Saying Goodbye

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Coupling: (one-sided) Lia/Elc, implied Elc/Leiza


She dared not cry in front of Elc. The boy of fire had created a flame in her heart where none had been before. Sadly though, she knew he would have to leave with Leiza; that truth was bare in front of her eyes now.

Lia had been raised on Yagos Island with her "grandfather" who had saved her from White House when she had only been an infant. Her power was meager, a small ability of creating a viewing glass from water with her eyes seing the present.

All the other boys acted dumb and never seemed to understand her because she wanted to go to the mainland to the legendary Prodias and see the world. She didn't want to live her life in the dark like her grandfather wished her to do so.

Lia wanted the world to see and feel with all her senses. Her mind was going nuts as she realized something Elc seemed highly dense on. Leiza respected and loved the wounded fire boy unlike Lia's ability to love him.

Bowing her head, she watched the pyromaniac with sadness. She would never be able to love him as she wanted. The beast tamer would get that job as sickening as the thought came. Lia knew it was time. The Hien would take its passangers to the world beyond the small island she lived on.

Raising her head to see Leiza's kind and naïve blue eyed stare, the tiny child realized something else. She was truly jealous of Leiza and Elc. Leiza had captured the stubborn fifteen year old's attention unforcefully unlike herself. Lia had forced Elc to see her much like a monster stalking a child for dinner. She was jealous of Elc for having the ability to see and experience the world in a way she couldn't.

"Elc!" She raised her head to him, glaring defiantly, trying to overcome her tears. Envy was a horrid master and all week Lia had been its slave. A cry tore her throat as she ran to him, holding onto his shirt, latching her arms around his waist. She let go and cried into his shirt. "Come back! Be sure to come back!"

Leiza smiled, knowing Lia was letting go, releasing him, and saying goodbye.


I actually like Lia a lot from Yagos Island because she wasn't so whiny as some of the kids in an anime can get after an episode and all.