I finally remembered that I actually have an author account here to start posting the stories and story-bits I've been working on for the past who-knows-how-long. I started a new game of FFT a while back with the intent to novelize it, but... Well, I got bored. This is a section of it I had completed, set somewhere in Chapter 2... obviously before Gafgarion turns on you. Aaaanyway, I might go ahead and get back into both the game and the writing, if anyone cares enough. This is my first publicly posted story, so feedback of any sort is appreciated... though I reserve the right to completely ignore flames.

As far as my cast is concerned, the ones you need to know for now are Katarin and Katherine. For some reason, during the recruitment process, the game decided to give me two female Squires with nearly identical names. My mind latched onto this immediately with the thought of identical twins in the party. This scene immediately played itself out in my imagination before I had even hit 'Confirm' on the second twin's name...

Right, that's enough sidetracking and long-windedness for one author's note. Let's begin, shall we?


Gafgarion stood muttering outside the large pink door for at least a minute. "Damn that Ramza. Him and his 'gather the troops'. I don't even see why this town HAS such a ridiculous place." He'd searched every other establishment in the Igros shopping district. Twice. They could only be here. "I'm docking his pay for this indignity." Gafgarion was a career misogynist - no real moral or religious objections, he just felt women were an unnecessary distraction, both on and off the battlefield. He steeled himself and went inside.

Sure enough, not three steps into the building, he could hear the voices of the identical she-devils. "I like this one, Katherine, but the clasp is a nightmare and we'll need to be rid of them quickly..." The dual giggle made Gafgarion cringe as he approached the shelf they were looking at. "This one's incredible, Katarin, but they don't have any large enough to fit us..." Another horrible stereo-giggle. Gafgarion shook his head and cleared his throat. "I know I'm going to regret asking this, but what exactly are you two looking for here?" Katarin shook her head at him dissapprovingly. "Don't you know anything, Gafgarion?" Katherine clucked at him, finishing her twin's thought. "It's Ramza's birthday today!"

Gafgarion narrowed his eyes. "So what in the nine hells are you looking for in a -lingierie store-?" The twins looked him in the eye, and with their most wicked grins, chorused "Gift wrap."