TITLE: Remedy
ARCHIVE: Anywhere, just let me know so I can brag...hehe.
SPOILERS: "Poison" 1x08
RATING: Strong R
DISCLAIMER: All known characters and premises belong to their respective owners. So there.
SUMMARY: "Well, gotta take the bad with the good though I still haven't found what the good is."
NOTES: Episode addition to "Poison" and first attempt at a House MD fic. So yeah. Thanks to Saskia for all of her help and patience with my daft questions. You rock!

Chapter One

Greg put his hand up, trying to ward off the woman's advances. "Georgia." He tried unsuccessfully to reprimand her.

Georgia smiled, letting out a little giggle. "Doctor House, the least I can do is thank you." She leered at him, her body inching into his personal space. "Really thank you."

"That's really not necessary," he muttered, with sincere desperation.

"When I'm no longer contagious, I'll come by for a check-up," she whispered seductively, placing a hand on his forearm and giving it a little squeeze. She began to gently stroke his arm, her fingertips brushing over his hand to the material of his jacket, all the way up to his shoulder and back down to his fingers.

Greg's brow furrowed and he looked around for a possible means of escape. The woman had use of both her legs, and her sex drive would probably be enough to aid her in winning a one-hundred yard dash, so trying to out-run her was definitely out of the question. His eyes fell upon a familiar form and he inwardly cringed, trying to decipher which would be the lesser of two evils: being indebted to the woman approaching, or being chased by the deranged one in front of him. "Cuddy," he called out, grimacing as he continued, "darling."

Lisa stopped mid stride and took a step back, eyeing the misanthropic doctor. "Darling?" Her lip curled upwards, half out of disgust, half out of incomprehension. She straightened her suit jacket and walked cautiously to where he stood, her eyes glancing at the old woman's hand still on his arm, to the old woman and then back at their contact.

"See Georgia, unfortunately my lovely companion gets very jealous when beautiful women hit on me." He swallowed his pride and slowly removed his arm from Georgia's grasp before possessively wrapping it around Lisa's waist.

Lisa's mouth slowly fell open before her lips twisted into a smile. «Leverage,» she thought to herself, mentally calculating how many clinic hours this would cost him.

"This is because I'm old, isn't it?" The older woman's whole body seemed to cave inwardly, reflecting a withdrawn and rejected mood.

"Of course not. Do you think I would be dating the lovely Lisa Cuddy if I was discriminating towards older women?"

Lisa glared at him, giving him a light slap on the arm. "Need I remind you that I am younger than you are, by three years."

"At heart," he spoke gently before turning to face Georgia, reiterating his statement, "at heart." He smiled condescendingly at Lisa, secretly thrilled by her firey gaze towards him.

"House!" Lisa warned him, ire building behind her bright blues. She glared at him off his defiant smirked and whacked his shoulder again.

Greg observed Georgia's response and smiled reassuringly. "It's okay, I'm used to it. You should see her in bed, rrrrrowwr!" He brought his left hand up from her wait to her shoulder, and imitated a cat claw before returning it back.

Lisa pressed her lips tightly together, trying desperately to control her temper. She knew that he was doing this just to get some rise out of her, perhaps as a diversion to the fact that she was in control at the moment. "Right, I just can't get enough of the good doctor." She smiled, brushing a hand through his hair. "But, you're much better off with finding a nice young stud who can keep up...with you." She leaned towards Georgia, faking a conspiratorial stance, "he's on the blue."

"Blue!" Georgia placed a hand to her chest before leaning back towards Lisa, "as in the pills?"

"The very same." Lisa nodded, trying hard to contain her laughter. "Sometimes one pill just isn't enough."

"That bad?"

"Well, gotta take the bad with the good, though I still haven't found what the good is - "

" - Cuddy!" House interrupted her with a whine, swatting her hand away.

She smiled innocently at him, before returning her hand to his hair.

He shivered slightly, feeling her nails gently graze his scalp, fighting hard not to let his head loll back. His breathing deepened when he felt her finger trace the shell of his ear before gently massaging the back of his neck. A soft moan slipped from his lips, as he felt his body relax slightly.

"But I know how to tame the beast." She replied, her fingers still busying themselves in his hair. "That little moan just meant he agreed to six more hours of clinic duty."

Greg took a step aside, glaring at her. "I did not, and you're not playing fair."

An eyebrow quirked as a slow yet surprised smile spread across her full lips. "Oh? And cornering someone into pretending to be your -"

His mind had jumped ahead and already realized the direction in which she was heading, and without thinking, he leaned in and pressed his lips firmly to hers, in order to curb any revelations from tumbling out. Eyes wide, he glanced at Georgia who was watching them intently and he gave her a one-sided frown, until she shouldered her handbag and began to slowly walk down the hall, glancing back every so often.

Lisa knew of his intent, but she couldn't help enjoy the feel of his lips against hers. They were surprisingly soft, especially in comparison to her expectations of them matching his rough character. She kept still, her eyes closed, and just inhaled his scent, memorizing the feel of his mouth's pressure. Her lips opened a sliver, allowing her tongue to reach out and stroke against his lower lip - an act that managed to victoriously crush her common sense.

His eyes snapped to hers, coming face to face with closed lids. Slowly, his own blinked closed as he felt her warm tongue seek entrance into his mouth. He eagerly granted her permission, his tongue reaching out to meet her half way. His lips began to move, caressing hers as they continued to explore passion in a welcomed battle. One hand found itself tangled in her hair, cupping her scalp and forcing a closer contact.

Lisa moaned against his mouth as she pressed her body flush against his, hands gripping the material of his suit jacket. When she felt his hand slide down the swell of her buttocks, she took a step back, staring at him with wild eyes. Logic began to seep in and she glanced around breathlessly, taking in the shocked stairs from the nurses around. Slapping a palm to her forehead she let out a strangled sigh.

Greg licked his lips before taking a step forwards, watching her with a subtle smirk. "That was quite a kinky trick, Dr. Cuddy. Are you sure you don't have syphilis too?"

At a loss for words, she hated to admit the effect he had on her. Biting down hard on her lower lip, she pushed past him and headed towards her office as she felt embarrassment flush her cheeks.

The proverbial fan had been hit.