By neofilly

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Sometimes she sits and stares out the window during class. She wonders if she can pinpoint the reason why she loves him. During these times she imagines his smile, his warm face, and her heart flutters.

Maybe, she wonders, its an aesthetic appeal, and she'll steal a glance at him to make sure he's still got the same gorgeous blonde hair, and intense blue eyes. Sometimes he'll turn and smile at her, and her heart will melt inside, but she'll pretend she isn't blushing and smile back, without a care in the world.

She thinks it must be his charisma; the way he's always kind and charming, the way he flirts with her and teases her, without really knowing. Sometimes if she looks at him in a different light, she can just pretend that he feels the same way.

Afterwards he'll come up to her, and ask what they did in class, but she won't be able to recall anything. She'll try to remember though, happy to have another excuse to stare into his warm blue eyes, and in that moment she'll realise that's just the way it's meant to be, and there is no reason.

He loves it when she looks at him during class. Sometimes, he can pretend she's looking at him in a non-platonic way, and he'll turn and smile charmingly at her, and she'll play along.

Sometimes, he'll imagine that the beautiful red flush that graces her cheeks isn't from the cold outside but because she feels the same as he does, and that she's not just proud of him for listening for once.

He wonders if she knows she's really the only thing on his mind, and that for the few seconds when she smiles back, all seems right with the world, and his day will be instantly brighter.

He'll forget for a few moments that outside the day is cold and dreary, and that his parents are divorced, and that life isn't as good as it used to be, because for those few moments, everything is perfect.

Afterwards he'll go up to her, and ask if she remembers what they did in class, not because he needs an excuse to talk to her, but because he loves the thoughtful expression that crosses her face, and her pursed red lips, and he loves the sound of her laughter as she admonishes him for not listening and promises they'll work together later on in the afternoon.

He doesn't know the exact reason he loves her, only that he does.

And sometimes that's enough.

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23rd October 2005