He threw back his head and laughed. Really laughed. Body rocking, eyes tearing, laughing.

He laughed like that for a few minutes before calming down and coming back to reality.

Reality hit hard.

For those few blissful moments he forgot about the war, about how his life and the lives of those he knew and loved were in danger. For those few moments he heard nothing but his laughter and the laughter of his friends.

All this came rushing back at him, but he couldn't help but smile. Sure, this war was horrible, and he felt like he couldn't help enough, but he was allowed to feel happy every now and again.

Especially when he had friends like his, you couldn't help but be happy every now and then.

"Please, Dom, tell us another story about Neal as a wee little child. I can't get enough!"

"Yes, dearest cousin, tell our friends another sidesplitting misadventure I've had. Take no heed of my feelings..."

"If you insist, Meathead." Dom looked around at his friends and wiggled an eyebrow. "Now, I know you are aware that Nealan wrote wonderful poetry about young ladies he happened to fancy," (Neal buried his head in his hands, and groaned dramatically), "but I know none of you know that Nealan here also wrote poetry about Cousin May."

"Cousin!" Kel shouted, putting a hand to her cheek as a Player would, "Neal! Family! Really!"

Merric choked on his ale trying not to laugh.

"She wasn't blood related! She married Dom's eldest brother!"

"Yes, yes, fine Meathead, may I proceed with my story?"

"Story away. I have one for you, dearest cousin."

"It all started when our beloved Meathead was 5, and my eldest brother Derek began courting a young woman, Lady May. One day, Cousin Meathead and the other Queenscove relatives came to visit, and when Meathead was introduced to May, he literally started drooling."

Kel hit the table with her fist and choked out, "DROOLING!", almost falling off the bench.

Merric was fairing no better, as he almost cracked his knee slapping it so hard.

Dom wiped tears from his eyes and continued, "All through dinner, he stared at May, often times his spoon missing his mouth. That evening, I went to his room, and saw him writing."

"At 5?" asked Merric, slightly doubtful.

"Humph!" Neal slouched down, crossing his arms in front of his chest, "I'll have you know I was an EXCELLENT scholar!"

Kel snorted, "That's almost as funny as you swimming in the pig feed."

Neal "humphed" again, but kept quiet.

"Yes, well, Nealan here was writing a love poem about our dear May. Until he was 10. I'll assure you, the poor girl was quite afraid of the little bugger."

Merric snickered, "How did that first poem go?"

Dom thought for a moment, "Lady May, your yellow hair smells like hay, to see your face again I'd pay."

The three friends were in an uproar as Neal merely stared at him, his face cold and angry. "Ha-ha-ha, I know, let's all laugh as Sir Neal's expense."

"Thanks (snort) for your (chuckle) per(snort)mission, Meathead."

Neal sat up and said haughtily, "At least my poetry skills have improved since then!", which only caused the other 2 adults to laugh even harder.

Neal opened his mouth again to try and tell a story about Dom, but Kel waved her hand, "Whatever story you have about Dom, Meathead, it won't be near as funny as his. You were just a funnies child."

Dom chortled. "That you were, Meathead, that you were."

Merric grabbed his stomach and cried, "Neal, for the love of Mithros, unless you want to introduce children as crazy as you, don't reproduce."


A/N: Hm, this was just a little random one-shot that I just randomly wrote. I was actually trying to write some angsty/love thing for either Tortall, Harry Potter or Daughters of the Moon, but I just couldn't be angry enough. So this randomly came out. I may use the beginning for another story, but I don't know. This was just to hold me over because I've been having MAJOR writer's block, been lazy, had school, and basically have been just reading fics.

Hope you all slightly enjoyed this random drabble.