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A Visit into My Mind

January 14th 2005

Hermione Granger

One silent tear managed to escape my eyes. I hastily wipe it away. Get a grip Hermione! You're getting married! You can't cry! My mind told me. I let out a sigh I've been holding. I'm getting married today. Then why am I crying? Is it the fact that you're getting nervous? Or is it because you know the man that will be standing at the altar isn't the man you love? There was a soft knock on the door.

"Hermione?"a small voice said behind the door.

"Who is it?" I called.

"It's me! Ginny!" Ginny yelled from outside.

"Hang on," I replied.

I cast one last glance at myself, making sure there's no trace of tear on my face. I can't risk Ginny knowing I'm crying when I'm supposed to be united with my fiancé in just 2 hours time. I crossed my bed to open the door. Ginny poked her head into the room and entered the room, closing the door behind her. She grinned broadly at me.

"What took you so long?" Ginny asked.

"Can't the bride have some time imagining herself with the groom?" I lied.

"Sure! Let's see, you look wonderful! Why is there a trace of line on your cheek?" Ginny asked, looking carefully at my cheeks.

"I don't know…maybe a tear of joy fell when I was imagining myself with the groom," I lied again.

"Okay, let's fix that and you're all ready to go!" Ginny said cheerily. I don't need to be told twice. Once I'm ready, Ginny beamed at me.

"The bride is set and ready to go!" Ginny announced. I grinned at her.

Ginny and I apparated to the church where my wedding was supposed to be held. The place looked stunning from the outside. I'm not supposed to enter the aisle before the ceremony so I stayed outside for a while. Many people came to congratulate me. Among them was Harry; my best friend.

"Hermione! Congratulations!" Harry said to me.

"Harry! Thanks! Where's Claire?" I asked. Claire was Harry's wife. They had gotten married just a year ago.

"Somewhere, she's all over the place. Making sure everything is in the right order and stuff. She'll be here soon," Harry said.

"I guess planning a wedding isn't as easy as I thought it would be," I muttered. Harry laughed.

"I got to go! Duty calls!" Harry said as Claire just apparated beside Harry. Claire muttered a quick 'congratulations' and dragged Harry away.

"Let's get you to your dressing room shall we?" Ginny asked. I nodded.

I was all set to go. Any second now the door will burst open and I'll have to walk down the aisle. I will leave this place united with my fiancé. Instead of the usual white, I was wearing a pale blue gown. It had an opening at the side that reached above my knees. The top was a halter top and there was a small ribbon tied at the back of my neck.

I'm getting married! I told myself for the hundredth time that day.

Why am I not wearing an expression that says 'I'm happy I'm getting married'? A frustrated voice in my head asked.

Because you don't even love the man you're marrying stupid! Another voice said.

Stop it! I like him and I'm marrying him! I fought back with my own thoughts.

You like him? I didn't hear the words 'love'! That's exactly what I'm saying! You don't love him! The other voice said again.

I hung my head and sigh. Yes, I don't love him. I don't love him at all! He's just a replacement after -

The door swung open. I snapped out of thoughts. Here goes nothing, I thought to myself.

The two flower girls in front of me started throwing flowers and I started walking. I looked up at the man standing at the altar. There stood the man I'm going to leave today. I shook my head at the thought of leaving this place with a man I don't love. I decided to do the last thing that passed my mind.

After this, it's all over with him, I said firmly. After all, I had tried to break up with him but on every single attempt, he managed to squirm his way out.

When I reached the altar, I wasn't smiling like most brides would. The priest started talking.

"We are gathered here today to unite Mr. Ronald Weasley with Ms. Hermione Granger. They will leave this place as one," the priest said.

"Do you, Ronald Weasley, agree to marry Hermione Granger, promise to care and love for her through thick and thin, pain and happiness, poor and rich, till death break you apart?" the priest asked Ron.

"I do," Ron said, smiling at me.

"Do you, Hermione Granger, agree to marry Ronald Weasley, promise to care and love for him through thick and thin, pain and happiness, poor and rich, till death break you apart?" the priest asked me now.

"I-I-I," I staggered for words. I tried talking but all the words got caught halfway. My well-revised speech was forgotten. I wanted to run away but I'd gone too far to do so. The crowd murmured with concern.

"Is there anything wrong, dear?" Ron asked me.

Yes! Everything is wrong! My mind screamed. My mind began racing now. I know I wanted to leave him, I know! But I still feel sad watching Ron's heart crush.

"I don't," I finally muttered and left the church as fast as possible. I don't care how many people was staring at me, all I cared was the reason I left, the actual reason I left...

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