I could wait until everyone was here. That way I don't have to repeat the story to all of them. It will be easier to explain to my mother what has happened. Then I can let go of my concealment spell and they can see my true form. They see you as you are but I'm keeping my appearance a secret for the moment. It's going to be hard for all of them to accept that I'm a demon now." Said Kagome with concern in her voice. Sesshomaru could tell that she was nervous about telling her family what had happened in the last 500 years.


Mama announced that dinner was ready as they all came down to eat. To Mama's delight Sesshomaru ate her food and complimented her cooking. Mama was curious as she asked, "Sesshomaru the last time you were here you didn't eat anything I made you told me then that you didn't eat human food. What has happened to make you change your mind?"

At this Sesshomaru looked at his mate. He wanted her to explain to her mother why he ate their kind of food. He still enjoyed freshly killed meat and the blood. They would still have it at home away from prying eyes. Kagome's inner inu had grown accustomed to having the raw meat that she would join him when he would feast.

Kagome saw the look that her mate was giving her and she figured that this was the best time to tell everyone what was going on. "Mama I have something that I want to tell everyone. We have come back to stay. The well has closed and no longer works."

Mama was in shock as she said, "You came back to stay? But what about Shippo and Rin?"

Kagome smiled as she explained, "Shippo and Rin are fine. Mama the last time I was here the well closed shortly after that. I completed the Shikon No Tama and I got rid of the jewel. Once the jewel was gone my way back here to my era closed. We have been waiting 500 years to come back and see you."

Mama's eyes opened wide at her declaration. She didn't understand what was going on as she said, "But Kagome if the well closed when you were back in the feudal era how can you be here?"

Kagome took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and let her concealment spell drop. When Mama looked at her daughter she noticed all of her changes. She had pointed ears just like Sesshomaru. She had fangs and had claws on her hands. She saw the crescent moon that matched Sesshomaru's and the blue teardrop off to the side with the red flame underneath it. Her eyes were a bluer color and they had a hint of gold going around the outer edge. Realization took hold as she whispered; "You're a demon."

Kagome heard what her mother had said, "Yes I'm a demon Mama. It happened once I mated with Sesshomaru."

Mama had to sit back and take all this in. There was a lot she didn't understand and she wanted answers. She looked at her daughter and said, "All right Kagome I think you better start at the beginning and tell what really happened."

Kagome took a deep breath as she explained to everyone what had happened once she had left them a month earlier. By the time she was done explaining to her mother and family they were all sitting there with their mouth hanging open unable to believe what Kagome had been through.

"Mama do you remembered that story that you told me about the Lady of the Land and how she died protecting her mate?" said Kagome as she was watching her mother.

Her grandfather piped up and said, "Yes, I remember that story. The sword she carried had two Inu Youkai etched on the blade. Mama told me that your blade didn't have that marking."

Kagome stood as she pulled her sword from its sheath as she showed it to her family. There in the middle of the sword were two Inu Youkai etched on the blade.

Mama was shocked as she said, "But when I saw the sword it didn't have the other Inu on it. How is it that the blade carries two?"

"Because Mama I wasn't mated to Sesshomaru at the time. The Inu represent him and me in our true forms. But the war did happen and we all survived. There are still demons in this era its just that you can't detect us." Said Kagome.

Kagome let all this sink in before she continued, "To answer your question Mama on why Sesshomaru eats human food now its because we had an agreement. I would try some of the things he liked to eat and he would eat the food I would make. He started to like my cooking and would eat it every chance he got."

She put her sword back in place as she continued. "Mama you are going to have a private wedding here next week for the Gengetsu family correct."

Mama eyes grew big as she quickly asked, "How did you find out about that? No one is supposed to know about that wedding. They wanted to keep it a secret so the press wouldn't show up."

Kagome rubbed her forehead as she continued to explain to her mother. "Mom our surname is Gengetsu. That is the surname we adopted when it came into existence. Tenteisei is part of our family since our daughters married the Northern Lords sons. No one knows what we look like because we take great care to stay hidden. It would not do for everyone to notice that we don't age.

The wedding that is being held here next week is my wedding. I have been waiting 500 years to get married so you can be there."

At this statement her grandfather got up from his chair as he pointed a finger at his granddaughter and said, "You have been living in sin all these years! You have children and you are not even married!"

Sesshomaru growled at her grandfather. The old man actually thought that they were not mated officially. "We are mated. In demon term and in our society all it takes is approval of the other governing lords for them to approve my mate. There was test that Kagome had to pass in order to become my mate. In all official papers that were kept during that era Kagome was recognized as my mate, my wife, and I would never dishonor her."

Kagome saw the irritation of her mate, her grandfather was calling his honor into question and he didn't like it one bit. It has been many centuries since Sesshomaru has killed anyone and she was going to make sure it was not her grandfather.

"Jii-chan we were officially married 500 years ago. The rituals back then were different than what we do here in this present time. You can't accuse me of living in sin with the man/demon I married 500 years ago. Even if you don't recognized the way they did things back then we are still married." Said Kagome to her grandfather who quickly backed down from his statement.

Kagome turned to her mother as she said, "Mom I will be back in the morning. We need to go shopping for your dress for the wedding and we need to pick up a suit for Jii-chan and Souta. There are a few things that still need my attention. I will tell you in the morning how everything is going to come together on that day since everything has already been arranged."

Mama understood her daughter as she asked, "Kagome where are you going? I thought that you would stay here."

Kagome smiled as she said, "We're going home and we will be back in the morning," as they got up and headed towards the door.

Mama was all right with this as she followed them and asked, "Where do you live?"

Kagome and Sesshomaru had just stepped outside her house as she said, "Do you see that house over there?"

Mama looked at he house she was pointing to as she said, "Yes."

"That's my house Mama. I have been this close to you all these years." Said Kagome with pride when she saw her mothers eyes grow wide in shock. She didn't know that it was her daughter who lived in that nice big house. But then again her daughter had just told her that their surname was Gengetsu, which is one of the richest families in Japan.

She watched as her daughter and Sesshomaru left the shrine as they got into a red car that was down at he bottom of the steps. She waved goodbye to her as she turned to go back inside the house. She was happy to have her daughter back home where she belonged.


The next day everything was the same. Kagome woke up first, as she got ready to head toward the dojo. Sesshomaru would follow shortly behind her and joined her in her training. The dojo was situated behind the main house in the wooded area. It had a barrier around it that would protect it from being seen or from hearing anything going on in the woods. Their training would get intense at times and the use of their powers would send the city into an uproar.

So they kept it hidden and trained when they were home. Once they were done with their training they went in to take their bath. When they were finally done they had their breakfast as they were making the plans for the day.

Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call for Sesshomaru as he left the dinning room to go and take it. Kagome was wondering what the call was all about. Sesshomaru had promised her that he would take off from work for a while so they could do the final finishing touches for the wedding.

She saw her mate come back and he did not look happy at all. She had a feeling that she was not going to like what he was going to tell her.

When Sesshomaru walked back into the dinning room he saw the bright smile on his lovely mate fade away. She knew something was going to upset her as he sat back down and said, "Kagome I have to go into the office to take care of some business." He saw her lower her head and saw the look of disappointment on her features.

He sighed as he said, "Kagome, I wouldn't go in unless it wasn't important. Apparently we have someone that is attacking one of our companies and thinks they could take over what we have established. As soon as I'm done I will meet you and your mother and we can continue with our plans."

Kagome sighed she knew it was going to happen. She never really asked for anything in her life. The one time she did his work got in the way of her plans. She put on a fake smile as she looked at her mate and said, "That's all right Sesshomaru you go on and take care of whatever is going on at the company. I will see you later."

The hurt in his mates voice was enough for him to feel the pain in his heart. She had asked this one thing of him and he couldn't give it to her. He stood as he left their home and went to the office. Whoever was trying to take over his company was going to pay dearly for upsetting his mate's plans.

Kagome saw as her mate left to go and take care of business. It was the story of her life. Her mate was very attentive to the things that belonged to them but would always leave her in the dust. She knew that he loved her but sometimes she wished he could just let go of work and be with her.

She sighed as she tried to finish her breakfast before she meet with her mother. Just then one of the servant came into the dinning room and announced that Lady Nasume was here.

Kagome looked up to see Nasume walking in and sitting down near her friend as tea was brought to her. Kagome's eyebrow arched up as she said, "Nasume? What are you doing here? Is something wrong at home?"

Nasume smiled as she said, "I received a phone call from your mate saying that he had to go to the office because there was trouble. He knew you would be upset so he asked me if I could go with you for the final preparations for the wedding. He knew that I had helped you put it together."

Kagome sighed again as she thought, 'Leave it up to Sesshomaru to think of something at the last minute. He has no idea how upset I am at him at this moment.' She looked up at Nasume and smiled as she said, "Well I guess you're stuck with me for the rest of the day. We have to get my mother then we can go shopping for the rest of the stuff we need. I'll have the Limo driver pull up so we can go."

Nasume saw the disappointed look in her friend's eyes. She was hurt that Sesshomaru had left her to go into the office. But from what he had told her it couldn't be helped. She knew that Kagome understood what was going on but it didn't prevent her from being hurt. She finished her tea as she made her way toward her friend. They got in the limo and headed toward her mothers house.


Mama had been in the kitchen washing dishes from the morning meal. She knew that Kagome would be there to get her so they could go shopping. She still could not believe that her daughter had survived over 500 years so she could see her again. She was more surprised that she was part of the famous Gengetsu family.

To think that her daughter was the famous doctor that she had heard so much about in the last few years. She had read of all the things that they had done to help the poor and destitute children in Japan. There were many hospitals that were owned by the Gengetsu family and all of them never turned anyone away for being unable to pay.

She was brought out of her musing when she heard the front door open and a yell, "Mama? Are you here?"

She smiled as she said, "Yes honey! I'm in the kitchen."

She just finished the last of the dishes as she was turning around, drying her hands. She saw her daughter and another person with her as she smiled.

Kagome was trying to get herself together so her mother wouldn't notice that something was wrong. She smiled as she said, "Mama, I want to introduce you to Nasume. She has been my best friend and sister since Sesshomaru brought me to his castle. She is also married to Inuyasha."

Mama smile grew bigger as she said, "You're married to Inuyasha? I bet I know what is in your cabinets at home, plenty of Ramein for him to eat. If I remember right he could eat a ton of the stuff."

Nasume giggled as she replied, "Yes, you're right on that. He's still eats a ton of the stuff even though he has controlling interest in the company that makes it. I keep telling him that he is eating all of his profits and he just 'Feh' at me."

Laughter broke out in the kitchen at her remark. They all knew Inuyasha all to well to know what he liked to eat.

Mama noticed the sad look in her daughter's eyes as she asked "Kagome is anything wrong?"

Kagome smiled at her and said, "No nothings wrong, why?"

An eyebrow went up as her mother crossed her arms over her chest as she stated, "Kagome I'm your mother. I can always tell when something is wrong. You can try to hide it from me but it would do you no good. I will always find out in the end. Now tell me what is brothering you."

Kagome hung her head low. Her mother always knew when she was upset. She had missed this the most since they had been separated. She told her mother what had happened but she also said that she understood why her mate had to leave. She wanted to drop the subject as she said, "Are you ready to go? We have a lot of places that we have to go to today."

Mama nodded as she went and got her purse. She followed them out the door and toward the limo that was waiting for them. Once they were all in the limo the driver took them to the mall and parked in the rear so no one would see them getting out of the car. It wouldn't do for people to see her get out of a limo at the mall.

If Sesshomaru was here he would have drove here himself. Kagome didn't like to drive in the city. It always made her nervous and violently ill when she drove. So she always had a limo driver that would protect her and get her to where she needed to be on time.

The limo driver was a youkai that was part of the guards that protected her. Her mate would never let her go anywhere without him and when she had to he always insisted that her guards look after her. He had trained them himself so he knew that they were able to shield her until he arrived.

Once they walked into the mall they went into several stores looking for the things they needed. They had their purchases delivered to the shrine that way they didn't have to carry it all.

Mama was concerned for her daughter. She was depressed about what happened and it bothered her immensely. She needed more information and while Kagome was looking at clothes she stopped Nasume and asked, "Nasume does this sort of thing happen often with Kagome? I mean does she feel that she is left behind constantly so Sesshomaru could tend to the affairs of his status."

Nasume sighed as she said, "Yes, too many times if you ask me. Sesshomaru tries hard to give her everything she wants. He loves her dearly and would do anything for her but he still misses the point that she misses his companionship.

Her mate is not the only one guilty of these things. Kagome is also guilty of it when she works in her research lab. She will work well into the night and won't come home until late, only to leave early in the morning again.

They have both taken on enormous responsibilities for the safety and welfare of all the youkai that are still left in this era. It has been hard on the both of them. Its hard for them to just sit and relax, and enjoy each others company. I can't remember the last time they had gone off together and had some fun."

Mama thought about this as she asked, "Where are they going on their honeymoon?"

Nasume looked at her as realization took hold, "Oh no! Kagome didn't plan on a honeymoon. We completely forgot about that part. I better tell her about it so we can arrange something while we're here."

Mama reached out with her hand as she grabbed Nasume's arm. "No Nasume let me handle that little piece of this wedding. My daughter has thought about everything she would need to make this a special day for her. I want to make the arrangements for he honeymoon and I won't take no for an answer."

Nasume saw the look in Mama's eyes. It was a look that told her that she was about to set things straight between her daughter and her mate. She smiled as she thought, 'It's about time that someone got a hold of those two and set them on the right path. For far too long those two stubborn individuals won't listen to anyone when they gave them advice on what they should do.'

Once all the shopping was done they went back to the shrine. When they got there Nasume said, "Kagome I have to go and meet Inuyasha. I will see you in the morning all right?"

"All right Nasume I'll have the driver take you to wherever you want to go. I can get home from here on my own." Said Kagome. She instructed the driver to take Nasume anywhere she wanted to go.

Nasume turned to Kagome's mother and gave her a hug as she said in her ear. "Thank you, Kagome needs to sit down and talk to someone about different things. For far too long she had dealt with everything her own way and is stubborn to listen to any advice."

Mama smiled as she pulled away from Nasume and said, "Don't worry I think I can fix things."

Nasume left once she said her goodbyes to Kagome. When she was gone Mama had her daughter to herself and it was about time that they had a mother daughter talk. This talk they would have had a long time ago if she knew that her daughter would not be back until 500 years later.

When they finally had their tea in front of them Mama started her conversation with her daughter. "Kagome how has your life been with Sesshomaru?"

Kagome thought that this was an odd question as she answered, "It's been fine why do you ask?"

Mama took a deep breath as she continued, "Kagome I know you all too well. You're a headstrong individual that doesn't back down when you set your mind on things. You will never openly hide anything from Sesshomaru but you will never tell him what you are doing.

Sesshomaru presents himself as a person that has had enormous responsibilities all his young life. He is used to doing things his way and no one can sway him. In the feudal era the males were the dominant force and their word was law. The females role was to be submissive and support her mate no matter what."

Kagome eyes grew big when she heard what her mother was saying, "How do you know all of this?"

Mama looked at her daughter over the edge of her teacup as she took a drink of her tea. When she placed it back down she continued. "Kagome, when you started traveling back to that era I did a lot of research to try and help you cope with the way things were done there. I knew it would be hard on you because with your temper and intelligence you wouldn't know when to back down. How many times did you get punished for openly defying your mate? How many times did you two argue because of the ideals you held?"

Kagome hung her head low at what her mother was saying to her. Everything was true. All the times she fought with Sesshomaru was because she was stubborn and didn't want to give in to him.

Mama looked at her daughter as she continued, "Kagome you have to give Sesshomaru the respect he deserves. Yes you have been mated for over 500 years but I bet they have not been happy ones. The thing that happen this morning you should have already been prepared for something to interfere with your plans. Nothing ever goes the way we plan them and I'm sure that Sesshomaru is not at fault here. But yet you were acting like a spoiled child that didn't get what they wanted. I raised you better than that Kagome and I expect you to behave accordingly."

The conversation continued for the rest of the afternoon. Mama set her daughter straight on her responsibilities as a mate to Sesshomaru. She had to learn how to give as well as receive in a relationship and she still had a lot to learn.

By the time they were done talking Mama had a very subdued daughter who was thinking about everything she had done. She thought that she had gotten through to her stubborn daughter and wished her the best of luck with her mate.

Kagome said her goodbyes to her mother as she went home. She had a lot of thinking to do before her mate would come home tonight.


Sesshomaru had an exhausting day. The company that was trying to take over his company found out rather quickly that he was not one to be messed with. He had effectively thrown that company into bankruptcy when he started to call in all of the loans that it held with his banks.

As he was driving home he was worried about what his mate was going to say to him. He had promised that he would help with the final preparations for the wedding but that promise had to be broken this morning when all this mess happened. He knew she was going to be mad at him as he tried to think of something to say to soothe her.

He finally arrived home as he made his way into their bedroom. He expected his mate to be in bed asleep. When he walked in to their room his mate was still awake as he looked at her.

She seemed a bit different as she greeted him, "Hello Sesshomaru did you take care of that company that was trying to take control of ours?"

He was surprised by her cheerful tone of voice as he replied, "Yes, they are bankrupt right now and they will do us no more harm."

He saw her get up from her chair where she was reading a book and walk toward him. She was being submissive and he was confused. His mate was never submissive unless he forced her into it. It was a part of her that he had to fight with himself to keep from lashing out against her.

Kagome stood as she walked over to Sesshomaru. She has had the better part of the evening to think about what her mother had said. If she would have had this talk with her mother a long time ago it would have made her life a little bit more happier. She knew it would have especially please her mate.

Kagome stopped in front of her mate as she said, "I want to apologies for the way I acted this morning. It was not your fault that these things happen. I know that things don't always go the way we plan them and I have to make allowances for them. It's part of life and I had no right to make you feel bad because of it."

Sesshomaru was now in total shock. His mate never apologized for anything she did. He stepped forward as he touched her forehead, 'She doesn't have a fever.' He mused as he looked into her eyes. They were full of remorse and guilt as she continued, "I've had a long talk with my mother today and she set me straight on a lot of things. I know that I have not acted like a mate should and for that I'm truly sorry. I promise that I will try to do better and support you in everything that you have to do."

Sesshomaru didn't know what her mother had said to her but whatever it was he was happy with it. He brought her into his embrace as he held her close to his chest. He whispered into her ear, "You're forgiven mate." He started to purr his contentment.

Kagome was happy as she playfully nipped at his chin and got an answering growl from him. Soon Kagome was showing her mate such pleasures as she apologized for her behavior.

The next day Kagome and Sesshomaru went back to her mother's house. The stuff they had brought the day before had finally been delivered as Kagome went to unpack everything.

Sesshomaru saw his chance to talk to her mother. He approached her as he said, "I have no idea what you said to Kagome yesterday but she has totally changed. I'm not saying that I'm not going to miss the argumentative mate that I have but it will ease the tension that we have been having over the years. I love her dearly and I would do anything to make her happy."

Mama smiled at Sesshomaru as she said, "It's a mother's place to set her daughter straight if she is not acting accordingly. But if you will give me some of your time I can give you some pointers on how to handle my daughter. I know that she has an evil wit and bad temper but she does mean well."

Sesshomaru agreed to meet with her so they could discuss her daughter. He would welcome any advice that she would give him.


The day finally arrived for the wedding. Kagome was on edge the whole day as the time for the ceremony was rapidly approaching. The caterers arrived at 9AM to start setting up the line for the food. The decorators arrived shortly after them to get the place ready for the wedding. The florist came and dropped off the flowers for the event along with the bouquet for Kagome.

Kagome's bouquet was very beautiful. It had white, red, yellow, and blue roses in it with white babies breathe. There was something missing from her flowers as she eyed them. She got an idea as she closed her eyes and said an incantation. When she opened her eyes she was back at the castle as she rushed into the gardens. She went straight for the rose bush that Sesshomaru had given her all those years ago. It was huge now with many blooms that were tightly closed awaiting the moons rays to open.

She picked the largest bloom and held it in her hands. She closed her eyes as she thought, 'Please, would you bloom for me on my special day?'

When she opened her eyes the rose began to bloom. It was just beautiful and the aroma from the flower put her at ease. She closed her eyes again as she said her incantations and went back to the shrine.

Once she got back she put the rose in the middle of the bouquet and then looked at it. It was perfect as it gave the bouquet the black that it needed.

Her theme for the wedding was the Western Lands colors. She had red, blues, gold, white, and black everywhere as the final preparations were being done. She went up to her room to get ready for the ceremony.


Kagome had put a spell of normalcy around the shrine so everyone could be in his or her normal forms. She wanted her mother to meet everyone in her family the way they truly were.

The guest started to arrive and Kagome was panicking on who would greet them. She didn't have to worry when she looked outside and saw her mate with her mother.

She smiled as she saw her mate. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white silk shirt and white tie. He looked very handsome and stood tall next to her mother as she turned and continued to get dressed.


Mama had her chance to talk to Sesshomaru. She had explained that although he was Lord to the Lands he still had responsibilities to her daughter. She understood that his responsibilities came first but when it concerned her daughter he had to spend time with her.

She explained that the biggest problem with her daughter was that she was lonely. It was not that people didn't surround her all the time but that she didn't have any contact with him. She explained that she yearned to be with him and be a part of his life. He had to make some concessions and make time to be with her.

Sesshomaru took all of this in and it made sense. He had not been able to spend a lot of time with his mate and maybe that's why she always felt that she had to prove herself. He promised to be more attentive and he thanked her for her advice.

They went outside to wait for the guest to arrive as the final flowers were put into place.

Soon the guest started to arrive as soft music was being played. There were drinks being offered before the ceremony for those who arrived early. Sesshomaru introduced her to many of their acquaintances and when their pups started to arrive she was introduced to each one.

The first to arrive was Rin. Her squeals of joy could be heard and she rushed into her father's arms and held him tight. When he finally pride her off him he said, "Rin I want you to meet your grandmother."

Rin turned to Mama and said, "Baasan! I have been waiting a long time to meet you in person. Okaa-san always talks about you."

Mama smiled at the energetic girl as she gave her a big hug. They talked for a few minutes as she asked Rin, "Rin who is this with you?"

Rin was embarrassed as she introduced her mate to her Baasan. Itsuru bowed gracefully as he greeted her. Then he turned and said, "Mama Higurashi I would like you to meet my father, Lord Tususki of the Northern Lands."

Tususki bowed to her as Mama blushed at the handsome man standing in front of her. He was the head of Tenteisei family and she felt very honored to meet him. They talked for a while until Seishiro showed up with his mate Michiru.

Mama noticed that Seishiro was a lot like his father he was very proper and held his mask in place all the time. But she noticed that his eyes were warm and saw her daughters influence in the boy. She had done a wonderful job so far in raising all of her children.

Tomiko came forward along with her mate Ryusaki. Mama looked at Sesshomaru and he shrugged, "I could not help whom my daughters fell in love with. It just happened to be the sons of Tususki that's why our families are so close."

Mama understood as she watched a tall Inu Youkai come forward. He had lovely green eyes and flaming red hair on his bangs and tail. 'Could this be the Shippo that Kagome was always talking about?' Thought Mama as she waited to be introduced to them.

Shippo arrived with his mate Tsukiko as they greeted their father. He turned to the woman standing next to him as he sniffed. His eyes opened wide as he said, "Baasan?" He did recognize her scent from all the times his mother would travel to through the well and bring him treats.

Mama smiled as she nodded yes to his question as she was caught in a powerful hug from the young man. Shippo released his grandmother when he heard his father's growls. He apologized for his behavior as he heard her say, "You were Kagome's first child. She would always come home and tell me everything that you would do to Inuyasha. But she would also tell me of all of your achievements. You have grown up to be an handsome young youkai."

Mama was also introduced to all of her great grandchildren. Her grandchildren surrounded her as they all told her stories of their parents. The one's with the most information were Rin and Shippo. They had a lot to tell her about what happened back then.

On occasion Sesshomaru would let out a low growl from his chest as he warned his pups not to say anything about the subject they were about to get into. They would quickly change the conversation to something else.

The last person to arrive was Inuyasha with Nasume. Mama looked at him as she said, "Inuyasha you have changed. What happened to your ears?"

Inuyasha chuckled as he said, "Didn't fluffy tell you that this was my fathers ultimate gift to me. He purged my human blood from my body so I can have a true-life bond with Nasume. With me being a hanyou I couldn't bond with my soul mate."

Mama understood but she would miss his doggy-ears. They were always so nice to rub. Mama had a thought as she excused herself from everyone. The ceremony was about to being and she needed to take care of some things.

Mama walked around looking for Tususki and when she found him she quickly approached and asked him a question. He happily agreed as he followed her into the house.

Everyone was getting seated, as the ceremony was about to begin. When the music started everyone quieted down as they looked behind them.

Mama came first as she led the way up to the front of the alter where Jii-chan waited to marry his granddaughter. When she got to her place she turned to see the flower girl come down the aisle along with the ring barer.

Then the music changed and the bride slowly made her way out of the house. She was on the arm of Tususki as he slowly walked her to her future.


Kagome had finally finished dressing. It had taken her the better part of the day to get ready. She wore a golden tiara on her head with a blue half crescent moon on it. She had a bun on the top of her head that held it in place as the rest of her hair was gently placed in lose curls.

Her dress was strapless. It hugged her upper body to perfection showing every curve of her breast and hips. When it came down to her waist it slightly flared out just a bit to allow her room to move. The front of the dress was decorated with white roses that were embroidered on the top part of her dress. She wore a sash of blue and gold around her waist. She had a simple necklace of gold around her neck that was the first gift that Sesshomaru had ever given her.

In the center of the necklace was a small jewel that mimicked the Shikon No Tama. It had no power but it looked like the original jewel. She had on gold-studded earrings that matched the necklace she was wearing.

When she was satisfied with the way she looked she made her way out of her room as she walked down the stairs. The train on her dress was not long but it was long enough to slightly trail behind her.

She heard gasps as she looked up to see her mother smiling at her with Tususki standing next to her. She was curious about why he was in here as she asked, "Mama why is Tususki in here? Shouldn't he be outside with everyone else?"

Mama smiled as she said, "Jii-chan is doing the officiating and Souta is busy doing something else. I have asked Tususki-sama to walk you down the aisle and he graciously accepted."

Kagome eyes grew watery as she looked at Tususki. She was grateful that he would do this for her.

When Tususki looked up what he saw took his breath away. Kagome, the young woman that he had come to care for as a daughter, looked absolutely gorgeous. Words could not describe what he felt when he saw her. Even after 500 years she was still the breath taking beauty that he remembered back then.

He was honored when her mother had asked if he would walk her down the aisle and give her to Sesshomaru, as her father would have done. He had jumped at the chance to do this for her.

He saw her stop in front of him as he said, "It will be an honor to give away the bride."

At that moment they heard the music start as they all got ready. Her mother started it off and then followed by the flower girl and ring barer.

Tususki offered his arm to Kagome as she graciously took it. They waited for the music to change and then proceeded to make their way to the alter.


Sesshomaru could not keep his eyes off his mate. Even after all of these years of being mated to her she still looked gorgeous. He noticed that Tususki was walking her to the front as he patiently waited for her to reach him, not once taking his eyes off her.

Once there Kagome's grandfather started the ceremony, "We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Who here gives this woman to this man?"

"I give my daughter in this marriage." Answered Mama to his question.

"And I give her as my daughter to this man." Said Tususki. He then placed Kagome's hand in Sesshomaru's as he stepped back and sat down to watch the ceremony.

"I ask now that if there is anyone who objects to the union of these two to speak now or forever hold your peace." Said Jii-chan as he waited about a minute before he continued with the ceremony when no one objected.

"May I have the rings please." Said Jii-chan as the ring barer stepped forward and produced the ring on a nice heart shaped pillow.

Jii-chan said a prayer over the rings as he handed Sesshomaru the ring for his mate. Then he said, "Repeat after me. I Sesshomaru Gengetsu,"

Sesshomaru said, "I Sesshomaru Gengetsu."

"Take thee Kagome Higurashi to be my lawfully wedded wife, to love and to hold from this day forward. In sickness and in health till death due us part." Said Jii-chan as Sesshomaru repeated his words.

He then placed the ring on her finger as he kissed the back of her hand. He received a beautiful blush from his bride when he did that.

"Kagome repeat after me." Said Jii-chan as he finished handing her mates ring.

"I Kagome Higurashi." Said Jii-chan.

"I Kagome Higurashi." Repeated Kagome.

"Take thee Sesshomaru Gengetsu as my lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold from this day forward. In sickness and in health till death due us part." Said Jii-chan as she repeated every word he said.

He turned to Sesshomaru and nodded giving him permission to say his peace.

Sesshomaru looked into his mates eyes as he said, "Kagome, you have made me the happiest man in the world. You have shown me so much that words could not describe what it is I feel for you. You have taken a cold heart and showed it what it is like to love someone so much that I cannot live without you. My life is now complete with you by my side and I promise you my undying love for the rest of eternity."

Tears were running down Kagome's cheek as she heard her mate speak, as she got her turn to tell him. "Sesshomaru never in my life have I ever thought that I would find someone that would love me for who I am. You have taken hold of my heart and have been there every since I accepted you as my husband. My life without you would be empty and lonely. You have shown me so much since we have been together and I want to spend the rest of eternity with you."

They turned to her grandfather as he said, "By the powers vested in me as the priest for the Higurashi shrine I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Sesshomaru smiled as he leaned down and captured his mate's lips. He kissed her passionately and only broke it off when the cheers went out through the shrine that officially recognized them as husband and wife.

They walked down the aisle as they went into the house and got changed into something more comfortable to enjoy the reception. Once everyone had their fill of food and drink they watched with eager eyes as the couple cut the wedding cake and took the first bite.

Kagome being mischievous with her mate smashed the cake into his face as she started to laugh. Sesshomaru not wanting to be outdone by his mate did the same as they all had a piece of cake while the couple went inside to get cleaned up.

For Sesshomaru that was the best part of the ceremony. He was gently licking the cake off his mate while ravishing her neck.

Mama saw her chance as she went after them. When they came down stairs Kagome saw her mother waiting for them as she handed them an envelope.

Kagome was curious as she asked, "Mama what's this?"

Mama smiled as she said, "They're airplane tickets. Your plane leaves in about two hours and you have to hurry if you're going to make it on time."

"Plane tickets? Mom I don't understand? Why would you give us plane tickets?" asked an exasperated Kagome.

Mama raised an eyebrow as she said, "Kagome every new married couple goes on a honeymoon. These tickets will take you both to Hawaii. When you get there someone will be waiting for you to escort you to the honeymoon suite. I want you both to enjoy yourselves and don't worry about a thing. Inuyasha said that he would look after things while you are away. I want you both to really get to know each other and you're not coming back for at least a month."

Both Kagome and Sesshomaru were taken completely by surprise. Kagome had completely forgotten about the honeymoon. "But I have to pack my clothes and make arrangement for things before I can go anywhere and…"

Kagome never finished as her mother cut her off. "Kagome, your bags are already packed and already on there way to Hawaii. Everyone that is important already knows that you will be gone for he month. You are not the only one that can organize anything at the last minute. I have plenty of experience in doing this type of thing."

The look in her mother's eyes told Kagome that she didn't have a choice in the matter. They were to go off to relax for a month and get to know each other. 'Maybe mom is right. This could be the thing we need to get even closer together.' She turned as she looked at her mate to see what he thought about all of this.

Sesshomaru eyes were gleaming with joy. He had to hand it to her mother. She was a very devious individual and she knew exactly what he and his mate needed. She was making them take some time off. He turned to his mate as he said, "Well I guess we don't have a choice so I guess we are going to Hawaii."

The happy couple thanked her mother for the wonderful gift as they left the house and said their goodbyes to everyone. They got into the awaiting limo as they left to go to the airport.

They traveled for a long time when they finally made it to their destination. There was someone there at the airport that was holding up a sign that read, "Kagome and Sesshomaru's Limo here."

They introduced themselves to the driver as he took them to the awaiting limo and drove off. Kagome rested her head on Sesshomaru's shoulder as the driver took them to wherever her mother had planed their honeymoon. They drove for about an hour when they finally arrived at a beautiful house.

The house was located in a secluded spot of the island. It was nestled against a forest and not even 100 feet away was the white sandy beaches.

Kagome couldn't believe what her mother had done for her and her mate. This place was absolutely breath taking. It was everything that she loved as they slowly walked into the house. The servants that took care of the house greeted them as they showed them around the house.

There was a pool in the backyard and a path that led into the forest behind them. The house was elegant and it had everything they could think of except a phone. It was her mother's way of saying that they were to stay away from their normal lives and enjoy their time together.

They were shown into the master suite as the servants left them alone to get acquainted. They told them that if they needed anything at all to let them know.

Kagome walked around the room as she looked at everything. 'I must be in a dream or something. This was the honeymoon that I always thought about when I was a child. I never thought that I would ever get my dream.'

She felt as a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist as she slowly leaned back in her mates warmth. He was licking her neck and she was like putty in his arms.

Sesshomaru was having his own ideas on what he wanted to do. He quickly turned his mate around as he captured her lips in a heated kiss. He slowly moved her over to the bed and soon he had her clothes ripped off of her, as they made passionate love for the rest of the day and night. No one saw them for the next three days as they enjoyed their time together.

The month was almost over and soon Sesshomaru and Kagome would have to return home. They had spent a wonderful month together in this place as they explored the area they were in. At night they would let their inner inu out and they roamed the forest behind the house.

Kagome had put up a protective barrier that shielded their true forms while they enjoyed their time together as well.

They were currently sitting on the beach as they were looking at the sun going down over the horizon. Their lives have come full turn as they pondered what the future would bring.

"Sesshomaru, from this moment on I don't know what the future holds. We will have to deal with everything as it comes." Said Kagome as she was resting against his chest.

Sesshomaru nuzzled his mate as he said, "Well we can handle anything that the future holds as long as we are together. We will face whatever comes and maybe have a few more pups."

Kagome turned around as she looked at her mate with interest. She had been thinking of having another pup because it had been too long since she held a child in her arms. "Oh really? When were you going to tell me of your decision to have another child?" Said Kagome as she as nibbling at her mate's ear.

Sesshomaru groaned as he said, "The moment you came into heat," as he attacked her neck. They didn't know what the future held for them but they did make a promise to each other to always make time to be together. They had become closer since they had been here and they wanted that feeling to last. They had her mother to thank for their happiness.

Soon you could hear the moans coming from the beach as the two were locked in a lovers embrace. They were looking forward to the future that they both still had to live.


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