The Ties that Blind

What if that kid with no body who Sandy met that faithful day two years ago had been blinded when the car his brother stole had crashed?

Ryan is forced to allow the Cohen's to help him because he just can't look after himself like he's used to…

Chapter 1

Sandy Cohen looked down at the thick folder in front of him and sighed. This kid had been through hell. He had been pummelled so many times, too many times and been through the system nearly as many times as his mother had had boyfriends. And, two weeks ago he had been blinded.

This kid is only 16, the same age as Seth. If his son were to see as much anguish in his life as this kid had seen in his 16 short years, Sandy would feel he had failed as a father.

The door leading from the main juvie hall swung open and a kid shuffled through. He knocked hard into the sharp corner of the table as he tried desperately to find his way to the chair opposite Sandy. Nobody seemed prepared to help him, two guards stood, doing nothing but looking mildly amused, either side of the door.

Sandy's heart broke in two. He jumped to his feet to help the kid and grabbed hold of his arm. To his surprise, however, the kid struggled, terrified against his touch. Right, thought Sandy, the abuse.

This is no normal kid, he thought to himself and, as he looked into the boy's eyes, which, despite his blindness seemed to brim with emotion, he knew he was right.

This is no normal kid; this is Ryan Atwood . . .

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