Fairytale 1?

By Sassy

"Mommy, tell me again you met my Daddy," the little voice under the covers said. A little brown, curly haired girl with a gap tooth grin peeked out from under the covers.

Sara smiled, "Once upon a time…"


"Class dismissed." Doctor Gil Grissom said as he gathered his papers.

A girl still sat in the lecture hall about half way back. Her messy curls hanging from her head. Her head was propped up on her palm. She was fast asleep.

He laid his hand on her shoulder. "Hey, sleeping beauty, wake up." He shook her gently.

She sprang up from her chair. Their foreheads collided.

"Oh my god." She turned red.

He rubbed his forehead gently. "It's okay." He reached out and grabbed both her shoulders. "Nice to see that you found my lecture so fascinating, Miss um…"

"Sidle. Sara Sidle." She said softly. "Your lecture was brilliant. I was up all night cramming for my Physics III test. It won't happen again."

He chuckled and raised an eyebrow at her. "Have coffee with me, and I'll fill you in on everything you missed."

"That would be great." When she smiled, he saw the gap between her teeth.

End Flashback…

"I fell in love with her in that moment, Kacee." A voice from the doorway, caused their heads to snap in his direction.

The both smiled and said, "You're home." Kacee leapt from the bed into his arms. A soft cry came from down the hall.

"I'll get him." Sara said as she left Grissom to tuck Kacee back in bed.

Ten minutes later, he found her in the nursery. She was nursing three month old Ryan. He ran a finger over the baby's cheek.

"I'm glad you are home." Sara said softly.

He took the now sleeping baby from her and cradled him in his arms. Kissing the baby's cheek, he placed him in the baby bed. He covered him up and tucked the blanket around him.

He took her hand. "Want me to show you how much I missed you?" He led her from the room.

At the door of their room, he scooped her up into his arms. Carrying her inside, he shut the door gently with his foot.

A/N: I want to turn this in to a chapter story. I guess it depends on what everyone else thinks. I have plenty of ideas. And this story was inspired by Ms. Grit's Baby story, which rocks by the way. (I'm biased because I beta it…but it is GREAT)