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Another morning dawned on Titan's Tower, the soft glow of the rising sun peeping through a small crack in my blinds and oh so kindly shining right into my closed eyes.

"Ugh..." I moaned in sleepy protest rolling over to avoid the blinding light. Unfortunately for me, Wednesday nights happened to be my 'let's-make-some-use-out-of-the-top-bunk' nights. Thus as my body succumbed to gravity I was rudely awakened by the floor.

"Dude that was so not cool." I muttered while rubbing the back of my throbbing head. The curse of the bunk bed. Why did I have that stupid thing anyway?


"Raven! Check it out! This bed is so mine!"

"A bunk bed? Beastboy, why in God's name do you want a bunk bed?

"Uh, because it's tall… and um, well handy for sleepovers I guess…"

"Wow. That sure justifies it. And may I inquire as to who would actually want to set foot in that toxic wasteland you call a bedroom, let alone sleep in it?"
"Uh… well you're always welcomed to Raven"

(Awkward silence)

"I'm going to ignore that."


Return to present time-

Ah yes. 'I remember those days… I was so young and stupid back then…' I thought wistfully. 'It seems like it was only last year…' My memory finally kicked in by that point and reminded me that it was only last year. 'Hmm, I guess I just mature fast.' I reasoned to myself. Standing up, I shrugged off my boxers and replaced them with a towel. 'Bath time!' I thought gleefully marching out of my newly replaced, state of the art, 500 XL hydraulic door (compliments of Cyborg). I couldn't help but grin as the door acknowledged my exit.

"Thank you for visiting the domain of Beastboy. Please come again." It said in an extremely sexy feminine voice. Oh I could really get used to that.

"And if your ego wasn't big enough already…" Drawled a very familiar voice. I turned around to see Raven, towel in hand walking towards me.

"You like it? Cy put it in after you ripped down my other one yesterday. It recognizes people too. Go ahead! Stand in front of it." I urged. Raven gave me a small scowl but went and stood before the giant metal entrance to my room. A little laser popped out and scanned Raven who watched without even blinking. Then through the miracle of technology, it began to speak.

"Welcome Raven. Beastboy acknowledges your superior mind power and natural dominance in the hierarchy of intelligent life forms. Have a pleasant day."

"HEY ITS NOT SUPPOSE TO SAY THAT!" I screeched in shock. Raven smirked.

"Actually I could get used to that door too." She said before continuing down the hall, past my fuming figure.

"You're not taking a shower now are you?" I questioned.

"Nope, that's why I'm carrying this towel and heading in the general direction of the bathroom." Her tone of voice suggested something, but whatever underlying meaning she had put in that sentence escaped me.

"Oh okay good because I'm going to use it."

"I'm being sarcastic."

"Oh... of course. I knew that." I said smiling at her back which was slowly getting farther and farther away. Suddenly something clicked in my mind.

"Hey! Wait a minute! I'M SHOWERING FIRST!" I called after her figure which had just disappeared around the corner. Drat that girl and her uncanny ability to make me completely lose my train of thought.

"Nope. Shower's mine." I heard her call back. Growling I took off at a sprint making sure to keep my towel firmly in place. The last thing I needed was to end up flashing somebody during my conquest for the shower. Rounding the corner I was greeted with the sight of Raven disappearing into the bathroom.

The door whooshed shut behind her and I could almost hear Raven's mocking laughter coming from inside. Oh course, although I wasn't as logical as most people, I knew this seemingly natural human expression of amusement never left her lips.

"Open up!" I yelled banging on the door with my free hand. Her response was to turn on the shower. Frustrated and cold from standing around in nothing but a towel I did the unthinkable. I morphed. Objects grew around me. The door which had only been a foot taller than me a second ago now looked like an endless wall stretching up into space.

I rubbed my little feet together and quickly tested my wings to see if they were functioning properly. Affirmative, all systems go. With a sense of purpose, my fly self crept forward towards the opening just below the door. A tight squeeze, but by no doubt something I could fit under. After wiggling through I was met with a blast of moist warm air, no doubt complements of MY shower.

And there, towering over me was Raven, already slipping out of her cape. For some reason I had forgotten that to take a shower one must be unclothed, and well Raven was preparingdo just that,unbeknownst of my presence. So being the gentleman I was, it only seemed proper to show her that this private act of hygiene was not so private anymore.

Although most boys my age wouldn't mind seeing a young girl naked, I knew that Raven would find out one way or another (through mind reading or a slip up on my part) and the repercussions would be, well…. most unfortunate for a growing boy like me.

And so, I morphed back. Once again this event makes one wonder how stupid someone can be. And you must understand, I have no problem calling myself this degrading adjective, only because it is true.

So for the sake of my audience and my reputation, I will now switch from my point of view to the POV of my towel, which at the moment was lying conveniently outside the bathroom door. Or at least I will try my best to replicate the feelings and observations of an inanimate object whose services I was much in need of at the moment.

POV of Towel-

The life of a towel is not very exciting. You are pretty much a servant to everyone's whims and fancy, whether it is drying up a wet spot on the floor, or being used to lash at someone as a means of torture. However on this day, our friend the towel served a very important existence in the life of a young green boy.

So as it sat alone outside the bathroom door, the towel finally found that for once, it was truly appreciated in this world and for once its presence could mean life or death for the green boy would stood quite naked inside the bathroom.

A scream penetrated the air, followed by the spontaneous combustion of light bulbs that rained glass on our cottony friend. There was a yell, and a few angry words (which cannot and will not be listed for the safety of those weak at heart). More glass shattered and the towel sighed in sadness.

Although the stench of tofu had been somewhat sickening, the towel had liked its former owner for the most part and was somewhat aggrieved at the fact that its services would no longer be required from the green boy. The door flew open and our friend was narrowly missed by the lump that had been chucked out of the bathroom.

"AND IF YOU TRY ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN, I'LL REMOVE THE OTHER ONE TOO!" Screamed the head of a violet haired girl. The lump merely twitched and groaned in response. The towel tutted to itself. It knew that when the boy had left it behind, trouble was sure to follow.

Back to Beastboy POV:

Having found that soap and shampoo bottles could indeed be used as formidable missiles, I retired to the kitchen in hope of find solace in whatever our fridge had to offer. As the door of the common room slid open, two friendly faces greeted me. Cyborg, whose scanners had picked me up before I even walked in, turned around with a wicked grin plastered on his face.

"Hey BB…" He taunted "I got a new game to kick your butt in." My jaw dropped and little stars formed in place of my eyes.

"Don't tell me you bought… IT?" I asked weakly to my half robot friend. His smiled widened and then, just as I expected, he nodded.

"DUDE THAT IS SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME!" I screamed catching the attention of Starfire who was currently munching on something magenta colored at the kitchen table.

"It?" She questioned setting down her food. I noticed that for some reason she was wearing heavy duty rubber gloves.

"It's only the coolest game to ever come out!"

"But what is the name of this game?"

"It." I responded simply. How Starfire could not have realized that after I had said it two times was beyond me.

"A strange name for a form of amusement." She said quietly, more to herself than to us. Of course being a gamer, I could not help but feel somewhat sorry for the girl who did not have 'It' in her life. Sigh, people don't realize what they're missing these days.

"So how about best 75 out of 100?" Cyborg challenged.

"Dude you are so on!" I exclaimed, automatically filling up a good part of my schedule with video games. As I sat down, trembling with excitement, the door to outside swished open, and Robin, still in his PJ's, walked in with the morning mail.

Believe it or not, Robin was not exactly a morning person. Even with his strict training schedule and long nights of pondering that stupid and annoying question 'Who is Slade?', he was still the last one up usually and one of the most grumpiest people in the morning. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as Robin sat down at the table to sort through all the mail, while Star practically beamed at the addition of his company.

"Junk… fan mail… fan mail… hate letter from jail…. Pizza coupons…" He muttered. But soon his words faded as I lost myself in the game.

As you probably already know, my competitions with Cyborg are intense and often enough, violent in nature. More than once we have resorted to all-out combat both on the screen and in real life and I have the bruises to show for it. Either way, this game was like no other, and pretty soon the air was filled with cries of:


"You cheated!"

"Nuh uh, pure skill there my green friend."


"Not now and not ev- WTF! You can't do that!"
"Well I just did."

"That was uncalled for! Since when does it allow you to use the limbs of your enemies as a weapon!"

"Since I invented it!"

"It's here!" My head whipped around after I realized that cry had not been issued from either me or Cyborg.

Looking back at the kitchen, a very disturbing sight presented itself to my eyes. For there, in nothing but his pajamas, was Robin, dancing on the kitchen table and holding an envelope above his head in childlike glee. Suddenly he jumped down and with a hungry look in his eyes, began to slowly pry open the letter.

"They did the testing on the hair, and they matched it with the DNA of every living person in the world, and now…" He began to salivate quite heavily at this point. It occurred to me that something very important must be contained in this envelope to cause our team leader such excitement, so I set down my controller to come over and see what was going on.

Robin slid his finger along the envelope seal and slowly lifted the flap. I could see the words 'government identification testing' written on the exposed part of the letter.

"Ouch." Robin suddenly exclaimed, pulling his bare hand away from the envelope to suck on his thumb. Starfire's eyes widened.

"Stupid paper cut…" Robin muttered angrily, taking out his finger to examine it. There was a primal war cry and before anything could be said, the letter was wrenched out of Robin's grasp and burned to a lovely gray crisp on the floor of our kitchen.

I looked to see Star standing over the charcoaled remains, her eyes glowing a dangerous green and her breathing coming in angry pants.

"YOU SHALL NOT HARM MY ROBIN!" She screamed angrily at the little pile of ash. "Tell your kin that such behavior among your people shall NOT be tolerated!" Then in herlittle feminineway, she gave a small 'humph' and turned around to face the pale Boy Wonder.

"You are safe now Robin." She assured him, setting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Who is… who is Slade… Slade… who is… letter… so close… Slade…is…" He muttered in gibberish.

"There there, everything will be okay." Starfire murmured and pulled him into a soft embrace. Robin immediately began to sob into her shoulder, much to my embarrassment.

"So close!" He howled and I could not help but feel sorry for the ruined man, who would now spend many more sleepless nights pondering over this completely pointless question. It seemed his love had gotten between him and his work. I sighed, but then again perhaps Star had saved him from the awful truth that letter held.

Speaking of love, the door opened and in stepped Raven, faced with the scene of Robin grieving over a small pile of gray dust.

"I won't ask." She muttered going over to the cabinet to grab her tea pot.


Later that day, after Robin had recovered enough to speak normal English again, it was decided that we would go on a little outing. I wasn't going to protest. After 5 hours of extensive non-stop gaming, my fingers felt as if they might fall off. So we piled into the T-Car and headed for downtown jump city, a place known for its shopping, restaurants and interesting night life.

Raven even volunteered to come along. It seemed that even bookworms like her needed social contact once and a while.

For the record I would like to say that I did not sit next to Raven during our ride in the T-Car. There were too many unpleasant memories from earlier and seeing your teammate naked I'm sure wasn't on Raven's top-ten list of fun things to do. Although there was no doubt in my mind that dangling Beastboy out the car window was, so I avoided her for the both our sakes.

Hopping out of the car, I was met with a cool breeze; a sure signal of winter in the near distance. The crisp air did much to lighten my mood, for after a crushing defeat of 19 to 71, I had been quite upset and resentful towards Cyborg and his never tiring fingers.

Raven, Star, Robin, and Cyborg got out as well and before we set off Cyborg made sure to set the 113 digit alarm code on his car. If that wasn't enough, he changed it every time he parked.

And so the Titan's team strolled along the sidewalk glancing at stores and doing something that we did more often than people usually realize. We acted normal. Well, in truth that sentence is a lie. We were normal. Take away the powers and strange outfits and beneath it all we were just a bunch of teenagers doing what ever other person loved to do.

It still amazes me today how many people think that we do not enjoy or do not find need for the average things in life, because they do not consider us average. I have been stopped numerous times while shopping at the grocery store by people who want to know why we do not simple send someone else to do our shopping.

The fact is we, or at least I enjoy it. There is nothing quite like walking along a street filled with nameless faces and just taking in the people and the atmosphere. We are all human, and we all take joy from the same pleasures life has to offer.

In the meanwhile I was taking joy from the milkshakes our local Ben and Jerry's had to offer. So as I sipped my soy vanilla shake outside the store, I couldn't have felt happier if Raven had announced her undying love for me right then and there. Well, no that would have made me happier but it was close enough.

"I wish to explore the shop next to the bakery." Announced Starfire, taking a break from her mustard, mint, and strawberry shake. "The clothes in the window were very colorful and I think that they would be appropriate for the cold weather that we are getting." Raven winced at the word colorful and Robin choked on his own milkshake.

"Slade?" He inquired wild-eyed, and Cyborg shook his head sadly while giving our leader a gentle pat on the back.

"Sure, we'll head over to the game store and you and Raven can meet us by the fountain later." Said Cyborg motioning to the spewing landmark to our left.

I turned back to my friends to nod in agreement. Raven however, was far from happy about this plan.

"And since when did anyone ask if I wanted to go to this colorful (cringe) clothing store?" She asked somewhat angrily.

"Ok then Raven. Where do you want to go?" She turned to glare at me for a moment, obviously still peeved over our little incident, but seeing as I was surrounded by a good number of people, the chance of her murdering me here in the open were slim to none.

"For your information I've been looking forward to picking up the book I ordered." She replied more to me than to anyone else. Raven always did enjoy singling me out, knowing that it made me uncomfortable, but I refused to let her win. I forced a smile on to my lips and responded with as much excitement as I could muster.

"Ok, well how about Cyborg and Robin go to the game store and Starfire can go try on her clothes and then you and I can go get that book." The look on her face was priceless as an expression of shock made its way onto her features. She mumbled something under her breath, by no doubt cursing my incredible wit and then with a sigh she nodded.

"Great!" I cheered, surprised that she had agreed to my proposal without so much as dunking me head first into the fountain. That strange feeling you get when someone is staring at you overcame me and I turned to see Cyborg watching me out of the corner of his eye.

"What?" I asked him a little accusingly. He grinned then attended to his melting milkshake with a great amount of concentration, making me suspicious of the curious stare he had given me. Raven noticed my indignant look and putting two and two together, used her powers to promptly dump the remains of the milkshake on Cyborg's head.

"That was uncalled for!" He protested as me and Raven hurried off in the general direction of the bookstore. A chuckle escaped my lips and Raven turned to look at me with a small frown.

"Don't assume that because I defended you back there, that I patronize the means you used to put us in that situation in the first place." I dodged a civilian with a large shopping bag then reunited with Raven wearing a frown as well.

"Does it bother you that I'm going with you to the bookstore?" I asked her. She ignored my eyes on her and concentrated on weaving her way through the foot traffic. I saw she was hesitant to respond but I was not about to save her from answering the question I desperately wanted to know the answer to.

"I would rather take my chances with you than try on clothing with Starfire." She said. I should have known that Raven wouldn't have just given me a yes or no answer. She had thought this reply out, aware of the fact that it was insult but a complement as well.

Boy, she was good.

We hurried along the street until Raven turned to walk into an old bookstore, half hidden among the other more vibrant and flashy shops. Had I been alone, I would have walked right by, without the store so much as registering as a blip on my radar screen.

Of course Raven always seemed naturally attracted to anything gloomy and normally avoided by most people. So as I followed her into the dim store a more depressing feeling seemed to settle on my shoulders. It was a small cramped shop, stuffed to the gills with shelves and shelves of old dusty books that personally I thought presented more of a health hazard than most objects in my room.

I turned my attention back to Raven who was standing at a small counter talking to a surprisingly young and good looking woman. They exchanged small talk and finally a worn red book was slid across the counter. I watched in ennui as she flipped through the pages with great interest, but personally I found nothing interesting about it.

No pictures, small text, and a good 700 pages made for one bored Beastboy.

So I turned my attention to the shelf by my shoulder and began inspecting the objects with mild interest. There was a few decorated boxes that looked like that had been around longer than my great grandmother and a small figurine of, who would have imagined, a raven!

Oblivious to this stupid coincidence conveniently placed in this fanfic due to the authoress's lack of imagination, I picked up the small token and admired the craftsmanship of the graceful bird, filing it away in my memory as a possible future present for the girl of my dreams. It would prove a great Christmas present or an effective peace offering.

I heard Raven say her good-byes and hastily placed the raven back on its shelf hoping she had not seen it. But as Raven turned to face me holding her newly acquired shopping bag, I saw no hint in her eyes that told me she had seen the figurine. So holding open the door for her, we exited the shop and entered once again out into the busy sidewalk.

"What book did you get?" I asked for lack of other conversation.

"Just something on medieval spells. I ordered it a few months ago and it just came in this week." She replied. Her cheeks were slightly flushed with excitement and it made me wonder how an inanimate object such as a book could bring her such joy.

"Sounds interesting." I lied. She must have sensed my lack of enthusiasm.

"We have time before we have to meet up with the others." She said informing me of the obvious. "Do you want to go anywhere?" I glanced at her somewhat surprised by her offer and her wiliness to subject herself to possibletorture and public humiliation on my part.

"Uh well I know you went with me to get away from shopping with Star, so I don't want to drag you anywhere you don't want to go."

"Try me. I don't think there are any other places around here worse than that shop." She informed me. I shrugged, deciding that if she was willing I would take advantage of it. So I navigated my way over to the local comic book store with Raven following in my wake.

The second I opened the door my nose was assaulted with the smell of paper and ink; that familiar odor all comic book stores seem to absorb.

Where as my entrance into the store was quite hasty, I noticed Raven entered in a more timid manner. She walked through the store like a person in a foreign country, occasionally peering at titles, shaking her head and continuing on her trek through uncharted territory.

I in the meanwhile, was in complete picture book bliss, having snagged the latest copy of Super Brain-Sucking Zombies Turbo Force: Attack of the Blobs from Planet Strange. Ah, yes… life was good. Having scanned the first few pages, I turned around to alert Raven of my find.

"Hey Raven! Check out-" But the sentence died in my throat. Excitement was quickly turned to annoyance as I saw who Raven was chatting animatedly with by the 2 for $10 comic sales rack.

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