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Kate sat by the campfire remembering what had happened earlier on that day. It had been morning when Sawyer revealed her secret.

"She don't care bout nothing or nobody but herself. She's the fugitive." Sawyer had said with bitterness, spilling her secret to the world. He had betrayed her, and what hurt the most, is that he had done it so easily, no thought for her feelings, no thought for the effect it would have.

Sure, I didn't know him long, but I thought we had a "connection" I didn't think he'd do that to me.

She had seen the regret in his bright blue eyes the moment he had said it, the guilt showed in his face. She felt the tears come like pin-pricks threatening to show her emotions to him. She didn't want him to know what he had done. How he had affected her. She tried to look away but the tears fell freely down her cheeks, sparkling like diamonds. Michael looked at her disbelieving, Shannon with disgust and Claire with fear. She had held his gaze for a while, looked into his eyes before he looked down and walked away. The others walked away and left her.

Now nobody dares come near me, speak to me, and when they do, they are polite but give me icy cold glares at the same time. That or they ignore me completly. Well Sawyer has just shown how much he cares, I don't need him, I don't need anyone. I've survived on my own before, I can do it again. I just felt like I had some friends at last... Some people that trusted me. How wrong was I?

She hugged her knees to her chest and stared into the flickering of the flames, in front of her. She pulled out her toy airplane. Her only comfort in this world now...

She was alone now...alone.


Sawyer was sitting at a campfire a cigarette snug between his lips. There were about 4 campfires on the golden, sandybeach. He looked out to the turquoise ocean which glimmered everytime the moonlight touched it. The waves gently lapped up on shore washing away all the footsteps, all the memoriesmade earlier that day.

He was observing Kate who was sat on her own by a flaming fire. Nobody had wanted to sit near her since they knew. She stared emotionless into the flames, the light radiating onto her face, illuminating it so he could see her, playing with the small airplane she carried with her everywhere. Her curls fell loosly down her back and everynow and then one would fall on her face, so she would brush it off with a twinge of annoyance and frown a little.

He hadn't heard her speak since he had told everyone.

She had looked so crushed and despairing , and I felt so guilty. I made her cry...of all the things I would hate to do, that would be one of them. She looked so beautiful and sorrowful that at that moment I regretted what I did and I just wanted to take her into my arms and apologize. But thats not possible. I can't let anyone get close to me...ever.

He observed her and suddenly she sighed and looked up into his eyes. He felt a little surprised that she caught him and looked to the floor putting his cigarette out in the sand. She looked at him once more, looked away and lay down on the sand with a small sheet wrapped around her trying to sleep. She turned her back towards him as if in defiance.

Sawyer gazed at her for a short while then looked into the raging flames in front of him. He heard whispers from behind him.

"Yeah so SHE is the fugitive" One man said in hushed tones to his friend.

"Yeah, I heard she was a MURDERER!" siad the other excitedly.

"NO! and all that time she was trying to get on our good side?" said the man.

"Ugh, shes just a low crimin-"

"Shut up!" whispered Sawyer loudly to them. He flicked his dirty blond hair and walked off. If he could hear that, then so could she. He thought he hear her sob as he walked past and he was filled with guilt so great, he couldn't take it anymore. Jack was carrying a pile of white boxes down to the beach, full of water.

"Outta my way chico" growled Sawyer as he banged into him. Jack glared at him as he walked off.

Sawyer stormed over to his tent. He looked around the room once before going to sleep.


Sawyer had been attempting to get asleep for the past 2 hours. Everytime he closed his eyes, he saw Kate's face, her freckles, her tears.

How could I do that to her? I spend ages building up the trust between us and then I wreck it... Nobody has bothered to speak to her all day. Just been givingher death glares. Many treated her as if the whole crash was her fault. Of course not everyone was like that, Sun andCharlie smiled a few times so had Jack but she just stared ahead emotionless. Like a zombie. As if there was nothing left inside her. The worst part is, It's all my fault!

He couldn't take it! He got up and scribbled on the bottom of his letter; "Sorry freckles, your secret wasn't mine to tell" in a scruffy scrawl. He ripped it off and set off to where she waslying down asleep.He couldn't believe he was doing it, but he was apologizing.

Maybe not face to face, but it was something.

He looked out of his tent at the sandy beachto see whether anyone was about and to his relief nobody was. All he could see was the moon's rays dancing off the sea's surface and a few campfires slowly flickering out. He spotted Kate still near the campfire so he walked over quietly not making a sound.

He leaned over her and turned her so he could see her face. She was sound asleep, her face flushed with her freckles standing out even more. A few dark brown curls covered her rosy cheeks, so he pushed them away so that he could see her beautiful face.

Her eyelashes fluttered and Sawyer jumped back expecting her to awaken. She just sighed and carried on sleeping, her breathing deep as her chest rose a little then fell slowly. He crept, and leant over her, causing his shadow to loom over herand then he took her hand. He got electric shivers just by touching her small hand.

It was cold and all she had was a small sheet that Jack had provided her with, so he took his shirt off and wrapped it around her shoulders then put the sheet on top.

He openedher handup then put the note into her hand and closed it again. He grinned a little, she looked so adorable,

If only I could sleep beside her like that. he thought. He tried to resist, but couldn't. He kissed her forehead softly then got up and strolled over to his tent again

He pulled back the curtain for one last look at her sleeping figure before he fell asleep immediately, the weight from his shoulders gone. Little did he know, Jack was sitting in the shadows of the trees, a shocked look on his face.


Yes, I was surprised at what I saw. It was Sawyer acting like a human being, showing his emotions openly, showing how he felt about Kate. Of course he didn't know I was there but still, I was surprised at how he acted towards her. Living proof that he isn't allways the ass he acts like. I thought he just liked her looks being the pervert he is especially as he acted so coldly towards her. Telling her secret to everybody. But here he was acting as if he really cared about her...