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All in good Time

There is a place in the Ghost Zone where time is both nothing and everything. A place where it is always past, present, and future at the same time.

This place is very difficult to reach. It is said that the only way to get there is to bear a medallion, a very special medallion that allows the bearer to warp time itself,one thatexempts the wearer from the limitations of the so-called time stream.

Few know of the place. Of people, there are enough to count on one hand. Of ghosts, there are hardly any more. But it exists, as much as anything else ever does.

This timeless place is the abode of a particular ghost. He is the Master of Time, and he is called Clockwork.

On this particular yesterday, today, and tomorrow, though, Clockwork had two visitors. They were the Observants, the Watchers, by name and by nature.

Clockwork was (is, and will be) looking through aportal of sorts.This windowallowed the one who peered through it to look through Time at will.

Apparently, what the ghost saw wasn't to his pleasing. He closed his eyes, shook his head, and grasped tighter upon the staff he carried.

"You see? The events the Council had sought to defeat are passing yet again. Do you understand what must be done?"

The speaker was one of the Observants. Clockwork was not over-fond of either of the pair; their know-it-all, mysterious attitude often grew tiring.

"I see. And I understand. A lot more than you do, I'm sure," the ghost said irritably.

"Then you realize what must be done; why are you not doing so?" the other Observant put in.

"I have been charged--by you two, in fact--with the safety of the boy. Would you have me break that oath?"

"He will suffer no matter what. Would it not be best to end all troubles before they begin?" the first Observant answered.

"My brother is right. The good of the many outweigh the good of the few, correct?" the second Observant added.

"That is an ethical question. And it is beside the point." The young ancient ghost sighed wearily. "I will do what I can, and what I must, to prevent this. All in good time."

The Observants knew defeat when they saw it, and vanished into thin air. Clockwork shook his head sadly and returned to staring at the Window of Time, his frown deepening as he watched, watches, and will watch.

Far from that place in the Ghost Zone was yet another place, one perhaps even scarier to its inhabitants. The place was an old brick building, a school known as Casper High.

Time was very important inside this structure, too, although perhaps in a different way. The several hundred students that attended the school were all staring at the clocks inside of the classrooms, watching as the minute hand clicked closer to two-thirty.

Of these students, Daniel Fenton was no exception.

Daniel--or Danny, as he was known--was a freshman at the high school. His hair was very untidy, and looked as though he often traveled at high speeds in a convertible. Peeking out from beneath the dark bangs were a pair of bright blue eyes. His nose was small and pointed, his complexion was pale, and his mouth wore something of a secretive smile. His clothes were simple: a casual, loose white shirt--red at the sleeves and collar, traditional jeans, and red-and-white sneakers.

All in all, Danny Fenton was a normal fourteen-year-old boy. He was, perhaps, a bit shy. And although he wasn't exactly the most intelligent, he still managed to scrape a C-average, and could have easily accomplished B's, or maybe even the odd A (except, perhaps, in math) if he studied just a bit harder. He had friends, of course. Tucker Foley and Samantha Manson had been his best friends since... Well, since before he could remember. Tucker was the excitable, talkative tecno-geek. Sam (who hated being called Samantha) was the independent, ultra-recyclo-vegetarian Goth girl.

Three, two, one...


With an almost earsplitting sound, the bell dismissed the students. There was a mad scramble to gather books and a lot of shoving at the door, but eventually the class had filed out and were at lockers, with much rustling of papers and slamming of doors, mixing with the gossip and chatter to create a meaningless babble in the hallway.

Danny slammed his locker door shut and turned around to face his two friends.

"Friday at last!"

"I've got it all planned out!" Tucker explained as they walked out of the school, flourishing his PDA (which Danny suspected he slept with). "We go to the movie theater first and watch that zombie movie that just came out. Then we spend the night at someone's house--I vote Sam's; she's got a bowling alley!--and tomorrow we spend all day at the amusement park. Then on Sunday, we-"

Sam placed her hand over Tucker's mouth to stop him from chattering.

"You talk too much for your own good, you realize that?" she said angrily.

"Don't worry, Tuck, I'm sure there'll be plenty of time for all that this weekend," Danny reassured his friend. "We'll-"

But he suddenly stopped, both in speaking and in walking, as he exhaled a visible stream of blue breath.

"On second thought, we'll do movies after I finish this," he called, dashing behind a tree. "I'm going ghost!"

A bright blue ring appeared around his middle. It split in two, one halftraveling upward andthe otherdownward over his body, each leaving in their wake a very different person.

White hair, green eyes, and a black-and-white suite with aparticular D-shapedlogo proclaimed his new identity.

Danny Fenton might be normal. Danny Phantom, however, was a different matter.

Danny was half ghost, and had been that way since an ill-fated laboratory accident left his parents with a functional Ghost Portal, and himself with ghost powers.

The ghost-boy jumped into the air, and stayed there, as his ability of flight overpowered the force of gravity.

"All right," he proclaimed to no one in particular, "now to find that ghost!"

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