A/N: Okay, this is one long and complicated thing about Furuba I'm writing. It's going to be 100 chapters, 100 drabbles about a certain word. For example, fish, flower, etc. Then I write something about it.

There's actually a chart on livejournal with the words I'm stealing. Heehee. So the credit for the words/idea of using them for drabbles goies to fanfic100 So hopefully they won't sue me. Heh.

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Relationships are hard. But it's always the beginning that's the hardest.

It's the awkward stage, where the air is thick with tension and silence. It's the "I-like-you-and-you-like-me-but-what-do-we-now?" stage.

Take Hiro and Kisa. It's almost inevitable how these two feel about it's each other. It's like an unspoken agreement of love everyone else knows about. Everyone must admit that Hiro is a bit more obvious in his feelings than Kisa, but even she treats him differently than anyone else—even Tohru. Now that's saying something.

The other day, Hiro helped Kisa when her things spilled from her school backpack. Out of chance, she kissed him on the cheek.

Sudden, impulsive, and confusing.

It was then Hiro decided it was time to speak the unspoken. He blurted out how he felt, with lots of blushing, yelling, and stammering. Kisa replied, very quietly for one born as the tiger—"I like you too."

So now, those two children are stuck. What do they do? Start dating? Pretend it never happened? Stay friends with the awkward knowledge and wait until they're older?

Neither knows.

Both wait.

But it's only the beginning.