For a moment the two ninja stared each other down, one was a Lin Kuei Warrior. One was a Ninja Specter. One was clad in blue. One was clad in yellow. One was alive. One was dead. One had no emotions. One only had the emotion of rage. One was Sub-Zero. One was Scorpion.

Sub-Zero had come to the island to assassinated Shang Tsung, but apparently he would not have the opportunity to defeat him, however he hoped that perhaps Tsung still lived, if he had time he would go to Tsung's palace and perform the deed. But now with the specter ready to attack, Sub-Zero would have to stand his ground.

He was born to a Chinese father and an American mother along with his younger brother and sister. His father took the boys back with him to China to become Lin Kuei assassins while the mother and girl would remain behind in America. He never saw his mother or his sister again, he learned to be an assassin, he was stripped of all compassion, he would mercilessly kill anyone for his clan. He even ignored the warning that there was evil in his soul out of loyalty for his clan. Everything he did was for his clan.

Scorpion did not come for the glory of being the Mortal Kombat champion nor for fame, nor fortune. He came for revenge against one man, he had no interest in anyone else except Sub-Zero. After he was murdered in cold blood, Scorpion's soul descended in the Netherrealm and when he awoke he was in the body of a ninja specter granted to him by the Elder God Shinnok and the sorcerer Quan Chi. Why, he did not know. Everything Scorpion ever did was for the well being of his wife and child and this coward, this assassin had not only killed him in cold blood, but had eradicated his entire being and dishonorably massacred his entire clan.

Scorpion was given the chance to avenge himself, but should he fail he would lose his undead body and be forced to wander the depths of the Netherrealm as a damned soul with no way out.

For now Scorpion and Sub-Zero stared at each other as they silently prepared to attack.

"Scorpion, as I told you in the Netherrealm, I did not kill your family."

"You lie." Scorpion hissed. "It wasn't enough for you to kill me, you had to kill those I cherished in life and now I can never be with them again. My wife and child will live peacefully up in the Heavens, while I am forced to be tormented forever in Hell and it is because of your sadistic pleasure."

"Scorpion, your blood may be on my hands, but of your family's death, I am innocent. Your clan was not massacred by the Lin Kuei, we had no involvement in the attack on your clan…."

"Shut up!" Scorpion yelled. "You have no honor, Lin Kuei. No honor!"

"Honor? What honor do you possess?" Sub-Zero retaliated. "You were like me weren't you? You may deny it Scorpion, but you and I are exactly alike."

"No!" Scorpion yelled. "You are wrong! I'm nothing like you!"

"If you say so." Sub-Zero smiled. "As you said to me on that night two years ago… You will fail!"

With a final cold stare, Scorpion and Sub-Zero charged at each other as the first piece of the island broke off. They started by parrying the other's blows, until Scorpion managed to strike Sub-Zero across the face. Sub-Zero pulled back and kneeling down, sent out a projectile; which froze the specter in place, and then with his leg, he knocked the specter on the ground, shattering the ice. But Scorpion got to his feet quickly and came at the Lin Kuei again.

Scorpion hit Sub-Zero across the face again, but as he attempted a roundhouse kick, the Lin Kuei Warrior had ducked under the foot and thus the two went back to blocked each other's blows.

As Scorpion and Sub-Zero blocked and countered, more pieces of the island broke off, until finally the ground below them began to crack and slowly pieces of the islands began to elevate and descend. Scorpion and Sub-Zero continued to duel on top of a rising pillar as it slowly rose into the sky. Scorpion kneed Sub-Zero in the chest, knocking the Lin Kuei Warrior onto another rising pillar. Scorpion leapt onto the pillar, but Sub-Zero had already recovered by the time Scorpion found his footing.

"Enough! I will not waste my time with you any longer!" Sub-Zero shouted and with kick to Scorpion's chest and a punch to the chin, he sent the specter flying down to the endless abyss below. "Go back to the depths of Hell where you belong!"

Thinking he had won, Sub-Zero jumped to several pillars, until he had found the high ground, but as he found the high ground, he was shocked to see Scorpion had been waiting for him.

"You first." Scorpion said, as he sent his fist out at the unprepared Lin Kuei Warrior.


As Liu looked down at the unconscious Shang Tsung, he then began to notice that the palace was collapsing around him, taking one last look at the sorcerer, he ran out the palace doors, avoiding several pieces of rock that had been sent flying. Wasting no time, he knew he had to get to where the boats had docked and hoped that they were still intact.

As he ran by, Reptile reappeared from thin air, ignoring Liu Kang, he ran inside the palace doors just as they gave him and collapsing blocking the only exit. Looking around frantically, he noticed his master lying on the ground. If he was dead or alive, he did not know.

"Shang Tsung!" Reptile hissed, as he knelt down at his master, who had woken up at the sound of his voice. "We must leave, the island is collapsing."

Reptile helped the sorcerer get to his feet, as Tsung clutched his chest in pain. "Everything had been undone. 500 years of work, gone like that." Tsung said, silently. "Quickly! We must return to Outworld, it is our only chance of survival."

Tsung ran over to his throne and mustering an ancient spell, he cast a mystical incantation with his hands and much like he did to communicate to Shao Kahn, a portal opened which linked the two realms, wasting no time, the sorcerer jumped through with Reptile following shortly behind.


While a sense of desperation to escape may have overcome any other warrior to escape as more pieces of the island broke off around them, Scorpion and Sub-Zero continued to fight, as they parried the other's attacks, Scorpion kicked Sub-Zero in the chest, but the Lin Kuei Warrior jumped back and with both of his legs kicked Scorpion in the chin causing the specter to yell in pain as Sub-Zero jumped back to his feet. Noticing a nearby staff that had been left behind by the guards, Sub-Zero quickly grabbed the staff, but Scorpion had also grabbed a nearby weapon.

Now the two were no longer fighting hand to hand, but now weapon-to-weapon, the wood clashed with the other. Scorpion lunged forward, but Sub-Zero dodged to the side.

"Don't you learn anything new?" Sub-Zero mocked, as he kicked Scorpion in the chest, then bringing the leg upward, he snapped Scorpion's weapon in two and prepared to bring his staff down upon the specter, but Scorpion used the two pieces to block the staff.

"How about this?" Scorpion yelled as taking his two remaining pieces, he broke Sub-Zero's weapon in two and with this moment of advantage Scorpion kicked the Lin Kuei Warrior in the chest causing him to stagger back. Scorpion came at him again, but Sub-Zero recovered and extending his leg flipping Scorpion up in the air knocking him in the air, but the specter quickly responded by tripping the Lin Kuei Warrior with his leg.

Both warriors recovered and were on the attack again, but before a blow could dealt, the island began to collapse again and the two warriors were driven back as the island broke apart some more and separated them.

Sub-Zero climbed the land that had not been broken off while Scorpion's piece began to collapse into the ocean, the specter ran and thinking quickly, he jumped to the piece of the island that the Lin Kuei had just jumped off of, but now it was collapsing, Sub-Zero was already up a few ways ahead, Scorpion would have to move quickly if he was to keep up and not fall into the abyss. Scorpion jumped from land-to-land as it continuously broke off around him, while Sub-Zero had managed to make it onto safe ground. Scorpion had nearly ran out of the room to run on, but to his right, he saw his salvation, what appeared to be a branch was sticking out of the island's side. Scorpion took out a piece of rope from his belt and it tied around the branch.

Just as the island began to give away, Scorpion ran forward and pushed off, he swung over the water below him, he then went over the branch and on his second pass around, the rope untied itself from the branch, propelling Scorpion forward and into the high air. While Sub-Zero continued to run as the island continued to break apart, Scorpion landed, in perfect form, landing in front of him. Sub-Zero's eyes widened in surprise. Scorpion's eyes widened in anger.

"You will never learn." Sub-Zero said, coldly.


Meanwhile the three warriors continued to battle Goro, unaware of the danger approaching them. Goro dropped to his knees, exhausted as Cage and the others drove in for the kill. Suddenly a loud rumbling interrupted the battle and the ground below them began to crumble. Cracks filled the Pit and Goro was the first to fall, screaming as he did so. Cage, Sonya, and Kano looked for a way out, but it was too late, the ground below the gave way and Kano fell to the endless abyss below.

There was little left of the bridge, and Johnny quickly grabbed onto it, holding on for dear life, but then he realized something. "Sonya! Where are you?" He got his answer when he could hear a scream coming from below. He didn't need to know what had happened, he knew Sonya had fell….


Scorpion was struck twice across the face as Sub-Zero continued his assault with a kick, but Scorpion caught the attack and like he did to Reptile, fire formed in his feet and he back flipped knocking Sub-Zero on his back. As Scorpion landed, he found that Sub-Zero had just recovered and with a slide, Scorpion was laying on his back. The specter got to his feet and ran at the Lin Kuei Warrior, but Sub-Zero ran back and grabbing a nearby pole stuck in the ground, he spun around and with both legs kicked Scorpion in the chest.

Scorpion was stunned, but not hurt. As Scorpion extending his knee, Sub-Zero caught knee but Scorpion punched him twice in the face, Sub-Zero threw Scorpion's leg up causing the specter to flip in the air, Scorpion took both of legs and struck Sub-Zero in the chest, knocking the Lin Kuei Warrior to the ground.

"Get up! I'm not done with you yet!" Scorpion roared.

But Sub-Zero was forming a small ball of ice in his left hand, and when it was ready, he launched it at Scorpion's feet, freezing them in place. Dismayed, Scorpion pulled on his feet to pull them free, while Sub-Zero slowly got up from Scorpion's previous blow. But the time Sub-Zero had gotten up, Scorpion had freed himself.

Scorpion ran at Sub-Zero, but the Lin Kuei Warrior blocked the attack and kicked Scorpion back, Scorpion recovered and attempted a kick to the face, which Sub-Zero managed to duck under.

"Your anger blinds you, Scorpion." Sub-Zero taunted. As he struck Scorpion across the face and then with a kick knocked Scorpion to the ground. Scorpion recovered and attacked again, but Sub-Zero threw Scorpion across the room. "You're just a pathetic man, cursed to suffer in the Netherrealm for eternity to never be with your family again. That Scorpion is your fate."

Scorpion did not responded, but the anger inside him was boiling. Sub-Zero stepped on Scorpion's chest and started to crush it. "I will remove your head once more Scorpion! Then you shall haunt me no more!" His hand reached around Scorpion's chest and Scorpion caught the hand, but before Sub-Zero could remove his hand, Scorpion crushed his wrist forcing him to withdraw, holding it in pain, Scorpion took this opportunity to kick the Lin Kuei Warrior in the chest. Scorpion rose from the ground, the anger boiling in his eyes, Sub-Zero backed away, trying to recover. Suddenly around the battlefield, fire burst forth from all ends and Scorpion and Sub-Zero stood directly in the center of it.

"Have you ever heard of the term "ninpo"?" Scorpion asked, he did not wait for an answer. "It means, stealth, perseverance and patience. The heart and mind are as sharp as sword and the need to have a compassionate heart."

author's note: according to wikipedia anyway

"That was my code of honor, and you robbed it from me. My honor is gone now, like many things that I cherished." Scorpion said, solemnly.

"It is over Scorpion, we are clearly evenly matched, you cannot defeat me now."

"That is where you are wrong. I have been saving this technique especially for you." With that Scorpion removed a rope from his belt and flung it through the air, a piercing blade hit Sub-Zero in the chest, nearly piercing his heart. Suddenly, Scorpion shouted through the air.

"GET OVER HERE!" Sub-Zero found himself reeled toward Scorpion, and the specter implanted and kick to the Sub-Zero face and then punched him the chest twice, as Sub-Zero was jolted back. Scorpion continued the assault, striking him in the face multiple times. Blood was now tripping over Sub-Zero's face and with an uppercut Scorpion delivered the defining blow of the match, Sub-Zero's limp body fell to the ground. He struggled to stand, but it was no use, Scorpion walked forward.

"No… please… spare me.. I…" Sub-Zero pleaded.

Suddenly Scorpion burst into anger. "You who are without mercy now dares to plead for it." Scorpion reached toward the end of his mask as he looked down the look on Sub-Zero's face, it was fear, the look he implanted into so many of his victims. "In my nightmares, I am haunted by the vision of you killing my family, ignoring their own pleas for mercy. The look of fear in their eyes is too much sometimes. How long I've waited to see that look implanted upon you. Now what you made me become." Scorpion pulled back the mask to reveal his face and much to Sub-Zero's horror, there was no face. It was just a skull. Just a skull, with no eyes.

Sub-Zero screamed in horror as fire formed in Scorpion's eyes and out of the specter's mouth brought forth a flame that tore Sub-Zero's skin apart and in a moment as the once proud Lin Kuei Warrior who had killed so many people had one last thought before he passed. It was Raiden's words to him on that night. Now Sub-Zero wished he had heeded Raiden's warning… but it was too late…. In an instant Sub-Zero was no more, leaving behind only a charred body.

In this moment, Scorpion yelled in triumph in the sky. "VENGEANCE! VENGEANCE IS MINE! MY FAMILY! MY CLAN! I HAVE AVENGED YOU!" Suddenly flames began to engulf the specter and soon enough, he slowly turned to ash and with one last triumphant yell, Scorpion vanished.

Raiden who had been hovering the air, he had seen the whole thing… with a deep sigh, he turned to see Liu Kang approaching. "Raiden!" he yelled. "What has happened?"

"Scorpion has killed Sub-Zero and has vanished. But for now, you must evacuate. This island is due to explode at any moment. You must go now! The boats are just ahead."

"But what of the others?" Liu asked, concerned.

"I will find them. You must go. Hurry!" Raiden ordered as he flew off into the air. Liu nodded and running to the boat, he removed the rope tying the boat to the docks and jumped onto the deck. Taking the wheel, he quickly steered away from the island and back to land. As the docks gave way, Sub-Zero's remains fell through a crevice and into the unknown.


Meanwhile, Johnny continued to hold for dear life, but he couldn't keep his grip on much longer. Suddenly the rock he was clutching to gave way and Johnny fell and he closed his eyes, but when he opened them, he saw that he was cruising along the water. For a moment, Johnny thought he was falling, but when he looked up, he saw that Raiden was holding him.

"Hold tight, Johnny Cage. This island is self-destructing as a result of Shang Tsung's death." Raiden said.

"So Liu Kang won?" Johnny asked.

"Yes, he did. But this island was held together by Tsung's existence. We must make a quick exit through the portal I have created."

"What about the others?" Johnny asked, worriedly.

"Liu Kang has already escaped. Sub-Zero was killed by Scorpion after our battle with Tsung's army. Then Scorpion burst into flames and burned to ashes before my eyes."

"Wow, what a dramatic exit!" Johnny said, impressed.

"Prepare yourself Cage." Raiden warned. "Our exit through the portal will be followed by a violent explosion."

"Do we need such a dramatic exit?" Johnny asked, worriedly.

Raiden and Johnny Cage reached the portal and went through and not a moment too soon. Shang Tsung's island, which had held for the past 10 generations, the Mortal Kombat tournament exploded, as the island's explosion caused the oceans to shake. Liu Kang sat on the boat, safely far enough away from the island to worry about the explosion catching up. He did not know what had happened to Raiden or Sonya or Johnny Cage. But yet somehow he knew that they had survived. All of them.

Turning his back, Liu Kang looked at the horizon. His destiny was set in stone. He now had eternal youth for as long as he was the Champion of Mortal Kombat. A deep regret was forming inside him. Now that he was the Mortal Kombat Champion, he could never live the life he wanted to, he had sacrificed his own happiness. Yet there was a feeling of happiness inside him. He had saved his home from Shang Tsung. He thought of his brother and how he had upheld his promise to his friend Kung Lao. With a bright smile on his face, he looked to the sunrise, to the future…


Original Mortal Kombat Staff:


Ho Sung Pak as Liu Kang/Shang Tsung

Carlos Pesina as Raiden

Daniel Pesina as Johnny Cage/Scorpion/Sub-Zero/Reptile

Elizabeth Malecki as Sonya Blade

Richard Divizo as Kano

Ed Boon as the voice of Scorpion

Goro Character design by John Tobias

Stop Motion Minature by Curt Chiarelli

Design and Programming by Ed Boon

Design and Graphics by John Tobias

Original Music by Dan Forden

Background Graphics by John Vogel

Sound Department:

Matt Booty

Dan Forden

Ed Keenan

Executive Producers:

Ken Fedesna

Neil Necastro

Hardware Design:
John Lowe

Mortal Kombat created by Ed Boon and John Tobias

Mortal Kombat is a copyright of Midway.

Fanfic adaption by GCube45