"This is Detective Lilly Rush, she worked the original case and this is her partner Scotty Valens"

Cragen introduced a fragile-looking blonde woman with hair that looked like it hadn't seen a comb for the past week and determined blue eyes and her partner who had short black hair and dark brown eyes that spoke of mischief.

"Detective's John Munch, Fin Tutuola, Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler"

They each raised their hands when their names were called

"Munch can fill you in on what we have so far then you can fill us in on your case"

They nodded and Munch sighed and stood up

"Unidentified rape victim about 12 years found yesterday morning in an alley raped and beaten, hospital called this morning and she's on the verge waking up, camera footage from the shop across the road showed a white van with a non-existent company name on its side and another cars registration plates, did I miss anything?"

None of the others said anything so he sat down and gestured for Detective Rush to start

"Ok, 12 year old, never identified, raped and beaten thoroughly, then dumped in an alley, she died later from her injuries – a broken rib and 2 stab wounds, the only lead we had was a white van with 'Express courier' written in red letters on its side and a picture of an envelope and, you guessed it, stolen registration plate these two cases are exactly the same except for the fact that your girl is going to pull through"

"And they happened in different states"

"That to"

"Your attacker use a condom?"

"Yup, but we got a hair an unknown substance on her leg and a partial fingerprint, the guy had filthy hands-covered in grease like the stuff you get when working with cars"

"Our girl got the same, we thought he may be a mechanic"

"Did you follow it up?"

"Yea, interviewed every garage in the god-damned city, all the mechanics had an alibi bar 4 and we never got enough to convict any of them"

She pulled a face that clearly communicated her frustration at not being able to put anyone behind bars, for a moment, they sympathized with her, they had all been in that situation at one point, then she was back to being the unwanted newcomer.

She started pulling photos out of a box next to the whiteboard and sticking them up, they were black-and-whites of a young girl, clearly showing the injuries, which killed her along with many others, also, there was one, in full colour. Once they were all stuck up, she stepped back and looked at all the pictures

"Thought so"

She said

"What?" Olivia asked

"Well I couldn't be sure until I saw them side by side, but, these girls look as though they could be sisters"

The other detectives looked past the injuries

Fin- "same colour hair, similar face shape… I see what you mean"

Scotty- "lets check that out"


Warner's office

"DNA confirmed, your girls were sisters, well half sisters, but here's the weird thing, I ran the DNA against everything we had, and the DNA was highly compatible with the DNA from the hairs"

Det. Valens- "Meaning…"

"The guy that raped these girls was related to them, probably their father"

Detective Valens looked shocked, Fin only raised his eyebrows

"I ran the DNA through the system and got this"

She showed them two police file reports

"These guys are half brothers, the girl's rapist is their father, both were convicted for rape"

Fin- "So, so far this guy has fathered 4 children that we know about, the two males are doing time for rape, he raped and beat up both of his daughters, one of the girls is dead, and the other one is recovering in hospital"

Scotty- "one happy family"

Fin- "where's mum?"



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