Thanks to Sara Sidle Grissom for all your ideas and help etc..

It was the morning after and she opened her eyes. What am I doing here? She thought to herself as the cold metal from the hospital bench pressed against her face. Then just like that it all came flooding back.


"Hey Sara we have a triple in a casino hotel. You coming?" Nick asked with the slip of paper in his hand.

"Umm..." Sara paused she really needed to talk to Grissom, but it would have to wait, "Yeah, let me just get my kit."

"Ok, I'll wait in the car," he said in his sexy Texas voice.

Sara was walking toward the exit from the locker room after retrieving her shiny silver kit. Nearing the car park she saw Sophia talking to Grissom in the break room. Sara knew it was bad to eavesdrop but she couldn't help herself and it wasn't like they would notice as their backs where facing the opposite direction. Also ever since the day Sophia Curtis become one of the team Sara had a strong dislike to her. She could hear very little, only the odd words coming from Sophia, then Grissom responding, but then she heard her name. Sara started thinking why Sophia would be talking to Grissom about her, she wasn't currently on a case with Grissom or Sophia and there was no logical reason Sophia would talk about her to Grissom. As Sara gave it a bit more thought it hit her. "Surely not... no way." She thought to herself but maybe, just maybe Sophia knew the secret she and Grissom had been hiding from the team for the last 7 years...only time would tell. But Sara didn't have a good feeling about it.

The fourth day into the triple hotel killing, and after finding out that the cook accidentally put poison into the food; Sara and Nick walked to Brass with the proof. As they entered into the amazing office showered with medals and pictures, Brass looked up.

"Hey guys how's is going you find the killer yet... wait let me guess murder, murder, suicide?" Brass asked.

"Umm no, stupidity," Sara said with a smile across her face.

"Come again?"

"The cook accidentally put rat poison into the food, turned out he reached for the seasoning and well lets say his customers didn't like the taste of it." Nick informed him with a chuckle.

"Wait let me get this right, he put rat poison into the food! When you think you have seen it all some idiot comes along and proves you wrong! Well I'll get him arrested…Oh and guys, Grissom wants to meet you all in the break room at the end of shift."

"Got it!" Nick called back as him and Sara made their way out the door. Sara remembered the other day when she saw Grissom and Sophia talking and started wondering why Grissom has called a meeting.

"Hey Nick what do you reckon it's about?"

"What the meeting, not sure. Grissom being Grissom I guess" Nick laughed.

"Yeah, I guess so." As Nick walked off, but Sara was not sure in her mind and thought about it constantly until the end of shift when the question that was burning away at her would finally be answered.