Author : this story is about a YutaXAyu pairing… please R&R and no flames pls! Hope you'll like it!

Chapter 1: The Visit

It was Shuwei High school's dismissal and Nina and Ayu were going to walk to Nina's house.

While walking…

"I wonder what mom is making this afternoon." Nina thought while walking.

"I don't know but I'm sure it's delicious" Ayu said as she sweat drops

"You're right! Hey Ayu let's do our assignments together at my house later after eating and besides it's a Saturday tomorrow anyway" Nina said

"Ok, sure" Ayu answered

They walked until they reached Nina's house.

In Nina's house…

(Nina opens the door and leaves her shoes near the door)

"I'm home! Mom what's for… ah!" Nina said with a surprised face.

"What's wrong Nina?" Ayu asked

"What are you doing here?" Nina said while pointing to a guy sitting on the couch that is drinking tea.

"Hey it's…" Ayu said

"Hey girls! How are you?" the guys said as he places the cup back on the table.

"Yuta! What are you doing here?" Ayu asked

"Yeah! Why are you here?" Nina asked

"Well I miss my friends here? Oh and Nina how's Tsujiai? And Ayu how's Kaji?" Yuta said

"How did you know about Tsujiai? You were spying again weren't you?" Nina said

"Nope! I took a picture of you and he was the one that appeared" Yuta said

"Well anyway… why are you here?" ayu asked

"Well I was just wondering if you could go out with me tomorrow?" Yuta said

"Hmmm… ok fine, but no tricks!" Ayu said

"Ok I promise!" Yuta said

"But Ayu!"

"Nina it's ok and besides it's only like a gimmick, ok?" Ayu said

Then suddenly an explosion happened in the kitchen, making it dirty with baking ingredients.

"Mom, are you ok?" Nina said as she went to the kitchen

"Yes, I'm alright… but the cake that I was making exploded, I guess I have to try again." Nina's mom said

"What cake are you making anyway?" Yuta asked

"Chiffon cake." Nina's mother answered

Yuta snapped his fingers and the recipe book went to him. He placed his fingers on the picture of the cake and in a flash a cake appeared and he snapped his fingers again and plates,forks,teacups and saucers flew to the table and it was all prepared.

"You did it again! How wonderful!" nina's mom said as she clapped her hands

"Yeah, I know!" Yuta said

"Hmmp! You're a show off!" Nina said childishly

"Say what you want… hey Ayu Let's just meet at Shibuya at 10:00 am ok?" Yuta said

"Ok," Ayu said

"Well I have to go, Bye Guys!" Yuta said and went out of the house.

End of Chapter

Author: hope you'll like it! R&R and no Flames Pls! next Chapter is "The Date" see you soon!