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Author's Opening Notes: Gasp A BB/Anger fic? What kind of author am I?

"Beautiful When Angry"
By J.T. Magnus, "Turbo"

This wasn't the first time I had come here, it was the only way to see her the way I loved the most...

I'm a good liar. I tell them that the jokes are to try and make her smile, to make her laugh.

But I don't want that.

My arms slip around her cloaked form as she whispers the same words she always does, eliciting the same response she always does.

When I tell my jokes it annoys her, and she's never more beautiful than those times. The way her eyes flash, the way the muscles in her arms and jaw clentch... and at the risk of being a typical male, the way her chest moves when she silently fumes.

And this is the purest form of all that.

I'm not afraid to enter Raven's mirror because she waits for me there.

I know what you're thinking, Happy, or Rude, maybe even Brave or Intelligence... maybe even Timid.

Or Love... no.

I'm not afraid to enter Raven's mirror because even if she finds out, how she'd react would only make me love her more.

The red fades away and she's mine for the moment, not her father's, but mine.

I'm not afraid of Raven's anger because...

Because I love Raven's Anger.