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Calmly, Sasuke stood up and walked over to the door. He opened it before Neji could protest. Naruto had been banging so hard that when the door opened, he fell face first into the room. When he rolled over, he saw Sasuke standing over him, glaring with his hands on his hips. His naked hips. The black haired boy loomed over him disheveled and sweating, chest still heaving.

Naruto covered his eyes. "GAHHH! SASUKE! YOU ARE NAKED!"

Sasuke sighed and moved into the room, finding his pants and pulling them on. "Baka. We are roommates. You've seen me naked before."


Neji was still taking in what was happening, but he wasn't too stunned to keep from putting his pants on, too. He found he was disappointed that he and Sasuke had been interrupted, and he was worried. Although Sasuke had said many believable things, Naruto had a way of sobering people up. Neji was a little frightened that the charismatic blond boy would somehow convince Sasuke that it had been a mistake.

"Naruto, while you were banging at the door and making a huge racket, you claimed you 'knew what was going on in here.' So I don't feel a need to explain myself."

"FUCK YOU, UCHIHA! YOU HAVE PLENTY OF EXPLAINING TO DO! AS DO YOU, HYUUGA!" Naruto swung around and pointed a finger at Neji. He stormed toward the long-haired boy.

"W-what do I need to explain, Naruto?"

"YOU WERE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MY DRUNK ROOMMATE! I SAW YOU ON THE SURVEILLANCE TAPE! SASUKE WOULD NEVER DRINK OR DO…THOSE THINGS! YOU PROBABLY DRUGGED HIM!" The blond pulled his fist back, preparing to hit Neji, but Sasuke caught his arm. He wheeled the blond around to face him and decked him, sending Naruto sprawling on the floor. Naruto raised a hand and held his face where it stung.

"Naruto, I need you to stop yelling, please. And don't accuse Neji. If, as you say, you saw us on the surveillance tape, then you would have seen that Neji was clearly not taking advantage of me. If anything, I was taking advantage of him."

Naruto's eyes grew big at this. "B-but…you…you aren't gay! How is this possible?"

Sasuke knelt so he was looking eye to eye with his roommate. "Naruto, don't freak out. I never said if I was gay or straight. I haven't been publicly dating girls…or boys. I didn't ever say anything both because my studies have been too important to me and because I did not want to freak you out."

"S-so…you've always been gay?"

"No. Yes. I've always been attracted to men. I've hooked up with boys and girls a couple of times. But I haven't been in a relationship with a man."

"So this is just a hookup?"

Neji's breath caught in his throat. He wasn't sure why, but he was nervous that Sasuke would say yes. Even if it was just to assure his roommate, Neji knew it would hurt him when the Uchiha said it.

Neji felt eyes on him, their weight pressing down. He turned his head, trying to avoid them, but instinct made him look into the soft black orbs. Sasuke was beautiful, his hair falling soft and his skin vibrant, a sheen of sweat still visible. In those eyes was the same question Neji was asking himself. Sasuke was, without words, asking him. Now that it is all said and done, was this just a hookup?

Neji nodded his head—it was a slight movement, barely perceptible, but Sasuke understood. And smiled the most genuine smile he had in years.

"Naruto, this is not just a hookup. Neji and I…are very interested in each other."

Naruto's face went white. He felt….jealous. It wasn't romantically jealous, because he loved Sakura and always would. It was more that, although Sasuke had been the hugest pain in the ass ever, he was a god friend. A best friend. And if the Uchiha began to see someone else, someone like Neji—who was interesting and beautiful--, Naruto was afraid of losing his best friend. How could he even begin to compete with the Hyuuga for Sasuke's attention? The two had more in common, as well.

"Naruto? Is that ok?"

Uncomfortable that he had been caught yet again that night with his guard down, Naruto looked Sasuke dead in the eyes. He steeled his face and spoke softly. "Its fine. Does it even matter what I think, anyway?" And with that, he got up and walked out of the room quickly. Not one to cry, Naruto just punched a wall on his way down the stairs. The wall did not move and his knuckles hurt, but it was a good, cleansing pain.

He didn't get far. Footsteps came quickly behind him and a firm hand gripped his shoulder and whirled him around.

There stood Sasuke, just Sasuke, looking both angry and hurt.

"Naruto, what the fuck was that about? Of course your opinion matters!"

Leaning back against the wall, Naruto allowed himself to be pinned by the Uchiha, feeling the dark haired boy's weight pressing into him. Even when angry, Sasuke oozed sexuality. Before he had not been able to see it at all, but now Naruto could see and feel that raw sexuality, the dominance and the confidence. He allowed himself to bask in it for a second, his eyes closed, drinking in the new nearness of his roommate.

Yes, he could see how Neji would be attracted to his roommate. If it wasn't for another pink haired girl that held his heart, Naruto realized that, had the circumstances been different, he may have fallen in love with the Uchiha.

"Sasuke…this has been the strangest night of my life. I took you here to embarrass you, and instead you one upped me. I took you here to laugh at you, maybe loosen you up a bit. You end up getting drunk—something you never do. And dancing in the middle of a dance floor with an attractive man—something you never do. Lastly, you just…you just had sex with said attractive man in a club. I never even knew you were gay. So needless to say, it has been a lot to take in. You never told me any of this about you. I feel like I don't even know you at all—and you try and tell me my opinion matters? When you couldn't even tell me about your true feelings? Fuck you, Uchiha."

Hearing these words, this speech, spoken softly and with such pain, was a big blow for Sasuke. He was used to Naruto being loud and obnoxious. The blond haired boy was renowned for his ability to roll with surprises, to shake off bad days or insults and laugh at the world. But Naruto was not laughing now.

"I…I am sorry, Naruto. It wasn't that I meant to lie to you, although I realize now that by not telling you, I was lying. I wasn't sure about my own feelings, either, and…not only did I not want you to make fun of me, I didn't want to scare you away. You are…you are my best friend. I didn't want to lose you. I am sorry."

Blue eyes shined out in the dark hallway. They swam with something that Sasuke didn't know, but it was reassuring. He patiently waited for Naruto to speak, not moving, feeling his roommate's chest rise and fall beneath him.

"It is ok, Sasuke. I'll need time to get used to this, but it is ok. Are you really interested in Neji? He seems so boring. Studies all the time. Never goes out. Not your type at all, really." Naruto winked as he said this.

A deep laugh burst from Sasuke, causing him to throw his head back. "I am very, very interested in him. I promise. Boring as you may find him. I find him….incredibly sexy."

"….Am I interrupting anything?" Neji had started down the stairs. He was dressed, but his hair was still slightly disheveled. Although he was a bit uncomfortable with the closeness of Sasuke and Naruto's bodies, his own common sense kept him from becoming too jealous. After all, he was just getting to know Sasuke and knew nothing of the boy's relationship with Naruto. Plus, he had caught the Uchiha's last statement and it had sent a warm feeling gushing throughout his entire body.

Sasuke leaned back, pulling himself away from Naruto. He walked up to his new lover, wrapping his arms around the boy's waist and drawing him near. Burying his face in Neji's hair, he nuzzled a soft neck and whispered, "you aren't interrupting anything. Everything is fine."

Neji responded to the boy holding him, swaying slightly. He almost began to touch the Uchiha when a cough came from behind them.

"I am going to interrupt. I know you two want to spend time together, but I have school tomorrow, so I need to drive my drunk and lusty roommate home."

Neji smiled at the blond. "Naruto, if you don't mind, I think I'm going to take Sasuke home."

The blond scratched his head. "That is stupid. Why would we both drive to my dorm when I already live there?"

Looking a bit embarrassed, Neji coughed a little. "No…I meant I want to take him home. To my home."

Understanding hit the slow boy's face. Shaking his head and putting up his hands, he walked away. "Neji, I don't want to know. Just make sure he comes back safe tomorrow, ok?"


Once Naruto had left, Neji cupped Sasuke's chin and stared into the big black eyes. "I hope that is ok with you?"

"It is fine. Though, to be honest, I think this wild night is beginning to catch up with me."

Smoothing the blue black hair away from the Uchiha's face, Neji smiled. "So let's go home and sleep. We'll…pick up again tomorrow. Unless we are both hungover, in which case we can just sleep some more."

Waiting for an answer, Neji heard a slight sound. He realized, to his amusement, that Sasuke had fallen asleep standing up and in his arms. The Hyuuga scooped up his lover in his arms and did exactly as he had said.

He took Sasuke home and they slept. And it was just the beginning.

- - - - - -

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