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Kingdom of God

Part One

- Longinus

There had been a great war in Heaven, the dragon and his acolytes fought with the angels of God. The Virgin and her unborn child were the key of the evil's eventual defeat. It would not be different, it could not be now? There was a battle on earth; the divine and the profane had taken on flesh.

Integral Hellsing was not clothed in sun nor had she the moon at her feet, but she was the Maiden. Her hair and cheeks were dusty and tangled with dirt and blood. It was a miracle her clothes were not torn completely.

She took a few steps forward and surveyed the former city of London. Midian was currently a smoking pile of bricks and corpses. The Zeppelins were still on fire, and the flames extended everywhere. She closed her eyes, unable to feel, to seek an echo of emotion she used to feel so passionately. Killing Walter left her numb, unable to mourn him due to the ongoing battle.

She did not cry. She did not hold him as he died. Her arms just happened to wrap themselves around him before she could help herself. She did not show weakness.

They are near.

Ignoring her bleeding right knee, Integral continued her path, dodging the corpses of Nazis, Catholics, citizens and the dead army. She had to reach them in time. She paused when the silhouettes of the two clashing monsters appeared in her view. Alucard regained his armoured form and was giving his last stand. Destroying Millennium wore him down and annihilated his reserve of souls to fuel his power. Armed with his sword and Jackal he assumed the defensive position. His hair was shadows, or hissing snakes made of black ink. Anderson seemed aware of this, not hesitating in his vicious assault with thorns and bayonets against his vampire adversary.

Integral rushed in, almost stepping on the twitching Heinkel Wolfe. The nun had lost an arm but was alive. At her left the Japanese sister fought for her breaths and to move without a leg.


Integral looked down at the call. Seras Victoria was there, nearly choking in a pond of her own blood.

"Seras," she knelt, rolling the girl over to rest in her back. "He won't die. You are feeling this weak because your Master is losing strength," she assured her, taking off her coat to cover Seras who groaned in discomfort. "Stay still. Don't close your eyes, and wait for us."

Integra shot a parting gaze to Seras. She had a particularly deep wound in her left breast. If that had reached her heart she could be dying. But Integra could not afford the time to feel. It was the stage of thinking and accomplishing. The knight was indifferent as long victory was achieved.

Integral wandered closer to the battlefield and listened to the voices of the monsters. She did not quite understand what Alucard and Anderson were shouting. The language was pure gibberish to her ears. It was old and spiteful, not a human tongue.

They lunged to themselves far too close, snarling and wielding their weapons for a handful of minutes until one collapsed on the ground, defeated. She could not allow herself any emotion, not now. Se had to pretend she was not torn, that none impulsive feeling motivate her to carry on with the choice she had made as soon she saw Alucard's body starting to decompose on the floor.

"Paladin Anderson!" Integral shouted, narrowing her eyes, feeling a rush of adrenaline inside her system. He turned around to see her, his eyes were empty and glowing in a strange white light. The divine was more frightening than the diabolical, but she was not nervous, no matter the sweat sliding on her face or her stomach contriving in anxiety.

Anderson's feral expression blinked into a smile, and he started to reach for her, offering no threat towards her.

She ignored the pang of regret, no emotions could be afforded, no sympathy towards the Paladin of the Lord. She smiled back and knelt, inclining her head as if in marvel of his holy magnificence.

"You are her," he finally said in English, his fingers caressed the strands of her head, blessing her with his sudden gentleness. She did not reply nor ask who 'she' was. She did not care.

"I am your greatest adversary," Integral reminded him flatly, seizing a fallen spear that used to belong a Catholic knight with the remands of her strength.

Only a human can defeat a monster.

She pierced his side and held it with a shaking aim for a full minute until she heard a rib breaking. Integral stood while the Paladin fell to his knees, hands on his wound, unable to regenerate after the surprise attack or take out the lance out of his body. She did not feel remorse or apprehension. She felt nothing even despite her hands were trembling.

I wish I could say I am sorry.

Even if Integral owned Anderson her life, she had more urgent debts to repay.

She forced her gaze away from Anderson to approach Alucard, leaving the questions about his low guard and docility unexplained. There laid the defeated dragon by the holy host, at the woman's feet as he was supposed to be.

"Count, my foes are all gone as you promised."


"And I defeated yours as reward."

She was completely still. Her arms were not trembling, and her heart was not pounding faster than normal. Integral knelt and took his fading torso before it was too late. She knew the danger, all of the scenarios and outcomes were considered beforehand - at the moment she released his restrictions.

Integral was cold, regardless of the warm tears that were streaking her cheeks. She pulled his head closer to her neck. He moved, his lips curled up in a broad smirk against her skin. She wished that the hesitation would fade away but it did not but she told herself it did, visualized her steely resolution and put it as visage. The price to pay was cheap by comparison to all she had already lost.

"Take a life to assure the survival of three."

Only a human can choose to worship a God.

She heard Anderson screaming madly before the pleasure engrossed her, relinquishing her of her long ignored pain - no existent in her head - and the pulse that kept rebelling against her commands. Integral smiled as her blood and life were drained way. She leaned eagerly as her clothes were torn apart and cold hands touched her intimately with fevered passion.

The Virgin had decided. The child would never born. The war had ended, and an impenetrable darkness covered the dawn around them.

Integral was truly cold now.