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Hermione Granger sat in her favorite place of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the library. She had loved the library since the first day she had come there. It was Hermiones 7th year attending Hogwarts her last and final year and then Finaly she would be out in the real world.

This year was tougher than any other year at Hogwarts she had loads of homework to finish. She had a 2-foot page essay due in Advanced Potions for Professor Snape due at the end of the week. The day was Monday and she was determined to get a head start on her project. The category had been on anything they would like to choose as long as it was Potions compliant. She had chosen the Corso del Tempo a potion which spoken in English meant course of time,CDT for short. She had been fascinated with time travel ever since the beginning of third year when she had received a time tuner. It had aged her approximately half a year. She was in muggle years 17 in the wizarding world, however, She would be 18 very soon.

Sitting in the library reading different books on the CDT potion she came across a theory she had never heard before.

"It is believed by some wizards that time travel to the past here by affects the present, therefore if a wizard or witch were to go back in time he or she would have already affected the original time line therefore disturbing nothing in present day time. This theory is highly discredited by many witches and wizards, however. It is uncertain if a witch or wizard had ever gone back in time longer than an hour or two. If said person where to go back years (which had never been done) he or she may or may not have any affect on the present time line."

Eliza J. Wirthworthy

Jotting down the facts of this theory she thought interesting she continued on.

At around half past 8 she realized that curfew was coming up on her dangerously fast. Packing up the books she needed and the notes she had token. She left the library, heading to the Gryffindor common room.

"Miss Granger I was unaware that rules did not apply to you?" said a deep velvety voice behind her. Stopping in her tracks she turned to see the very professor she had been working for this afternoon, Snape.

"Professor Snape, sir, I do not believe curfew is time yet" Hermione said hoping that she was correct in thinking this. At that moment however luck was not with her as the clock struck nine signaling it was curfew.

Smirking Snape spoke, "10 points from Gryffindor and I will see you in detention Saturday morning Miss Granger."

"Sir…. It's not even one past nine!"

"Shall we make it two Saturdays?"

"I will see you Saturday, sir," Hermione replied hoping her professor would let her go back to her common room now.

"I suggest Miss Granger you go to your common room this instant," he said striding off down the corridor.

Hermione headed down the corridor once again never expecting that she wouldn't make it back to her common room.

Severus Snape walked awake from Hermione Granger heading in the direction of his own private chambers. He was half way there when he heard a blood-curdling scream. Coming from the direction he had just left.

Running back down towards the corridor he had just come threw Severus ran to see what had happened, along with half the other teachers near by. Severus was the first to arrive and what he saw made his blood run cold.

There lying in a heap at the bottom of the staircase was Hermione Granger's book bag her books scattered everywhere, but there was no Hermione Granger.

Hermione's eyes were opening, the last thing she had remembered was falling down the stairs after the staircases had moved. She had hit her head hard upon fallening and now had a pounding headache. "Whathappened?" she said in a slur of mumbles. Standing up all the blood rushed to her head causing her to have to sit down once more. She looked around trying to gather her things and continue to Gryffindor tower or to the hospital wing.

Her things were nowhere to be found. Trying to focus her eyes again on the place she had landed and around her seeing if she had missed her books and book bag. Having gotten her eyes focus she was correct in her thoughts her things were gone, including her wand.

Panicking she stood up this time on sturdy legs. She saw a boy rushing down the stairs towards her. Something about him was oddly familiar.

"I saw you fall are you alright?" He asked then noticing her robes he sneered. "Gryffindor eh? Never mind then,"

What was so familiarly about this boy? Suddenly it hit her. Black oily hair deep black eyes tall and in Slytherin robes. She was staring at a young Snape!

"You…." She said right before falling into his arms after having fainted.

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