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Chapter 42

Severus Snape had always been a rather contemplating person. In his youth he had wondered at the extraordinary luck which had snagged him the most sought after witch of their year. To think that the beauty had turned down the dashing, Sirius Black in favor of the ugly, Severus Snape had been a mind boggling puzzle Severus was still unclear on. As Severus aged and knew he would not see the one person he truly loved for over twenty years he fancied that God had been playing a practical joke on him by dangling love in his grasp, only to snatch it away. When Hermione had finally entered Hogwarts as a buck toothed pre-pubescent Severus had finally admitted to himself that he had not imagined the girl who he had loved and who had loved him back. But now as Severus was finally on the cusp of having Hermione to himself to sort out any problems they might have, and lord they had a million conversations to sort through, God had plucked her out of his reach once again by the traitorous Aiden snatching her up.

God must truly have a fascinating sense of humor, that was the only conclusion Severus could draw. His life had brought him to this point, the place where in a matter of moments the Final Battle was likely to take place. Three men verses 140 devils, yes God had a funny sense of humor indeed.

For one eerie moment all was silent and then, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" broke the silence.

A flash of green hurtled threw the air from Voldemorts wand towards a smirking Aiden. It seemed funny that Voldemort had targeted Aiden instead of Severus, himself. But he wasn't about to be angry about the circumstance.

As the green light flew across the chamber Severus prayed that his three companions would not be in the way of the curse and so help him Potter had better have learned to stay under that damned cloak if he knew what was could for him. This battle needed to sacrificial 'hero.' Severus had only a moment longer before the green light would reach it's target and pandemonium would reign. He need to think quickly and seize the moment before it was lost. An escape? They couldn't possibly win against two separate forces. His only hope was to escape with his love and her moronic friends and hope that the two groups of enemies would make a substantial dent in each others forces. Yes, he needed an escape. But how was he to do anything when he had no idea where Potter had gotten to? A Slytherin would have left the antechamber the moment Voldemorts troops walked in but a Gryffindor? There was no telling where they would have gone. Hermione would have tried to stay close to Aiden, that much, although it pained him to admit, was true. Weasley would have been hell-bent on getting out of the room, Severus or no Severus. Noble Potter would have been stupid enough to think he could help and stay in the room. So that meant they must still be in the room, closer to the Vampires than the Death Eaters.

Aidens smirk only became more pronounced as the green light came closer towards him. Severus felt ice run down his spine as that smirk turned into an all out smile. Severus knew in his veins something was not right. As Aiden began to mutter something Severus's body seemed to be running on it's own accord towards the vampire, towards the sickly greenish light. Severus knew as if it was his own plan what Aiden must be doing. His feet pounding on the floor, his blood pounding in his ears, and all the time the green growing closer and closer to the smiling Aiden. A shout and a ripping sound caught Serverus's ears before he saw them, or more specifically her. Potter and Weasley were doing an amiable job fighting against the magic they could not see. Hermione, his Hermione, the girl he had loved for most of his life, was doing nothing to break the finger like grasps on her wrists pulling her in front of Aiden.

"A pity but all toys have their uses," was Aidens reply as the green soared towards him, Hermione being dragged in front of him to protect Aiden from death.

With one last thought of Hermione's face, Severus leapt and knew no more.