Chapter one

In an empty castle, everything was quite, except the shadows in the darkness. In the middle of one of the vast hallways, a dark circle began to appear. Darkness slowly began to rise out of the circle. Then it began to disperse. Out of it came a cloaked figure carrying a sleeping girl. The silvered haired boy looked down at his sleeping beloved in his arms. He gently carried her over to his bed and set her down. He took off her shoes and socks, and admired her shapely body underneath her white shirt and blued checkered skirt, knowing that it was all his. He carefully pulled up the covers on her so that she would not get cold and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Riku loved Kairi, but Sora loved Kairi as well. All the years that they had fought on the island had slowly but surely over the years turned from battle to decide who was the strongest, to the battle for her. And Riku had always won those battles, but both of them knew that she did not realize what the battles were really about, thus he could never step up and rightfully claim his prize. They all loved each other in a sense; Riku and Sora were best friends and still rivals, and they both knew that Kairi loved them both, but just in a friendly way. Which blocked their paths even more. Kairi had been very lonely when she first came to the island, for she had no memories, but they had quickly become friends.

Now not only did the friction between Riku and Sora become personal, but it had recently become an issue between light and darkness. Sora of course was on the light side, but Riku had recently become half heartless/half man in a sense. Ansem has ben banished from his heart, he got rid of him a long time ago. And now the darkness could not take him over. (For reasons that will be explained in time.) So he was going to do as he pleased now. And he had a plan. But the first thing that he desired before anything else was the girl that now lay before him.

He began walking over to the door out of his bedroom, when he turned back to look at the sleeping object of his love and longing and said with a soft smile "Soon Kairi, soon."

He walked out of his bedroom, through many halls and corridors to come to a pedestal. On it was a bowl filled with water that looked thick with miasma that was purple and black. He stared at it a moment and then tried concentrating on it, and pretty soon the dark water began to take on more color and shapes began to appear, and it was not long until it showed a spiky haired boy with his two pets . He smirked at them for the fact that they were flabbergasted that Kairi was nowhere on the island that they had all inhabited just a year ago.

He smiled at the fact that he had gotten to Kairi before Sora did, and he continued to eye the boy, confident that he could not do anything to appose him, or to get Kairi back.

He grinned widely at the fact that he had escaped Kingdom Hearts, taken complete control of the heartless, acquired this castle, got his Kairi, and made a complete idiot out of his rival. Today was a grand day indeed.