Mortal Kombat

550 years ago, the sorcerer Shang Tsung was cursed by the Gods to consume the souls of warriors to maintain his youth. To do this, Shang Tsung entered the Shaolin Tournament known as Mortal Kombat:

Shang Tsung won the title of Grand Champion and went on to win many more tournaments, unknown to the Shaolin each victory for Shang Tsung was granting a dark power. That is until the noble and honorable Shaolin Monk, Kung Lao challenged Shang Tsung in the tournament, Kung Lao emerged victorious and was crowned the new champion of Mortal Kombat.

For 50 years, Shang Tsung had vanished, but in the next tournament, he would return, now he had aged greatly, but he brought with him a pupil named Goro, the 4-armed Shokan Prince. In the final round, Kung Lao and Goro fought with much intensity, but ultimately Goro came out the victor removing Kung Lao of his belt, Shang Tsung then devoured Kung Lao's soul and took control of the tournament.

Shang Tsung's master, the emperor of the realm of Outworld, Shao Kahn was very pleased at these events, by winning 10 Mortal Kombat tournaments, the border between the two realms would be undone, allowing Shao Kahn to add Earthrealm to Outworld. For 500 years, Goro defeated opponent after opponent with 9 victories for Outworld, one more win and Earthrealm will be Shao Kahn's…

But there are warriors who will be representing Earth in the tournament; one of these 7 will decide the outcome:

Liu Kang: A Shaolin Monk and former member of the White Lotus Society, who desires to bring the tournament back to Shaolin control and rid Earthrealm of Shang Tsung's treachery.

Johnny Cage: A movie star, who has joined the tournament out of spite for critics who claim his skills are nothing more than special effects and camera trickery.

Kano: A mercenary and leader of the Black Dragon clan, Kano has heard of the tales of the riches in Shang Tsung's palace and joins the tournament to lay his hands on them.

Sonya Blade: A Special Forces agent hired to track down Kano, who killed her former partner, Sonya will not rest until Kano is caught.

Sub-Zero: A Lin Kuei assassin, assigned to assassinate Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero will find that one of his past victims is coming back to hunt him down.

Scorpion: a reincarnated ninja specter, who was killed by Sub-Zero, two years ago. Scorpion will not rest until he gets his revenge on the one who took everything from him.

Raiden: The Thunder God and protector of Earthrealm, Raiden joins the tournament in the form of a human to guide Earth's warriors to overcome Shang Tsung.

Let Mortal Kombat begin…

500 years after Goro's defeat of Kung Lao, the Shaolin have sought to regain control of their tournament from the clutches of Shang Tsung, many warriors tried and failed, they all fell to the might of Goro.

But now in honor of Kung Lao, a young man named Liu Kang will enter the tournament to defeat Goro and Shang Tsung and bring the tournament back to Shaolin Control. Liu Kang was once a Shaolin Monk, who had left to join the White Lotus Society, but with the tournament approaching, he leaves the White Lotus Society to represent the Shaolin Monks in the Mortal Kombat tournament. He has been trained by many masters, he is Earthrealm's best hope for victory.

Liu Kang walked into the main hall, where he found the highest ranking Shaolin Monk waiting for him sitting on a large high chair, he walked down the long red carpet until finally he reached the high council of the Shaolin, holding a small rolled up parchment in his hand, he was dressed in only a pair of red and black pants with a bandana over his forehead.

This monk, Master Wu bowed back and spoke to the young warrior as he stood up. "I understand that you have requested permission to compete in Shang Tsung's tournament?"

"Yes, Master Wu. I have been asked to attend." Liu Kang said, silently.

Master Wu smiled and continued, "You must not overlook the true motive of Tsung's invitation. In his eyes your defeat at the hands of Goro would most certainly put an end to the threat of the Shaolin ever retaking the contest." He finished gravely.

With this, Liu Kang's eyes lit up and he eagerly spoke. "But," he said quickly. "Goro has grown overconfident."

"As would any warrior with a 500 year stretch of victories. Your mind and spirit must work as one to walk with the wind. These attributes will enable you to put an end to Shang Tsung's treachery. I grant you permission Liu Kang. The Shaolin depend on your victory!"

"I will not fail…" Liu started silently. "That is my promise!" he said, aloud.

Master Wu smiled as Liu turned to walk down the hallway, without a word, Liu Kang left the room with a confident smile on his face. As Liu walked through the Shaolin Temple, he heard a voice call out his name, he turned around and saw his best friend Kung Lao standing behind him.

"Liu." Kung Lao said, he was nearly the same height as Liu Kang, he wore a black outfit, but was easily recognizable by the razor sharp hat that he always wore."

"Kung." Liu started. "What's up?"

Kung Lao was the descendant of the Great Kung Lao, who had lost to Goro 500 years previous, though like his ancestor in many ways, Kung had made it very clear to everyone that he had no desire to be the Mortal Kombat champion.

"Liu, I know you're going to fight in the tournament." Kung started.

"Yeah, I am." Liu said. "So what's up?" he asked, curiously. He knew Kung had something else in mind than to wish him luck.

"My ancestor was killed because of Goro and Shang Tsung. His soul resides in that evil sorcerer." Kung said, sadly. "I know that you desire to face them both and I do wish you luck, but I ask that you avenge my ancestor for me, please. I do not want to be the Mortal Kombat champion."

"I know." Liu said, smiling. "You've only told me a million times besides I don't think you could take Goro and Shang Tsung anyway."

Kung's head jolted in surprised, but Liu playfully punched him in the shoulder and laughed. For a moment, Kung looked angry, but then he laughed as well. "Good luck Liu. Come back alive."

Liu Kang shot Kung Lao a thumbs-up and with that he turned and left Kung alone. Kung watched Liu go, although with worrisome looks on his face. He's good, but I don't know if he can defeat both Goro and Shang Tsung. If my ancestor couldn't defeat him, who can? Every other warrior who tried has died a most painful death and then they would have their souls consumed by Shang Tsung. Good luck, Liu Kang. You'll need it.


Two weeks later, in Hong Kong, many fighters have gathered for the tournament, patiently waiting for the boat that will take them to the island where the tournament is to be held. When the boat arrived, many fighters including Liu Kang boarded the boat.

"Will you relax Chuck?" Johnny Cage said. Johnny Cage was a talented movie star, he was already highly successful in his career, but a good movie star is not without criticism, as many critics have claim the ground-breaking feats that he performs in his movies are actually just special effects, little do they know is that he actually does perform these stunts himself. He enters the tournament to silence them.

"Look Johnny," said Chuck, who was a relatively short man. "all I'm sayin' is maybe you should just reconsider this tournament thing. Look at that boat! You can't get on that hunk of junk. You're a commodity. You're looking at $20 million this year. You wanna risk that?"

Johnny ignored his agent's concerns and with a smile walked toward the boat. His female secretary however did not share Chuck's concerns. "Johnny, you've got to be back by the 15th. You're scheduled to start shooting Iron Claw on the 17th and you haven't even read the script!"

Before Johnny could answer, Chuck cut in.

"C'mon Johnny, these people could be crazy. This tournament isn't sanctioned by any marital arts organization and I can't find one person whose heard of the friggin' thing. Just reconsider?" Chuck said, desperately.

"Nope." Johnny said with a smile. "I'll be back in two weeks, I promise. These are quality people, Chuck trust me." He said, reassuringly.

Sighing, Chuck relented. "Yeah, just don't get hit in the face."

"Hey, who would hit Johnny Cage? Everybody loves me!"


Meanwhile, a few miles away, two vehicles were speeding to the docks. One vehicle carried the Black Dragon clan, a group of mercenaries who were only out for money. Filled by greed, the Black Dragon committed many crimes, their leader goes by the name of Kano. Kano's left eye had been surgically removed and replaced with a metallic plate and a red glowing eye to accommodate it. He has heard rumors of the vast treasure inside Shang Tsung's palace and heads to the island filled with greed.

"All right Kano, the bay is up ahead!"

"Good' cause these chumps are getting to me!" Kano said, frustrated.

"You better watch yer back at that tournament. I've heard stories about this Wang Fang dude!"

"That's Shang Tsung, and I'm gonna rip out his heart and eat it for breakfast!" Kano yelled, confidently.

"Yeah Slice 'n' dice Kano! Slice 'n' dice!"

"And after I win this tournament," Kano added. "I want the entire Black Dragon gang there! I mean all of 'em from Shanghai to Chicago. I hear there's a palace on

that island. Walls made of gold! We'll be looting for months! Later, hoodlums!

I got a date with a bullet-proof Winnebago!" He shouted as he prepared to jump from the vehicle."

"Good luck Kano!"

"You're gonna need it!"

Inside the other vehicle were those assigned to capture the Black Dragon, the United States' Special Forces, they sought to capture the Black Dragon for their nefarious crimes, one such member Lt. Sonya Blade, had a personal motive for capturing Kano: He had killed her old partner and she vowed he would pay for it.

As Kano leapt from the jeep onto the Special Forces' vehicle, he laughed as he shouted. "Howdy chumps!"

Kano landed on the Special Forces truck, however when he landed, the sound he made alerted the Special Forces.

"What the… Hey he's on the roof!" the Special Forces agent named Sparky cried out.

"Heads up Sonya! We got a live one at twelve!"

"Too bad this thing is bullet proof!" One of Sonya's agents cried.

"Yeah." The Special Forces agent named Jake mused. "I'd have that sucker tap dancing by now."

"Only one person would have the nerve to pull this off…. Kano!" Sonya said, coming to a sudden realization.

Reports say that his heart had been removed from his body. Enraged, Sonya vowed to make Kano pay. Sonya was a tough and cold woman on the outside, but deep down was a woman filled with sorrow.

"That was Kano! We can't let him get away! Sparky and the rest of you stay after that

jeep! Jake, follow me! We're gonna catch that one-eyed tin headed creep!" Sonya ordered as she and Jake leapt out of the vehicle.

Slowly they traversed along the docks, looking for the Black Dragon thug. "Stay alert Jake!" Sonya warned. Sonya knew of Kano's methods, but it was too late, Kano leapt out of nowhere and fired.

"Eat plasma bolts suckers!" Kano shouted evilly.

"Sonya lookout!" Jake shouted.

"He's not shooting at me." Sonya mused. "He's shooting at those barrels!" she said, horrified.

An explosion erupted in the docks, Sonya and Jake ducked for cover, while Kano used this as a distraction to leap to safety on the departing boat, which caught the attention of the passengers.

Sonya and Jake got to their feet and watched as Kano was helped into the boat by the passengers. "I can't believe he got away." Jake said, disappointed.

"What an odd assortment of characters. That sure isn't the rest of the Black Dragon on that ship. I wonder where it's heading?"

"Not very far if we open fire." Jake started.

"No! We might hit a passenger! I'll radio ahead for a speeder boat. We'll let that floating junk pile sail further out before we intercept."

As Kano made it onto the deck of the boat, a stunned crowd awaited him, which included Johnny Cage, who was amazed by what he saw.

"Dude, was that real?" he asked, stunned.

"No, it's an illusion." Kano said, sarcastically, but then he recognized the movie star. "Hey, you're Johnny Cage! Can I have your autograph?"

As night falls, the sail barge sets out towards the East China Sea and Kano

joins a group of near fifty other warriors. All heading to Shang Tsung's

tournament, unbeknownst to them, they were all heading to impending doom.


Meanwhile in rural Japan, Shang Tsung traverses many lands in order to deliver a personal invitation the protector of Earthrealm, Raiden, the Thunder God, he knows of Shang Tsung's plans to plunge Earthrealm into eternal darkness.

"God of Thunder! You have troubled me enough! Every warrior you and your Shaolin Monks had sent to defeat me have all died. They all reside within me now. Do you fear me Raiden? You should know better than anybody that one more victory and Earth will be in the hands of my master! I invite you to the tournament so you can face me yourself or are you a coward?"

With these words a clasp of thunder echoed into the air and a bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of him, the lightning gathered in this area and it formed the shape of a human with glowing blue eyes.

"Shang Tsung. You defied the Elder Gods before, and you paid the price for your crimes, those souls are unfortunate victims to your evil. One more victory and Earth will be yours, as its protector I cannot allow that to happen. I have no choice, I will enter the tournament."

Shang Tsung chuckled at Raiden's acceptance and as he turned to leave, he sneered "Your acceptance is most welcomed Lord Raiden, but keep in mind, this tournament is on my island, with my rules."


On the East China Sea, Shang Tsung's sail barge continues on to the sea. Meanwhile Kano and Johnny Cage were having a scuffle. Kano had already made 2 allies on the boat and were using them to gang up on the movie star.

"Come on Cage! Say it!" Kano shouted, aggressively. Kano took his left first and punched Cage across the face, knocking the movie star's trademark sunglasses off. "I'll be back!"

Grunting, Cage knelt up on his back and shouted. "That wasn't my movie!"

"Get up Cage! You got no stunt men to take hits for ya here!"

"I do my own stunts!" Cage shouted back angrily.

Liu Kang had watched the scuffle. Although he did not know Cage or Kano, (although he had heard of Johnny Cage) he walked toward the fight.

"I'd say the movie star is unfairly outnumbered."

Liu's words had caught Kano's attention, who turned his head sharply. "Who the heck are you?"

"My friends call me Liu Kang. You are not a friend." Liu said, smiling.

"Thanks. That's all I needed." Cage said, quietly and using this opportunity, Cage performed his famous Shadow Kick on the Black Dragon thug, knocking him to the ground, seeing this Kano's friends tried to jump into the fray, but Liu Kang struck them with his Flying Kick that he had mastered during his training. With the fight over, Liu Kang and Johnny Cage turned to each other.

"Hey, my name's…" Johnny started.

"Johnny Cage, I know."

Stopping abruptly, Johnny cocked a smile. "What did you say your name was?"

"I am Liu Kang." Liu said, extending his hand, Johnny extended his own hand and the two shook. With the greeting out of the way, Liu Kang's face turned to a serious expression.

"The next time we will do any fighting, it will be at the tournament. And it may also be against each other." Liu started.

Meanwhile, Kano had recovered from Cage's Shadow Kick and got to his feet and before running off, he issued a warning to Johnny. "You better watch your Mr. Hollywood 'cause you just made me your worst enemy!"

As Liu and Johnny watched Kano go, Liu sighed and continued his warning. "Proceed with caution, Johnny Cage. Kano has lots of friends here. He will make the tournament difficult for you.

Pausing for a moment, Johnny cleared his threat and said confidently. "I think I can take care of myself."

However, while the two men got better acquainted, an unknown shadowy figure figures watches from above, he has the appearance of a ninja, his uniform is clad in blue, he is an assassin sent by the Lin Kuei to assassinate Shang Tsung. His name is Sub-Zero, he possesses the power of ice, he has killed many people without compassion or mercy. As he watches the battle, he fails to notice the figure behind him.

"Lin Kuei…" the voice hissed. As Sub-Zero turned his head, a hand grabbed his throat, Sub-Zero felt all the air rushing out of his body as he slowly rose from his feet. He looked down at his attacker, he looked exactly like him, people could've mistook him for a twin, except his uniform was yellow. His name was Scorpion, a man who he had killed.

"Look into my eyes!" Scorpion hissed and the Lin Kuei warrior did so, Scorpion's eyes were blank, emotionless, except for one: Rage.

"No!" Sub-Zero shouted, horrified. "It can't be… I… I…"

"Yesss…" Scorpion hissed. "You murdered me two years ago to this day. But my demons have allowed me to return and avenge my death. I could kill you at this moment, but I am not a murderer. We will meet at the tournament, and then, Lin Kuei, you will pay for your crimes!" With these words, Scorpion relinquished his grip on Sub-Zero, who landed on the ground, rubbing his throat and gasping for air, Sub-Zero turned his back on the specter and spoke.

"You are a fool for sparing my life."

"That remains to be seen." Scorpion hissed back. "Don't think I have forgotten of what you did to my family!"

Sub-Zero chuckled. "You still think that I was responsible? You really are a fool." As Sub-Zero turned to look at Scorpion and wait for his remark, but he would not receive one. Like a ghost, Scorpion had vanished.


By sunrise, the moment the fighters had been waiting for had arrived, the boat docked at Shang Tsung's island where the tournament was scheduled to begin. Grabbing their belongings, the fighters departed from the boat into the unknown. After a day of practice and training, they all gather on the beach where they are addressed by Shang Tsung along with the reigning champion Goro.

Shang Tsung's haggard looking appearance hid a very powerful warrior. "Welcome warriors to the greatest of all martial arts tournaments." He began humbly. "You have all traveled great distances to get here. I hope it proves well worth it." After he finished these words, a sick smile crossed his face. "Now, let me introduce the newest entry in the contest."

As he snapped his fingers, his masked guard brought forth a young woman, who had her hands bound behind her back, her face was covered by a cloth, she emitted several muffled murmurs as they brought her to the fighters. As they brought this mysterious fighter to the crowd, Johnny Cage watched with the most interest. Kano chuckled, he immediately recognized the new fighter. With a nod from Shang Tsung's head, the guards removed the cloth that covered her face and when her beauty could be seen in full, Johnny Cage's jaw dropped.

"Damn, she's beautiful." He thought.

Liu Kang, looked at Sonya, although he admitted she was quite pretty, he was not as stunned as Johnny Cage was, when he turned and saw his new friend's reaction, he reacted with a sigh and mused to himself. "Oh no…"

Sonya however, was quite angry. She tried to free herself from the ropes that bound her hands, but to no avail. Shang Tsung ignored her and continued to speak. "Lt. Sonya Blade. We found her following one of my ships to this sacred island. Like all of you her life depends on her performance. But so do the lives of her companions." He said, pointing to Sonya's men, who like her had their hands bound behind their backs, they gave Sonya sad looks as they were taken away by the Masked Look, Sonya watched sadly.

"Heh." Kano said, laughing at Sonya's predicament. "I could take them all out at once!"

As Johnny watched Sonya's face fill with sadness, a look of pity and grief overcame her. "This tournament has taken a turn for the worse."

Liu on the other hand, looked very angry at Shang Tsung's actions. How could he do this to her? He knew now more than ever, he had to stop the evil sorcerer. "It was to be expected of Shang Tsung." He said, angrily.

Goro raised his top left arm in the air, made a fist and shouted. "Let the tournament begin!"

Mortal Kombat begins…

(So yeah, there's chapter 1. Yeah most of it is taken from the MK1 comic, though some of it is original work and the Raiden/Shang Tsung scene is changed. Also there's a deleted scene, where I wanted to put in Liu Kang talking to Kung Lao before he left, but I learned that it might contradict Kung Lao's story (this is ignoring Shaolin Monks btw, so Kung Lao does not show up in disguise, I'm telling you that right now) The comic is copyright Midway and Mailbu Comics (I forget who worked on it with Midway, but probably them I think) I do not own Mortal Kombat, all characters are copyright Midway Games and were created by Ed Boon and John Tobias.)