Shadow Sister

By Kumori Elric

Summary: When the Elric Brothers go out to Resembool for the holidays, Edward finds a strange gravestone while visiting his mother's grave. The name "Kumori Elric" is engraved on the surface with the dates "9-17-89 to 9-20-89" , indicating the person buried there had died three days after their birth. Edward asks Granny Pinako if she knew anything, and, to his surprise, the girl had been his sister, but died from an unknown illness shortly after her birth. It was apparently some sory of lung disease. Soon after the night he discovered her grave, the ghost of Kumori Elric begins to visit him every night. Ed, of course, flips out, but every time he tries to tell someone about his "Shadow Sister", nobody belives him. She seems to be telling him something...

Speech: "Ed..."

Thoughts: 'Ed...'

Persons writing or dreams: Dear Ed...

Chapter one

Return to Resembool

Edward hopped off the train and cheered. "Whoo!" Alphonse giggled at his older brother, who was dancing around the train station.

"Brother, Why are you so happy?" He asked. Ed skipped over to him. "Because! We have three whole weeks away from that lame excuse of a Colonel, and his cruddy office!"

"Well, I have to agree. Green really isn't his color..." Al said, following after. Ed nodded his head. "I know. That room would look so much better in red." He stated. He began to look at the paper he got while on the train, when his brother interrupted. "no. Sky blue would look so much better with those white curtains."

"Who said he had to keep those curtains? They're getting worn out anyway...Besides, he could get new ones with roses, dragons, or flames at least..." Ed said as they started down the road to Winry's house. Al looked around at his surroundings. The snow had begun falling, and it was covering everything. Ed smiled. He hadn't called to tell the Rockbells they were coming, because he wanted to surprise them. He had gotten them great gifts for them. They cost a lot of money, and he went all the way to Rush Valley to get them. Al looked at his brother, who had started running towards the yellow house.

Ed knocked on the door, hoping he wasn't going to get whacked on during his visit. He could hear footsteps walking towards the door. It opened, and there stood Wnry in a short red dress, and a Santa Hat.

She looked pretty mad...

Ed looked up at her. "Merr-" he was cut off by her yelling.

"EDWARD! Did you break your arm again?" The blonde screamed. The boy waved his hands in defense.

"No, it's not that! We just came to say Merry Christmas is all!" He said smiling. Winry gave him the 'I don't beleive this' look. "Can we come in?" He asked, chattering his teeth. The girl welcomed them in.

Edward sat on the couch beside, while Al set the gifts down beside it, and sitting on the floor.

"So Ed, How's the search coming?"

"Ok." He sighed, smelling the scent of freshly baked cookies coming from the kitchen. He concerned about those at the moment. Granny Pinako walked in with them, and handed them to the starving boy beside her granddaughter, Ed handed one to Winry, and then took one himself.

"Wow! These are even better than last year's batch!" Ed said. Winry laughed. Then, she popped the question...

"What did ya get me?" She cried, causing Ed to nearly drop the plate of cookies.

"GAH!" He screamed. "I...uh..." He made a face.

"...I'm not going to tell you..."

Uh Oh...

Winry fumed. Ed made another face, set the cookies down, and made a run for it. Winry chased after. If he wasn't going to tell her, she'd have to tickle it out of him...

Ed ran into Winry's bedroom, and tried to close the door, but she stuck her wrench in between the door and the doorframe, preventing him from closing it. Ed was in trouble now. He stepped back, while she opened th door, and charged directly at him. She eventually wrestled him onto her bed, and pinned him down.

Winry began to tickle him roughly. He burst out laughing, and tried to escape her grasp, but couldn't. He was trapped. She crawled on top of Edward, and sat upon his stomach, pressing him aginst the matress.

But his hands were still free...

Ed reached up, grabbed her by the shoulders, and flipped her over, so that he was on top of her. Winry screamed, and tried to get loose, but Edward was just too heavy.

"Well, Win...Looks like the tables are turned." Ed raised his hands a few inches above her, and wiggled his fingers.

"No...Please, no..." She begged, turning her head away, her eyes shut tight.

"Yes..." An evil smirk appeared across his face. He leaned down and was about to bring her into a passionate kiss when...

"Brother!" Alphonse cried. Ed quickly turned his head to look at him. He blushed the brightest shade of red and crawled off of Winry.

Winry got up too, and straightened her dress, which was all scrunched up, revealing her green undergarments. "What were you doing to make her to scream like that?" asked Al. Ed pointed to Winry and said clearly "She started it..."

If he could've, Alphonse Elric would have rolled his eyes as he walked away. "Those two..." He mumbled as he shook his metal head.

That only left Ed and Winry.

Ed turned to the flustered teen and hugged her. "Im sorry Winry..."

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