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P.S. If you havent already realised, there is SLASH AHEAD! But you should know that because YOU strayed to the Harry/Draco section on here...


Five years. They had been dating for five years. Harry and Draco. Shortly after their seventh year at Hogwarts, they had ended up owning apartments next door to each other. They had grown close, and eventually love took over.

The first two years had been bliss. Neither had loved anyone as much as they loved the other. They did everything together, and their love was more important to them than anything.

The third year was harder, but they still loved each other. It wasn't as easy to do things together, and they both needed their 'apart time' but they still loved each other, more than anything, and still spent as much time together as they could.

The fourth year they had to work hard to keep their relationship going. They were starting to get frustrated with each other sometimes, but were still very much in love and loved spending time together.

By the fifth year they were getting angry at each other for no reason at all. They were having fights more and more often. Eventually the fights were becoming frequent, and it was taking longer for them to make up. For three entire months they hadn't said "I love you." Not once. Not even a 'I love the way you laugh like that' or 'I love it when you try to cook.' And they had both noticed. They had both begun wondering if the other even loved them at all.

"Harry! Hurry up! We told them we'd be there by six!" Draco yelled, from the front door. Draco hated being late. And by the time Harry was ready, they'd be lucky if they left by quarter to seven. Sure, it was only Ron and Hermione, and they wouldn't care if Harry and Draco turned up late, but Draco still liked to show everyone that he was still full of 'Malfoy elegance.'

"I'm hurrying! I just got to…" Harry trailed off as he rummaged through his draw. He couldn't find his sock. "I cant find my sock!" He yelled, kicking the draw as he did so. It was a stupid idea, as he now had a sore toe.

"Harry, we're going to be late!" Draco said, tapping his foot with impatience, checking his watch. It was already quarter past six.

"But I cant find my sock!" Harry replied from their bedroom. He was already extremely frustrated, and Draco wasn't helping.

"Then transfigure something! Just do it quickly!" Harry scowled in the direction of Draco, who, of course, couldn't see anyway. With one last look through his draw, Harry decided to take Draco's advice.

He grabbed his book from the bed-side table, and transfigured it into a sock, but Harry wasn't in a good mood, so it wasn't a very good sock. He shoved it onto his foot, and it was soon followed by his shoe.

"Harry, hurry u-"

"I'm ready Draco, stop yelling!" Harry yelled as he joined Draco at the front door. They were both angry and just wanted to go to Ron and Hermiones place already.

When Harry and Draco had moved in together, they had bought a house just out of London, and coincidentally, Ron and Hermione had moved in two houses down, just a couple of months after.

It was cold outside, and the second they were out of the door they felt the chill of the cold January air. Above them, the stars twinkled down, but neither of our boys noticed or cared.

They left their house in silence. Neither wanting to talk to the other. Earlier that day they had fought about something, neither could quite remember what now, but they remembered the fight, and that was enough.

As they entered the garden gate of Ron and Hermione's house Draco decided to break the silence.

"So, you found your sock then?" He hadn't intended it to come out harsh, but it did.

"Obviously." Harry replied, also sounding colder than he meant it too.


Hermione and Ron had been in love since they were fourteen. It just took a lot longer for either to admit it. But now, they were 22 and very much in love. They moved into a lovely little house, just outside London, and lived very close to Harry.

"Ron?" Hermione called from the lounge room.

"Yes, love?" He replied from the kitchen, where he was trying to find a Chinese restaurant in the phone book.

"Have you noticed something going on between Harry and Draco lately?" She said, as she entered the kitchen, resting on the edge of the table.

"What do you mean?" He shut the phone book and looked at her.

"They seem a bit, well, tense." She left her spot on the table, and placed herself in Ron's lap.

"I know what you mean. They seem a bit cold to each other. Do you think everything's alright?"

"I hope so. But I don't think it is." Ron wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Well, how about we watch them tonight, and if things seem a bit odd between them, we'll go talk to them tomorrow."

"Okay, but I hope we don't have to, I hope they're alright." She kissed Ron on the nose and stood. "They should be here any minute, but knowing Harry, they'll be late anyway."

Twenty minutes later, the door-bell rang, and Harry and Draco entered, both looking frustrated and cold.

"Hi guys!" Hermione said cheerily, hugging them both. "How are you?" neither answered, but Draco shot Harry a death glare. Of course, Hermione noticed.

"Hi Harry, Draco." Ron said, entering the room. "I already ordered the food, it should be here soon, I ordered it a while ago."

"Well good thing Harry wasn't any slower than. I'm surprised we beat the food here." Draco said, dropping himself on the couch, causing an awkward silence to fall over the room.

Luckily, they were saved by the door-bell ringing.

"I'll get it!" Both Ron and Hermione yelled, sharing a glance. Harry didn't hear what the delivery guy in the door said, he placed him self on the same couch as Draco, but as far away from him as he could possibly get.


Three hours passed, and Harry and Draco hadn't moved any closer together. On the other couch, Ron and Hermione were practically on top of each other, making both Draco and Harry very uncomfortable.

They had been making rude remarks to each other all night. Wether it was something as simple as arguing because Draco wouldn't pass Harry his glass, or just being rude to each other when they spoke.

By now, they both just wanted to go home and ignore each other in private, or have a screaming, vase-throwing fight, neither Harry nor Draco minded which.

Eventually, Draco stood and stretched, a sign that he was ready to leave. Slowly, Harry rose from his spot, grabbed all the rubbish on the little coffee table, and took it into the kitchen.

When he returned, he caught the concerned look that Ron and Hermione shared and immediately knew that they knew something was wrong. He said his good-byes and before he know it, he was back outside, in the cold night air.

He walked slightly behind Draco, watching him. Sure, they had their arguments, but Harry still loved him, right? And Draco still loved him, right? They always made up. Harry sighed and realised that he really did love Draco, and wanted to end the fight they were having now, he couldn't remember what it was about anyway, so what was the point?

He picked up his pace slightly, until he was behind Draco. He slowly stopped Draco, by placing his hands on his hips. Draco stopped and sighed. Harry took this as a good sign, and wrapped his arms around Dracos waist, and rested his chin on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry." Harry whispered into Dracos ear. As soon as Draco felt the breath on his ear, he knew he loved Harry, and wanted to end this stupid argument. He spun in Harry's grasp and placed his arms around the neck in front of him.

"I'm sorry too. I don't even remember what we were fighting about." He placed a kiss on Harry's cheek, and leaned into him.

"Neither do I." Harry laughed slightly and drew Draco in for a kiss. It was the first time they'd kissed in two days, and Draco decided that he needed to tell Harry that he loved him. But he couldn't find the way to do it. It felt like he had never said it before, and wanted to say it for the first time. Draco was starting to think up ways to tell him, but then Harry slipped his tongue into his mouth and all coherent thought stopped.

Harry pulled Draco closer as he felt hands tracing through his hair. There lips remained sealed together as Draco led his hands down the familiar path of Harry's back. No matter how many times Draco had done this before, it still managed to make Harry melt.

Just as Harry was getting his hands under Draco's many layers of shirts, he realised something. He reluctantly withdrew his mouth from Draco's to speak.

Draco didn't want to stop kissing Harry, he didn't know when they were going to kiss again, and he missed kissing Harry.

"Draco?" Harry whispered, not wanting to disturb the peaceful night around them.

"Yeah?" Draco's breath tickled Harry's face.

"We're still outside. I think we should go in and, er, finish." Draco smirked and knew exactly what Harry was talking about.


So thats the end of chapter one, now hurry and read chapter two, becuase that definately wasnt the end!