Author's Note: Well, I have finally decided to do a Banjo-Kazooie fanfic. But what character would be perfect for the act? Tiptup. He was playable in Diddy Kong Racing, and he made cameo appearances in the Banjo-Kazooie universe. Well, I have dedicated this fanfic to him, and everyone who likes Tiptup. This introduction may be short, but enjoy!

Dis: Tiptup sucks!

Tiptup: (Fires bullets at Dis) Take that, chump.

Claimer: (Takes gun from Tiptup) MINE!

Disclaimer: (Throws a bomb at Claimer; it hits and Claimer explodes) Thank god, those two idiots are dead. We own nothing official in this story. Enjoy.

This story has been made to appreciate Tiptup and is deticated to him and fans of Tiptup. Live on, Tiptup!

Tiptup was in his home in Bubblegloop Swamp. He was complaining about Rare and Nintendo not putting him in other games. "Minor roles...minor roles...WHEN WILL I HAVE MY OWN GAME?" Tiptup yelled. He shook his fist, and then put it back down. He signed and said, "I mean, for pete's sake. I was only playable in Diddy Kong Racing, and now that I had sex with Jolly Roger, well, I have nothing else to do."

Suddenly, an idea hit him. "What if I went to Nintendo to get my own game? I could have my own spinoff!" Tiptup declared. He got up and took a black briefcase. "That settles it. I'm going to Nintendo to get me my own spinoff series!" Tiptup shouted, as he left his home of Bubblegloop Swamp and headed towards the teliport pad.

Mr. Vile came out of his home and looked around. "What the hell is with the racket? Can't you see that I'm trying to sleep?" He yelled, as he mumbled to himself and headed back inside.

Tiptup's Revenge

Tiptup arrived at Nintendo Headquarters. He took a deep breath, and headed inside. Yoshi approached Tiptup. "So, what brings you here?" Yoshi asked. Tiptup looked at Yoshi and said, "I am here to be in my own spinoff series." Yoshi shook his head and said, "Very well, then. You came to the right place. Follow me." Both Yoshi and Tiptup walked towards the Nintendo Headquarters Main Discussion area. Yoshi opened the door, and Tiptup went through. Yoshi followed and closed the door tightly.

"So, I see that you want to have your own spinoff series. Is this true?" Master Hand, the chairman, asked. Tiptup shook his head and said, "Yeah. I want to be the star of my own game! I'm tired of being a cameo character. I'm ready to explore jungles, brave lava worlds, and survive deserts!"

Master hand cleared his throat and said, "Well, you have certainly came to the right place. Have a seat, if you could." Tiptup looked at Yoshi, then back at the Master Hand. "Sure thing," Tiptup replied, as he sat down. Yoshi sat down in the chair next to Tiptup. "Now we can officially begin this discussion," Master Hand announced, as everything faded black.

Author's Note: Well, that was the beginning of Tiptup's Revenge. Do know that several minor characters from Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie will make an appearance. Also, if you review, please make it detailed, because I like reviews that are more than just "Great story!" I hoped that you liked this story.