Just a quick note, both of us (this was co-written by two people) live in New Zealand and until TV 1 TV 3 and Sky 1 (cable TV) get their acts together and start showing the NEW seasons... well...you get the picture

this is a crossover between SVU, Cold Case will come into it in chapter 5 and Crossing Jordan in chapter 13 onwards... for those of you who don't watch all of these programs we will post a short description of the characters will be posted at the beginning

A rubbish truck drove by an ally, as it went past, the man on the side yelled out for the driver to stop. He did and the man jumped off, running into the ally he stops




Olivia and Stabler ducked under the yellow tape, one of the police saw them and pointed to the rubbish-truck man; they nodded and walked up to him

"Detectives Stabler, Benson, SVU, you the one that found her?"

"Yea, she was in a real bad way, passed out, blood all over the place man I've never seen so much blood and it was all over the place and the ambulance took hours and she was just lying there passed out and blood coming from her and…."

"O-ok sir we're going to need you to calm down just take some deep breaths... Now, tell us what happened"

"Me'n Ernie were driving on our rounds when we passed here and I saw a foot sticking out so I yelled for Ernie to stop, he did 'nd I jumped off to see if the person needed help. Then I saw the blood and yelled for Ernie to call an ambulance and then it came and took her away"

"And did you recognize the girl at all?"

He shakes his head

"Could you give us a DNA sample…..?"

"Callum Matheson, You think I did that to her? No way man, that's messed up!"

"We just need to clear you from the suspect list"

"Fine, but I'm telling you, I didn't do it"

Elliot pulled out a swab

"Open your mouth please"

The man opened and Elliot wiped the swab around the inside of his mouth before putting it back in its case

"Thank you; we'll contact you if we need anymore details"

"So I can go?"

Olivia nodded and the man turned to go, then he turned back

"Hey, is she gonna be ok?"

"We don't know yet"


At the hospital

Nurse- "Id estimate she would be around 12 years old, bruising on her thighs and genitals, 2 stab wounds, broken rib- she was raped and severely beaten, she's lucky she made it this far"

Olivia- "What's her current condition?"

Nurse- "She's having emergency surgery to repair the damage to her lung- when her rib was broken, the force was great enough that it punctured her left lung"

Olivia- "What are her chances of survival?"

Nurse-"She's looking good, but I wouldn't put her above 70"

They looked through the window

Doctor – "CLEAR"

The mystery girl arched as her heart is shocked back to life, Olivia winched in sympathy



thank you from K and C (the authors) : )