Note: To anyone who is somehow still reading this, continue towards the very end.

Tiptup the Turtle and Banjo the Bear were both surrounded by the ugly green Gruntlings as Captain Blackeye was occupied by Kazooie the red-crested breegull. Banjo took off his blue backpack and used it to whack away the Gruntlings that approached, while Tiptup hid into his shell and started ricocheting around, knocking the gruntlings into the sky. As the Gruntlings were easily taken down, Banjo and Tiptup were now faced with only two Gruntlings remaining.

"I'll take the one on the right," Tiptup whispered to Banjo as he ran towards the Gruntling picking his nose on the right and tackling into him by hiding in his shell, sending the Gruntling pummeling into the sky.

Banjo grinned, but he acted fast as the other Gruntling grabbed him by the head and bit into the brown honeybear. Banjo closed his eyes as he felt the pain, but he managed to push the Gruntling off of him, slamming his backpack onto the ground and smashing the Gruntling. He then let out a sigh of relief as he placed his backpack back on his back. Rubbing his hands, he smiled and turned to Tiptup, stating, "Well, that takes care of that. How about we go back to Kazooie and aid here?"

Tiptup thought about it, rubbing his chin. "Hmmm... well..."

BOOM!!!! Just as Tiptup was going to answer back, the ground shook after the loud explosion. Tiptup and Banjo both ran back towards where Kazooie was, to see her standing on a defeated Captain Blackeye, who was covered in smoke. The flamethrower gun he held was in ruins, dissembling into pieces shortly afterwards.

"Well, it looks like we didn't have to aid you, or anything," Tiptup said with a laugh as he gave Kazooie a high five, "It was pretty simple, huh?"

Kazooie smirked. "You bet it was, turtle brain. Now that the "captain" has been defeated, let's give him a run for his money. Jumping onto the ground, Kazooie turned around and picked up the wounded captain by his chin with her right red win, asking, "All right, Blackeye, why did you attack us?"

Captain Blackeye coughed up a bit. "It's because... because..." He couldn't answer, for he was knocked out unconscious after being hit in the head by an acorn.

Kazooie blinked, and she turned to both Banjo and Tiptup. "Well, I would tell you why he did it, but something knocked him out cold."

Banjo glanced down, and he walked towards the acorn, picking it up and examining it. "Hmm... maybe someone tossed this at him?" He stated, showing the acorn to Kazooie and Tiptup.

Tiptup grabbed the acorn, and he examined it carefully. "Whoever tossed this is either an ally or an enemy. Regardless, we have to be careful," He stated as he, Banjo, and Kazooie headed towards the northwest direction, leaving the unconscious, smoke-covered Captain Blackeye behind.

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