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Walking along the golden road, Nasaako thought about the unpleasant information that Saki and Tomoko had told her concerning her adopted daughter. When they had first told her the news, she told them that she thought they were cruel for playing such thoughtless jokes on her in her time of sadness and need for a friend and she never wanted to see them again. Thoughtless for not thinking about the consequences and the toll it would take on their friendship. But such a long and odd story for one little joke. Why would they add their sons into it when they were missing them too? The hour when their world began crumpling to pieces, was the hour that she believed their words. Then, she thought about her. Perhaps if she had believed her story, if she had taken her under her wing...maybe she would have had a chance to be content. Even so, she knew that would have been impossible. She truly was beyond helping.


On his way to the flea market, Sora saw a familiar woman sitting on the bench. Nasaako. Kairi's adoptive mother. She was the mayor of their peaceful island. When Kairi had first come to Destiny Islands, Nasaako decided to adopt her. It was actually a surprise that she did, because she was one of the hardest working, most stressed-out women on the island. And her husband was a very successful lawyer, so he was almost as busy as she was. However, during the first few years of Kairi's life on Destiny Islands, they managed to spend about the average amount of time any parent would with their child. After she was about eight years old, she hung out with Riku and Sora even more than before, so they were around each other pretty much all the time. Nasaako looked sad. Her head hung low. She used to have really long, black hair that reached past her knees, but now it was cut a little shorter than what Kairi's used to be.

Sora turned to look at Donald and Goofy. "Can you guys give me a minute?" "Sure. Goofy and I will be in the weapon's shop down the road." "See ya Sora." He watched as they walked off, then began walking up to her. "Hello Sora." She said, without even bothering to pick her head up. It kind of surprised him that she knew he was there. "What are you doing here?" He questioned, taking a seat next to her. "I was looking for Kairi. However...I don't know what to say to her." "Why? She's your daughter." "...I came across Leon...he told me about her dream...and her mother." "You're worried about that?" "I'm worried about a number of things. I just don't feel like I've been very...motherly." She said, picking her head up, staring at him with her dark green eyes. "Why do you say that?" "Hehe. It isn't exactly a secret that you and Riku have been the people that she tells anything and everything to instead of my husband and me. We just don't spend enough time with her...that...and something else." "What?"

Nasaako sat quietly for a moment, staring up at the clouds. Then, she began "Do you remember the other girl?" "Hmm?" "The girl that arrived at the island before Kairi did. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was around the same age Kairi was when she came here." Thinking, trying to remember her. His eyes then widened. "Your not talking about that girl are you? The one who everyone gossiped about a while back?" "That's her." "Wait. What does this have to do with Kairi?" She looked at him and smiled lightly but sadly "Do you know why her real story never made the news? It was because I paid very big money to the media in order to hush it up. I did it...to prevent the possibility of the story ever reaching Kairi's ears. It had everything to do with Kairi." He looked at her questioningly.

She nodded and began "About two weeks before Kairi arrived, the girl named Namine arrived at our island. Just like Kairi, she was found washed up on the beach. She was discovered because they had seen a small meteor land there. Unlike Kairi, she had all of her memories. She said that she came from a world that was currently at war with shadows. She also said that her world was one of magic and technology far more advanced than ours. We just assumed that this was from the mind of a child...however, she had quite a few scars and wasn't afraid of seeing bloody or gruesome pictures. So, it was generally assumed that wherever she had come from, there was a war going on and that everything else was just her imagination trying to help her cope. Yet...out of everything that she talked about, she talked about a magical princess whom she was friends with the most. Namine said that the princess was the 'Light' of the world. It was thought that this princess was just an imaginary friend that Namine thought would be some sort of savior to her home."

Sora just stared at her with a surprised look on his face. He had a feeling he knew what was coming next. "She was put in an orphanage. She was much quieter than the other kids. If you'd let her, she'd stay in her room all day doing nothing but drawing. She drew pictures of shadows...pictures of light, and of a castle surrounded by a huge town. Two weeks later, Kairi came. Being so isolated, Namine didn't find out about Kairi's arrival until a few days later. At the time, Namine was living with a foster family...the kind that would adopt for the soul purpose of making money off of the child...so they never watched out for her very much. When she heard, she ran to my house, where she heard Kairi was at." "I don't mean to interrupt, but why did you adopt her in the first place? I mean, you were always so busy, and it surprised a lot of people when you did." "Well...after I saw what Namine was going through...how isolated she was...I wondered how bad it would be for Kairi to be all alone and without her memories. When I saw the sorry state that Namine was in, I felt almost as if I had abandoned her. So, I felt that it was the right thing to do to not make the same mistake with Kairi."

"Now, as I was saying, Namine came to my house, claiming to know Kairi. I felt almost overjoyed. Both for Kairi, because Namine might be able to help her remember some of her memories, and for Namine, because she would finally have a friend. When Namine first saw Kairi, she had the brightest smile I had ever seen on a child's face...the last smile I would ever see her show. However, Kairi said she didn't remember her. Seeing that heartbroken look on Namine's face...I felt so bad for her, so I said "Hey Kairi. Namine says she knows you, so maybe she can help you remember a little. Here, look right into her face. Try to remember her." She did just that...and then, after a few seconds, she fell to the ground in pain, clutching her forehead. Nasutuo, my husband, came in and saw that Kairi was in the process of blacking out. He took Namine out of the room that Kairi was in, and asked where she lived. He took her home while I tended to Kairi. When Kairi woke up, she didn't remember what happened. I guess seeing Namine didn't do that much damage to her memory spell. It just made her forget about re-encountering Namine. Namine came over several times to see her...but every time Kairi blacked out. She'd try to tell Kairi about how she was the magical princess and that she had a duty to do. She said that she couldn't tell us what exactly Kairi was the princess of, because she was the only one outside of Kairi's family who knew, and that she was sworn to secrecy. She also said that Kairi had promised that she could come with her when she went to find the Keyblade masters. We obviously had no idea what she was talking about. After a while, we asked her foster parents to not let her come over, because we were worried about Kairi's health. But still, she persisted. She'd skip school and come to see Kairi during recess at Kairi's school (they went to separate schools.). After a while, the teachers would recognize her and call her parents. My husband and I were very concerned about both girls. Namine's foster parent's were caught with drugs, so Namine was put back into the orphanage."

"And this, is when things get a bit too extreme. One night, Namine snuck into Kairi's bedroom through her window. When Kairi blacked out after seeing Namine, Namine managed to get Kairi on her back, sneak out of our house, and go to the island that you guys used to play on. She got just that far...then she was caught. A fisherman saw her traveling in a canoe at a distance. I'm not sure why she was going to that island...maybe she knew about the Keyhole being there and thought it may be able to help them get off of the island somehow. Either way, we dropped any charges that could have been brought against her or the orphanage. However, the orphanage kept a very close eye on her...but not close enough to prevent Namine's next move. One day, when Namine didn't show up for class, someone was sent over to make sure that Namine hadn't runaway again. When they came into her room, they found tons of Namine's drawings taped to all of the walls, covering them up completely. Pictures of her and Kairi, Kairi holding a magnificent light, Kairi fighting back darkness, and other various pictures, mostly of Kairi. But on one of the walls were the words 'Forgive me my princess, for I am afraid of the dark, and darkness is my home, and you are my lost light.'. The words were written in her blood. She had somehow managed to get hold of a knife, and had cut the symbol that you would see on a lot of the heartless on her chest, where her heart is located...then she stabbed herself in her heart. She was the first known suicide of a child at the age of five. This all happened during Kairi's first three months there. She never found out. At around the same time, Riku, Kairi, and you began hanging out. If Kairi were to ever find out, well, not only would it damage her spell, but she would probably blame herself."

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