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The sun beamed into the windows of the lecture theatre creating patterns on the breezeblock walls. The wooden lecture stand was at the front of the room. It had a very detailed eagle head, which was staring at each student as they wrote on their lined paper. On the benches, which became very uncomfortable after a short period of time, sat a room full of students all taking notes on forensic science and how to collect evidence accurately. Notes on the subject were taken swiftly and the balls in the pens were going into overdrive. A pretty brunette dressed in a green top and jeans put her hand up and the guest teacher looked at the seating plan.

"Yes, Miss Sidle, you have a question?" The handsome mentor asked.

"Umm yes, what if a finger print is on duct tape?" She asked.

After the full one-hour lecture was over everyone put their writing pads in their bags and headed for the door.

"Miss Sidle, wait up, I would like to have a word." Gil Grissom said as he placed his hand on her arm holding her back.

"Yes Sir, what's the matter?"

"I was wondering whether or not you would be interested in taking part in a training program." At first Gil found this idea a waste of time but something had changed his mind - she had changed his mind. Something about her was different; she was far more mature than the other students in the class and she really impressed him with her informative essay on past methods of collecting evidence.

"What training program?" Sara asked with a hint of both excitement and curiosity in her voice.

"Well you had the best essay in the class and I think that you would benefit greatly with this opportunity. See you tomorrow at the police station at 9, we have an early start."

"But aren't you going to tell me what it is I'm going to be doing?"

"Just bring yourself and something to write with." and with that he left the room leaving a confused a rather inquisitive Sara standing in the lecture theatre.


The cool air from the fan hit Sara's face as she entered the break room and a low hum from the vending machine could be heard which could be soothing from time to time or just plain annoying. Sara sat down and Nick went over to the sink to get a drink. Cath and Greg were already there, looking tired from a hard day's work - or night in this case.

Just as Nick sat down Grissom was seen the hallway just going into his office.

"Hey guys, do any of you know why we are here?" Greg asked.

"Not sure, Brass told me and Sara before, but honestly I haven't had much time to think about it." Nick informed the group. At that point Warrick entered the room and casually sat down, laying his bag down on the floor.

"Hey, Warrick, we were just wondering why Grissom has called us here, has he said anything to you?" asked a curious Catherine.

"Beats me, Grissom got a big case for us or something? Because I heard…" Before he could continue, Grissom walked though the door.

"Hey Grissom, what is this meeting about?" asked Sara, hoping her nerves didn't show though by the way she was sat on the edge on her seat.

"I… have to go away for a while… A family matter" Grissom said with hesitation.

There was a moment of eerie silence and a cool breeze moved its way around the break room sending as chill down Sara's spine making her even less comfortable than she already was.

"What is going to happen to the lab?" Cath finally asked trying to avoid asking about the 'family matter'.

"I have… put… Sophia in charge of the lab and-"

"Excuse me!" Cath interrupted Grissom mid sentence, "I am the most suitable and you know I would die for a chance like this!"

Grissom trying to stay calm, as he knew she might react this way, replied, "Look Cath, you might be more suitable but you have court this week and…"

Cath, at that point, with the anger boiling up inside her, put up her hands, as if they were stop signs, and walked out leaving the rest quiet. As she was going down the corridor to the lockers she passed Sophia, who was heading into the break room, Cath muttered something, inaudible to Sara and the rest in the break room.

Sophia entered unaware of the exact words exchanged moments before in the very seat she was sitting in.

"Sophia nice of you to join us. I just explained - well tried to explain - that you are taking over night shift until I get back."

"Oh, I expect Cath isn't too happy about that. Don't worry; I will do a good job. Take as long as you need" And with that Grissom said thanks and left the room. At this point Sara who wasn't in the mood to hear what Sophia had to say made up an excuse to go to the toilet.

"Hey Grissom, you got a moment?" She asked, standing outside his door for the millionth time and a moment of déja vu passed though Sara's mind.

"Umm yes sure," He answered, placing his book on beetles on the table.

"I'm not happy with Sophia taking over the lab while you're gone, you know she doesn't like me!"

"Sara, look," Grissom removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes, before placing the rim-less glasses back on, "I got the feeling you didn't like Sophia but it's not like I'm going away forever."

"I… just… need you around, you know? Ecklie hates me and Sophia doesn't think too highly of Cath and me… well it's confusing. Just try and get back as soon as you can. Oh and if you need anyone to talk to… I'm here."

"Thanks Sara. I'll call you to see how things are going later in the week." Grissom told her, trying to reassure her.

"When are you going?" Sara suddenly asked,