Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with the OC! Just over One Year Later…

Ryan sat a stool, outside, somewhere. But in Newport or Chino?

Newport. Sandy and Kirsten had adopted him, taken him under their wing. His mum had agreed, when they had eventually found her again: after all, she sure as hell couldn't care for herself, let alone a blinded Ryan.

So, on Christmukkah day, Ryan Atwood was sitting on the squidgy armchair of the Cohen's den, whilst the Cohens chatted happily and passed each other and Ryan packages.

It had been one hell of a year, once the adoption was out of the way, Sandy and Kirsten where free to arrange for Ryan to attend some of the best rehabilitation therapy in the country…

… and that wasn't where it had ended. On Ryan's second session at the clinic, the doctors had discovered tiny glass fragments still in his eyes. A week later, Ryan had undergone surgery.

Over the next few months, with the glass fragments removed, Ryan had begun to regain some vision. The Cohens had been over the moon with his progress, and insisted paying for him to receive laser surgery after his doctors had suggested it.

Of course, some of the damage sustained and the scar tissue left by the fragments that had remained in his eyes for all those weeks was irreparable; but still, Ryan thought, he was now enjoying the best Christmas of his life, and had enough vision to make up the vibrant colours of the Christmas tree and wrapping paper. (Kirsten had abandoned her usual tastefully minimalistic decorations for fully flung flashing lights and all the trimmings, so that Ryan could appreciate them too.)

Furthermore, he could just about make out the jolly faces of his family, and that was something he had never seen before…

…this truly had been a wonderful year, and it looked as though there was a wonderful future ahead, or at least a colourful flashing one, if Kirsten had her way!


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